The Speed Trap – Part 08

By Rubrpig

It seemed strange working in the kitchen with my boys but we were all naked and wore collars. I knew that I was still their Sir but my Sir was relaxing in the front room dressed in my heavy leathers. I smiled at the thought and my boys noticed. My part-time boy looked at me and asked if I was ok with what happened? I nodded and told him that I was and that his father was going to be a strong firm Sir to me. He smiled and told me that he was happy that his father seemed to be happier and more relaxed that he had ever been. He guessed that his father was relieved that the secret was out and that he could be his true self around us his new leather family at least. I nodded and told him that things would work out.

We finished making dinner and I went to get my Sir. We waited by the table as he walked in and sat down. He pointed to the chair on his left and told me to sit and I obeyed. The boys were told to sit on his right side. He watched as they sat and we all started eating. He asked me why I had the boys locked up in chastity devices and I told him that the devices helped to keep them focused on serving me and my needs.

They also learned that their cocks no longer mattered as it was my pleasure not theirs that was important. He asked what would happen if he decided that I needed to be locked up. I told him that it would be his decision and that I would have to adjust to it and make sure that I could figure out how to service the boys. I said there were some chastity devices that a dildo could be clipped to so the wearer could still fuck but not get any pleasure themselves. He nodded and told me that he would think about whether or not I should be locked up.

I asked permission to ask a question and he was still getting surprised that nothing could happen unless he gave permission. He told me to ask and I asked if we should get him measured for his own leathers and boots. He nodded and asked all of us what leathers should he get. The boys nodded and told him that he should get a pair of the breeches he was wearing for certain. I nodded in agreement and told him that he should also get a pair of the padded Langlitz breeches. He should also get a jacket, vest, several shirts, chaps, and of course a pair of wesco’s and a pair of Dehners like the ones he was wearing.

He agreed and said that we would work on it tomorrow and the boys and I smiled thinking about how hot he was in leather. We finished dinner and cleaned up while he relaxed in the front room. We reported back to him and knelt in front of him. He smiled and told the boys that they were dismissed and they took off and headed upstairs. He looked at me and told me that he thought it was time for us to get to know each other better. I nodded and asked permission to speak, he nodded and I told him that for the next several weeks according to the Dr, I could not be fucked as my asshole was still healing from the gang rape.

He nodded and said that I needed to heal but when I had clearance from the Dr, he would fuck me and really take ownership. He told me to speak freely and asked what should we do and I nodded and told him that we should go downstairs and see what works for him and he could discover what he enjoys. He nodded and stood up and walked to the door to the basement and I followed.

Once we in the dungeon, he walked around and examined everything and asked me what they were and how they were used. He asked how to flog and I picked up a medium weight flogger and held it and then using the bondage bed as a target showed him how to swing it. I pointed to the area of my lower back that he should avoid to keep from bruising my kidneys. I suggested that until he got used to it that I wear a wide leather weight lifters belt to protect that area. He nodded and told me to put it on which I did.

Once I was in the belt, He told me to move to the cross and he quickly clipped my restraints to the cross so I was spread eagled. He moved back and began practice swings with the flogger and I could hear the swish and the leather cut through the air. He moved forward and ask if he could begin. I told him that he was my Sir and I had no right to tell him no unless it meant going against a hard limit. He asked what that meant and I told him that we would teach him that but for now he was free to do what he wanted.

He stepped back and swung the flogger against my upper back and I flinched and he asked if I was ok. I nodded and told him I was just fine. He swung again and again getting into the rhythm and the hits came harder and harder. I was moaning as the heat in my back grew and my cock was rock hard and dripping long strings of pre-cum. He moved over my back and shoulders and then he began on my ass and upper thighs. I moaned and shivered as the endorphins began to kick in. Finally, he slowed and stopped. He walked up to me and began to rub his gloved hand over the hot red skin on my back. He asked if I was ok and I nodded. He wrapped his bare arms around me and leaned in close. I felt his hot breath on my neck and shivered.

He stayed in position with his arms around me for a while and then he unclipped me from the cross and told me to turn around and face him. I obeyed and stood looking at him with my hands clasped behind my back. He moved forward and began kissing me. His tongue probed at my lips and I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide into my mouth. He held me close and then he clipped my hands together behind my back as he kept kissing me hard and deep. I responded and my cock was dripped steadily now and a small puddle of pre-cum formed on the floor beneath me.

He looked over at the bondage bed where the heavy leather sleep sack was still laying and pulled back and asked me what it was. I told him that it was a bondage bag that kept one encased completely. He remembered what my boy looked like in it that morning and smiled. He unclipped my hands and told me to get into it. I told him that he needed to remove the locked restraints on my wrists and ankles and he pulled the keys from his pocket and soon had the restraints off and I crawled into the sack and worked my arms into the sleeves.

I told him that he was to zip me up but the zipper was a two way zipper so he could zip me up but leave my cock and balls exposed if he wanted. He nodded and hooked the top zipper up and slid it down to just above my cock and balls, then he pulled the bottom zipper up and I was zipped into the bag. He took the rope and laced me up and pulled the rope tight so I was snugged down tight in the bag. He picked up the heavy hood that the boy had been wearing and looked at it. He saw how it went on and pulled it on over my head and laced it tight and closed the flap over the zipper. He fastened the collar of the bag and the hood, then he did up the straps on the hood so I was now sealed off from the world.

He noticed the flaps on the sac and unsnapped them exposing my nipples. He flicked them with his finger and I moaned in the hood. He leaned down and began chewing and sucking on my right nipple and I bucked and moaned. He moved over to the left one and chewed on it. He stopped and I guess he looked around and saw the nipple clamps hanging on a hook and figured out that they could be snapped on my nipples. He took a pair of alligator clamps and snapped them on my nipples. I groaned as the pain began but he looked at my cock and realized that it was standing up rock hard and still dripping.

He shifted down and suddenly I felt his hot warm wet mouth on my cock as he began to suck and lick on my cock. I felt him move up and down on it copying what I had done to his cock earlier in the day. I groaned and more pre-cum oozed out and into his mouth. He kept sucking me and I groaned trying to hold back from cumming but it was a losing battle. He had just slid up so the head of my cock was in his mouth and I began to cum blowing a heavy load into his mouth. He held his head in place and let his mouth fill with my cum. He was holding it so he could taste it and get used to the taste of fresh cum.

He finally pulled off my cock and I groaned as it slipped out of his mouth. He sat back it felt like for several minutes and then I felt his mouth on my cock again as he licked it and sucked it clean. He pulled off and then just sat beside me resting his hand on my stomach as I lay there fully encased in heavy black leather.

We stayed like that for a while and then I felt him unstrapping my hood and beginning to remove it. He pulled it off my sweaty head and looked down at me. He smiled and told me that was the first time he had sucked on a man’s cock and swallowed cum. I smiled and told him that I was proud to have been his first. I told him that he was a natural Sir as it felt like he just knew what to do to give himself pleasure by using my body. He nodded and told me that he felt for the first time he was his real self. He said that the leathers gave him confidence and strength. He knew that he was responsible for me and he would learn how to handle that responsibility.

I nodded and told him that the confidence and strength would grow. I told him that I instinctively trusted him and I knew he would not harm me by betraying my trust. He nodded and stood up and began to unlace the bag and get me out of it.

Once I was free of the bag I stood again with my hands behind my back and looked at him. He smiled and told me that he just wanted to go to bed and hopefully I would go with him. I smiled and told him that he was the Sir and I would obey. He smiled and we left the dungeon and went up to the master bedroom. I helped him out of his boots and leathers and he got into bed. I stood at the foot of the bed and he told me to get my ass into bed. I crawled into bed and turned on my side and moved up against him. He wrapped his arm around me and told me that he would learn and get better at giving me orders. I did not respond but just pushed up against him and relaxed.

To be continued …

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