The Story of Dax – Chapter 07

By TheBadOne

Hooded, with my arms shackled behind my back and a short chain hobbling my steps, it’s difficult for me not to stumble as I’m pulled behind Prince through the dungeon. His stride indicates that he is not worried about my ability to keep up, though, and I somehow manage to, though I bump into a few walls and at least one person- Omni, based on the stream of humiliating words barked at me after- before we stop.

I feel a pair of hands go for each of my legs- strapping on kneepads- thick, heavily padded ones, suggesting what’s to come. After they are securely strapped on, whoever attached them to me kick the back of my knees in synchrony- knocking me down and onto the floor, where other than the shock of the fall I suffer no damage.

The large gag is yanked out of my mouth, and I grunt in relief, taking in a few deep breaths and swallowing in some of the overflow of saliva.

“My name is Prince,” he says imperiously. “You may address me as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Highness.’

I know better than to hesitate. “Yes, Your Highness.”

“I’ve been told some interesting things about you,” He continues, “And I’d like to see how much of it is true. So I’m going to put you to the test before I decide.”

I feel a little ridiculous using this terminology at first, but quickly decide it isn’t very different from ‘Sir’ and ‘Master’. “Decide what, My Lord?”

A blow to my balls takes the wind out of me, and tears come to my eyes involuntarily as I feel the leather switch that hit me trace across my chest. CBT isn’t a limit of mine- after all, I live in permanent chastity, regularly take many volts of electric shocks- but being hit down there invokes total submission- I need to behave so that he’s pleased with me, doesn’t strike me again.

“Don’t speak out of turn again.” I nod, and he continues. “Gentleman, prepare him.”

The same hands as before lift me from my knees, and march me a few yards away to a platform, where the shackles around my wrists are detached from each other and then attached overhead, instead. As the chain is cinched tight and I’m forced onto the balls of my feet, I hear Omni’s voice.

“You like getting the shit beat out of you, faggot? Answer me.”

Of course I don’t, but I don’t have my reputation as a sub for nothing. “I like anything that pleases my superiors, Sir.”

He uses his fingers to spread my mouth open from underneath the hood, then spits directly into my mouth. “Then I bet you liked that, you little bitch.”

Before I can respond, I feel another man against my back.

“Omni really needs to let off some steam tonight, boy.” It’s Zephyr. “And frankly, you’d be doing me a favor, because when Omni’s happy, I’m happy. Can you do that for me, boy?”

Zephyr soothes the fear stoked by Omni, and I want to proudly assert “Yes Sir!” except that while Zephyr was whispering in my ear, Omni thrust his rubber-gloved fingers into my mouth and ordered me to suck. I grunt the equivalent.

Zephyr steps away, and Omni pulls his fingers from my mouth.

Prince’s voice booms from across the room. “Remove the hood. I want to see his face. And do something about his legs.”

A brief respite from being manhandled as the locks are removed and the straps loosened. My eyes blink in the dim light of the dungeon, my vision coming together in time to see a wide spreader bar being applied to my ankles. Now each of my limbs is spread wide and pulled tight- I can squirm, barely, but there’s no coming loose or avoiding what’s to come.

Omni walks to the wall and pulls two floggers off of it. He hands one to Zephyr. Zephyr walks behind me, pulls the leather straps slowly across my body, bringing them up to my face so I can smell the leather. He tugs the length of the flogger back across my neck, choking me ever so slightly as I watch Omni approach from the front. Zephyr whispers into my ear, “This is so hot to me, boy. I hope you like it too.”

Omni starts lightly- at least, I can tell it’s his version of a light flogging. From his technique I can tell he’s just warming me up, but there’s still force behind his movements, a grim seriousness in his face, and an ever-more-obvious growth in his pants as my chest grows more and more red. Zephyr steps back with his flogger, and begins doing the same against my back. I’ve never been flogged from both sides before. So far we’re still in the pleasurable part of the flogging, where it just feels like a nice percussive massage, and my moans of enjoyment echo through the room.

The mostly empty room, I suddenly realize. I let almost thirty men into the dungeon, but there are only four besides me- Omni and Zephyr, Prince, and serving as Prince’s footrest as he sits back in what looks like a throne, one of Vega’s three slaves, though it’s impossible to tell which. Where is everyone else, I wonder?

My mind is brought back into the present not by the sensation, but the sound of Omni as he takes his first full-strength swing at me. By the time I even realize how hard I’m being pummelled, I’m already shouting up a storm, struggling ineffectually against the chains.

“Brother, shut this faggot up and then show him what happens to noisy bitches!” Omni tosses Zephyr a roll of duct tape.

Zephyr looks at me with pity. “You’re doing great, slave. We’re just getting started.” He doesn’t skimp on the tape- he starts over my mouth, and goes around and around my entire head, then up and under my jaw, forming a makeshift muzzle. Then he pulls out a TENS unit, attaches it to the plug in my ass- which I’m only now realizing is an electric plug- and sets the unit on the floor between my legs.

Zephyr holds my taped-up face in his large hand. “The unit is set to respond to sound. So consider the duct tape a personal favor, because otherwise your screams would send that unit to max.” He pats my face, then returns behind me. And then, perfectly synchronized, Omni and Zephyr begin flogging me in earnest- both beating me at full strength, at the same spot on alternate sides of my body, at the exact same time. The percussion of the floggers alone sets off the TENS unit a moderate degree, adding a third dimension to my squirming for purchase- but as the beating continues the duct tape does a poorer and poorer job of containing my screams, and the result- maximum-strength electric shocks in my ass- generates a feedback effect of never ending screams and shocks and screams and shocks… Finally I break, having hit such a limit of pain that I’ve gone completely numb to it- not that the flogging stops there. I look up at Prince from my position and see that he’s pulled out his cock, stroking it slowly as he watches. We make eye contact, his twinkling with delight, mine red with tears. He lets go of his cock, taking a joint from off the table and lighting it up.

“That’s enough, gentlemen. We see that Dax can take a beating. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Zephyr answers, giving me a wry smile as he saunters out of the room.

Omni nods at Prince, then walks up to me as I continue to hang in my stretched-out predicament. He tells me in a low but fierce tone, “Don’t think I’m ever gonna be done with you, bitch. Learn to like it.” He follows his brother out, and as he closes the door behind him, Prince rises from his throne and walks towards me. He takes a hit off the joint, and holds it in his lungs as he removes the duct tape from around my face. He meets my mouth in a kiss, then blows out an entire lungful of smoke directly into me.

“Don’t exhale until I order it,” He commands. “You’ve passed your first trial, slave. I’m sure you could tell how much Omni enjoyed himself. He’ll definitely be wanting your service in the future.” He laughs to himself. “That is, if he can pull you away from Zephyr. Oh, and you can exhale.”

I cough as I breathe out the smoke. There’s no way that Prince could know what Master Shephard and I discovered together one evening after a friend’s party, unless Shephard told him himself: weed turns me into the most insatiable cocksucker on the planet earth.

Prince releases the latch that is keeping my arms pulled up tight to the chains, and catches me as I fall. “On your knees, cocksucker. Don’t stop until I’ve blown my load and swallowed every last drop of my come. After you’re done we’ll move on to the next trial. Vega is chomping at the bit for a turn at you.

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Metal would like to thank TheBadOne for writing The Story of Dax!

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3 thoughts on “The Story of Dax – Chapter 07”

  1. “Any requests for future torments for Dax?”

    Well, where to start? :-) Maybe at the beginning of this story: I enjoyed the idea of a slave having to stand at attention, being observed, objectified. How about a longer training, several hours of forced immobility, more hours day by day, but this time maybe in a thick black leather suit, leather mask, boots and thick leather gloves. Dax could be forced to stand at attention somewehere in the hot sun, with the heat rising from hour to hour – sweating under the leathers and not being allowed to move and take it off. He could be positioned like this in a public place where people would gather to look at the strange anonimous leather figure, ask questions, touch his leathers, take selfies, mock him and so on.

    I’d also enjoy to read how Dax is put into a full suit of heavy steel armour and not allowed to take it off for a really long time. Forced to wear this massice iron prison 24/7. Maybe with the visor strictly closed, fed through a straw, and commanded around like a robot, for some days, weeks… Maybe he could be bolted into that armour, or even welded in from head to toe.

    Just some ideas…

  2. Perhaps some sort of competition with one of the other slaves although there needs to be an equal field or Dax will surely lose after all he’s been through already. Give him some r&r time maybe just in bondage with Zephyr doing the honours.
    The joy of this story is that it is believable, you can put yourself in his place, anything too far fetched and it becomes “just a story” again.
    Just my ten cents.

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