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Job Opportunities

By leatherkinkboy

I was running a bit late for the job interview. If I took public transport I would definitely be too late. I did not want to risk that, as I was really keen on getting that position. The reason why I was running late was because I was watching porn. I kept myself locked since a week in a tight cobra chastity cage, and I was constantly horny since then. The feeling of submissiveness and humiliation a chastity cage gives me is really horny to me, so I wear it quite often. Sadly I have nobody who would want to control the keys for me for longer periods but it is also fun to keep myself locked while chatting with dominant guys on the internet who motivate me to stay locked and denied longer and longer.

So I was watching porn of a guy in some kind of leather bondage suit, completely helpless, strapped down, gagged, hooded and only his locked cock was showing out. This image was so hot to me. He was tortured, verbally humiliated, and touched by several men in the video. At some point they unzipped a zipper at his ass and started fucking him. After cumming into him they plugged him again. I got really carried away with this video.

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