The Speed Trap – Part 05

By Rubrpig

I groaned and lay on the cot in my cell. My asshole was sore and tender still 2 days after the gang rape of myself and my full time boy. Although the day after the dungeon party where the rape occured was a day of rest for the most part. The sargeant had come in when he started his shift and had us shuffle to the showers where he used clippers and cut our hair and beards.

After he cleaned us up we were sent back to our cells and were chained down to the cots with the heavy chain webs and the heavy steel bondage helmets were put on all of us and locked. We spent the day in bondage and as a result we were able to rest and recover.

I groaned and shifted as best as I could under the heavy steel web that covered me but the sound of my groaning echoed in my helmet. Just then I heard my part-time boy call out to me and ask if I was ok. I told him that I was but was very stiff and sore and that my asshole felt like it had been ripped apart. I asked if he and my full time boy were ok and he told me that he was but my other boy felt about the same as I did.

I told them to rest and we just had to wait and see what the day brought us. I was still very pissed but have to admit I was also proud that my boys had put themselves in the line of fire and came to find me. Now I was in jail with both of them and we were starting on a one year jail sentence with the leather troopers in full control of us. I promised myself that if we got out of this mess we were in I would put both of them on the cross and turn their asses to ground beef in punishment for their stupid action.

Instead of getting other police forces involved they got themselves arrested and sentenced to jail and permanent chains like I had been.

My stomach was growling in hunger and I hoped that it was a day that we got fed. Just as I wondered if we were going to be fed, I heard someone come into the cell block where we were housed and the cell doors unlocked. I heard the sounds of the chains being removed from one of the boys and then the other one. I heard the sounds of them shuffling around and then the sound of metal food trays hitting the floor. I whimpered in gratitude that they were being fed.

Just then I felt hands on me and the heavy steel web was slowly unlocked and lifted. Once the weight of the web came off me I felta relief flood through me and then the heavy helmet was unlocked and removed. I was ordered to sit up and then get on my knees. I obeyed and then a tray was dropped on the floor and I leaned over and began to eat. As usual, it was nasty chewy beef stew but it was food. I licked and sucked the tray clean and when I was done, my face was wiped off. I kept my eyes down as I did not want to antagonize them but I knew they were still trying to break me but I was determined that I would survive and not break.

The tray was removed from my cell and I remained on my knees until the corporal left the cell area with the empty trays. I got up and sat on my cot and leant against the cell bars and just sat. My boys sat on the bunk next to the cell wall so we were back to back. I asked the boys if they were doing ok and they told me that they were doing ok but they were more worried about how I was doing as they knew the troopers were targeting me for heavy abuse to break me. I told them I was ok but my back and ass were really raw and tender.

Just then we were startled by a loud outburts of noise and yelling coming from the front office area of the trooper’s station. Voices were raised and we could make out that some one was yelling at someone or everyone in the office telling them to put their hands up. Multiple voices all yelling and we turned and looked at each other wondering what the hell was happening out there.

Finally, the yelling died down followed by murmers of voices. Just then the door to the cells block opened and a number of men stormed into the room in full black tactical gear. Black balaclavas covered their faces. They wore black kevlar helmets and body armour over their black fatigues. They were all heavily armed and ran into the cell block and lined up opposite the cells with their semi-automatic rifles raise across their chests. We stumbled to our feet and shuffled as fast as we could to the back of the cells and stood quietly watching them.

Just then a man in a state troopers uniform entered. We realized that he was an officer but we were not certain who he was. We stood quietly but scared out of our minds as we kept looking at each other through the bars of the cells. The trooper looked at one of the swat team and told him to unlock my cell. The door was unlocked and he entered and walked up to me. He asked my name and I told him. He nodded and then turned and looked at my boys and asked their names.

One at a time they spoke and told him their names. He nodded and left the cell and told the swat team to escort us out of the cells and bring us to the trooper office. One of the swat team entered my cell and walked over to me and I heard the heavy body armour creak as he moved and the soft soled boots softly thudded on the floor. He took my left arm in a firm grasp and politely asked if I could walk. I told him that we could walk but it was more of a shuffle. He nodded and told me to take my time and he would stay with me in case I stumbled. I nodded and slowly shuffled out of the cell with the swat officer assisting me. I stopped at the door of my cell and looked back at my boys. I saw that two swat officers were helping them and they were going to follow me.

I shuffled through to the connecting door and entered the trooper office. I stopped and stared at what was going on in there. The troopers including the sargeant and corporal who had taken us were all handcuffed and lined up against the back wall of the office area. The civilian staff were lined up along the side wall by the door to the courtroom. Just then the outer door opened and more troopers came in with men in hand cuffs. I stared and realized that the judge and prosecutor were in the group and I recognized a few of the faces from the dungeon party where my boy and I had been gang raped.

The officer in charge walked up to the troopers and asked if there had been any trouble during the arrests. He was told they managed to take all of them by surprise. Just then the judge started to swear and demand that they be released and how dare they arrest a judge. The officer just laughed at him and told him that he had been arrested as they had more than enough evidence to convict them of kidnapping, assualt, false imprisonment and rape.

The officer turned to the sargeant and demanded to know where the chains had been put on us and he laughed but the swat officer holding him punched him in the stomach and he decided to tell the officer. The officer looked at the men escorting us to take us to the address and get our chains cut off of us. The swat officers saluted and escorted us slowly out through the cells to the back area where the prisoner van was parked. We were helped into the back and strapped into our seats. The swat officers told us that it was for our safety and we nodded.

We were all in a state of shock still and just sat there. One of the swat officers remained in the back with us in case we needed help. The other left the back of the van, closed the doors and they got into the front of the van and we left.

After a short drive, the van stopped and the back doors opened. They got into the back of the van and they helped unbuckle us and to stand. One at a time we were helped down and finally we were standing in a group with our guards. We shuffled into the machine shop where our chains had been riveted not that long ago. The men who had done the riveting walked over and told the swat officers that they had been called and told to get ready to cut the chains off of us.

We were led over and told to sit on stools. They walked over to me and told me to tilt my head back and they inserted a piece of metal behind the collar and down my neck onto the upper part of my chest. One of the men picked up a power hack saw and turned it on. Both men held it onto the hasp of my collar behind the rivet and steadied it as the saw cut through my collar hasp.

After a few minutes, the hasp fell off and they put the saw down and opened my collar. I just about cried at that point as I had begun to think I would never get free of the chains. They proceed to cut the hasps on the wrist shackles and then the ankles. I was finally rid of the chains and I stood up and stretched working the cramps out of my body especially my back.

The men proceeded to cut the chains on my boys and finally we were all free of the heavy irons and we were able for the first time in several weeks to hug and touch. We had a group hug in the middle of the shop and we did not care what anyone thought. The swat officers told us that we had to leave and return to the trooper office. We nodded and walked out of the shop feeling great. Again we were helped into the van and belted in.

We got back to the trooper office and after getting out of the van we walked into the building through the front doors as the escort parked in front of the building. The officer in charge told us that we were looking much better without all the steel on us. We nodded and thanked him and his men for taking care of us. The troopers and the others under arrest were still in the main office. I asked the officer if he could get the keys from him as there were keys on the ring that I needed.

He asked what the keys were for and I told him that they had locked me into a heavy steel chastity belt. He looked puzzled and asked what it was so I shoved my prison uniform pants and shorts down and showed the belt I was still locked in. He looked and then walked over and removed the key ring from the sargeants belt. He handed it to me and I found the keys to the belt and used them to unlock the belt. I motioned to my boys who ran over and disassembled the belt and then gently pulled the cock tube off of my cock and finally I was free of that device. I went to hand back the keys to the officer and I suddenly noticed that the key to my Harley was on the ring. I told the officer that the sargeant appears to have taken the key to my Harley.

The officer asked the sargeant were the Harley was and he admitted that he had taken it from the storage building where my boy had seen it and it was at his home locked in the garage. I sat down and wondered what the hell had happened to us. I asked the officer what now. When could I get my Harley back. He asked me where the registration was and I told him that it was usually in my wallet. That and my leathers and everything I had been wearing had been taken from me when I had been booked into the jail.

The officer sent several troopers to the evidence and storage area and told them to locate all of our personal possessions and clothing. I hoped everything was still there as I was wearing a full set of custom Langlitz leathers and wesco’s when I had been arrested so I was going to be really upset if they had been stolen as well.

While this was happening, I asked the officer what was going to happen to us now. Were we free or were we still convicts. He told us that the presiding judge was on the way to deal with the convictions and that it should be sorted out shortly.

Just then the troopers returned with three large storage bins and told us that they had found our belongings. I opened the bin marked with my name and found that my leathers and boots were in it and I rummaged around and found my wallet. I pulled out the registration papers for the Harley and handed it to the Officer.

The officer looked at it and radioed the troopers that had been sent to locate my Harley. They had found it in the garage at the sargeant’s house. The licence plate and serial numbers matched. One of the troopers was on the motorcycle team so he was asked if he could ride it back to the barracks where we were and he was very happy to agree.

The officer looked at us and told us that while they were waiting for the judge, we should get out of the orange prison uniforms and get back into our own clothing. We smiled and headed to the cells where we could strip and get back into our gear. We lugged the bins and once there we quickly stripped out of the orange uniforms and I stood still and told the boys to stop and kneel. I watched as they quickly dropped to their knees and put their hands behind their backs and lowered their eyes. I told them that I was extremely pissed at them for putting themselves at risk and getting their asses arrested.

They hung their heads and my full time boy asked permission to speak. I told him to speak and he stated that they were sorry but they were worried about me and wanted to protect me. I nodded and told them that I was pleased that their instinct was to protect me but it still did not make up for putting themselves at risk. I warned them that I would be administering severe punishment and they nodded and remained still.

I told them to stand up and get dressed so the three of us quickly pulled out our leathers and soon we were fully leathered and booted. I did not put on my leather tie and folded it up and put it in my jacket pocket. As soon as we were dressed we walked back out and the officer and his team were surprised at the sight of 3 heavily leathered men who were confident and in charge instead of the 3 abused prisoners.

A few minutes later, the judge and the court team arrived. We were escorted to the courtroom and the judge and the state attorney general reviewed the files that had been put together for our convictions and then reviewed the video evidence that had been gathered prior to the raid on the barracks and our being freed. The judge looked at us and told us that the convictions in our cases were overturned on the basis that the charges against us were fraudulent. We were told that the charges were dismissed and that our records would be cleared of the false charges and the convictions. We thanked the judge and the attorney general for the review and the removal of the convictions.

The judge told us that we were free to go but asked us to remain so that we could give preliminary evidence against the men who had been arrested. We sat down in the front row of the courtroom as they started bringing in the men. The first group were the troopers and office staff that had helped the leather troopers with our imprisonment. They were charged with false imprisonment and conspirators after the fact. The charges were entered and the judge imposed bail conditions and they were lead out of the courtroom.

The next batch were the men arrested that had been at the dungeon party. The video tape that two troopers had made covertly at the party was shown in the courtroom. I turned to the officer asked how did they get that. The officer quietly told us that the barracks had been put under surveillance and they had followed the prison van to the dungeon house.

Once there they videoed the party and got the evidence against the men. The men were charged with assault and aggravated rape. The final group was the judge, prosecutor and the two troopers. They were charged with false arrest, false imprisonment, aggravated assault and aggravated rape. In addition the sargeant was charged with grand theft as he had stolen my Harley. Once the charges had been read and pleas entered, they were remanded to custody with no bail.

All of the prisoners were then taken out and loaded onto a large prison bus to be taken to the main jail in the state capital which was in the next county. We walked out of the barracks and stood and watched as the men were loaded and the bus left.

I turned and asked if we were free to leave and the Officer said that we were. He warned us that this case would be front page and hoped we were prepared for the press. We nodded and told him not to worry about that. He told us that the state would be in contact with us to discuss a settlement and we nodded. We were also warned that we would be required for pre-trial depositions and for the actual trials. We told him that all they had to do was let us know where and when to show up.

We walked over to where the Harley was parked and I asked what vehicle did we come in and my part-time boy told me that they had used his truck. He fumbled in the pocket of his jacket and found the key fob for it still in the pocket and pressed the alarm and the truck began honking in the storage building. We walked over and he got in the truck, started it and drove it over to where my Harley was parked. He dropped the tail gate and pulled out the custom ramp that he had installed so that if needed my Harley could be loaded onto it.

We got the Harley onto the ramp and pushed it up and into the box of the truck. He opened a storage area and pulled out the tie-down straps and soon it was strapped into place.

We said good-bye to the entire team of troopers who had rescued us and thanked them. We got into the truck and finally headed back to the boy’s house in the state capital where this had all started.

After we arrived at the boy’s house, we unloaded my Harley and wheeled it into his garage and then we finally we were able to sit down in the house and relax. I looked at the boys and told them that tomorrow we would have a serious discusson about what happened and what would be appropriate punishment for them.

To be continued …

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