The Story of Dax – Chapter 08

By TheBadOne

Extracting Prince’s load takes me hardly any time. I can take the full length of it- I can take the full length of anyone- and he’s obviously already close after watching Omni and Zephyr do me over. And, judging by the size of his load, it’s probably been a couple days since he’s let one loose. I’m surprised by that- he doesn’t seem like someone who ever has a need that isn’t met. Either way, I’m proud of my work, and Prince seems pleased, too. I remain on my knees, kneeling in front of him, waiting for my next order.

He raises his booted foot, presses it against my chest, and with one strong movement of his legs I sprawl against the floor. Ouch. OK, then.

“Stay there,” he commands, and then I hear footsteps, the door creak open and shut, and then nothing at all. I’m left staring at the ceiling, the taste of come on my lips. Taking advantage of the first rest I’ve had in hours, I close my eyes, and focus on the throbbing and the warmth still radiating off my body from its beating.

I must have fallen asleep, because I didn’t hear anyone come in- I’m just jolted back into consciousness when a wad of rubber lands on my face.

“Take off what you’re wearing and put this on, boy.” It’s Vega.

“Yes Sir.” I undress, folding everything carefully and neatly putting it in a pile at my feet. Vega looks at the pile, then looks at me.

“You are well trained, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Sir. Master Shephard has a high standard.” I wonder what he’s doing right now, if he knows that Donovan has set me at the mercy of an army of sadists. But he told me that I’m to obey Donovan as strictly as I obey him, so I do.

I’m not naive, either: I’m a hot piece and there is no way this group isn’t thrilled to have me in the dungeon with them. I shake out the bundle of rubber- it’s a full body catsuit, no hood but otherwise identical to what his slaves were wearing earlier. I wonder where they are as I feel the slick rubber.

“Do you take pride in being a submissive?”

“I do, Sir.”


“Because I’m good at it, Sir. I work hard to keep myself desirable, and getting dominant men off is the only thing that gets me off.”

“It looks like nothing gets you off, anymore,” he says, tapping the chastity belt.

“No Sir, not through that,” I say, as I step into the rubber garment. It fits as snugly as possible- any tighter and it wouldn’t go on over my muscled legs.

“And what is that like for you?”

“What do you mean, Sir?”

“This is all pretty extreme- the abuse you take, the humiliations you suffer. You don’t even know me, or know what I’m going to do to you. But here you are, putting on an outfit you saw my captives wearing earlier tonight.”

“Um,” I’m at a loss for words, so I can only look into his eyes as I stand in the rubber suit- all that remains is for the zipper to be pulled closed behind me.

“Are you even attracted to me?”

Despite the intensity of this conversation, or maybe because of it, this makes me laugh. “Are you kidding me, Sir? You’re… gorgeous.”

This draws a grin out of him. He brings a gloved hand up to his chin as he considers me. He’s dressed in full, classic leathers- the pants, shirt, tie, suspenders, hat… everything. It suits him- it’s clear that this isn’t your average sex-shop leather. It’s really fine stuff, like what the CEO of a bank might wear in the alternate universe where all men are leathermen. His eyes are a pale icy-blue that basically glow out from his tan skin and black outfit.

“And do you just… trust… everyone who you find attractive?”

“I… that’s… I don’t know how to answer that, Sir.”

“Because you have too much pride, boy.”

Shame surges through me. I screwed something up at some point and now Vega has a bad opinion of me. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

He walks in a circle around me, stopping behind me. “You think because you’re getting what you want out of this, that you’re better than other submissives.”

“I don’t—”

“Don’t speak,” he commands. “Psi, approach.”

From out of nowhere, one of the three gimp slaves steps into the dim red lighting. Are the other two in here somewhere, too?

“At attention, both of you,” Vega says. I realize that Psi straightens up and assumes an identical position to what I’ve been trained to do, or at least the best he can in his restraints. I stare forward despite that I want nothing more than to turn and look at him. I can’t imagine what kind of person it might be, what they’re like when they aren’t… this.

I hear the jangling of keys as Vega unlocks the armbinders that have been keeping Psi and the others helpless for who knows how many hours. Moments later, Vega is positioning my own arms within them. The first strap pulls my shoulders back tightly, making my previous ‘Attention’ look like a slouch. Then, I feel a tightening starting at my fingertips, and slowly rising with the laces all the way above my elbows, until my arms are so immobilized they may as well not be there. The locks go on, one by one, and then he appears again in front of me.

“You think because you go to the gym, because you’re strong, that nothing bad can really happen to you, that you’re invulnerable, immune from consequences.”

“I’m sorry, S—” The sentence is cut short as he spits into my face. Stunned, and humiliated, and suddenly overwhelmed by everything that’s happened to me so far, I realize with embarrassment that I’ve begun to tear up.

“I told you not to speak. You think because you’re pretty, you can get away with whatever you want.” He pulls Psi so that he is standing in front of me, face to face- or face to rubber hood, anyway.

Vega unlocks and undoes the head harness that has been securing Psi’s silence all evening. As it comes off of the rubber hooded face across from mine, I see that there’s an inflatable gag inside of it. He hands it to Psi, who lifts it to my face. The inflatable gag, still wet with Psi’s spit, goes in first. The muzzle is soft, supple leather, and when the various straps are pulled tight my mouth is so compressed that I wouldn’t be able to speak even without the gag. The bottom of the muzzle is a thick collar, and it’s obvious that Psi has tightened it around my neck with relish. He attaches a small pump and begins inflating the gag- it isn’t many pumps before it’s full. The pressure from the rubber inside my mouth presses outward against the muzzle pulling me back, with the effect that it feels like even my cheeks are immobilized. He returns to his position, and watches as Vega attaches the locks to every strap.

He presses down hard on my shoulders, and I drop to my knees in front of him, and as I look up I see he’s unlocking and removing Psi’s hood and catsuit. The man inside it is young, like me. Handsome. Fit- more than me, and I don’t even have to guess- it’s Trevor, one of the gym’s hotshots who always seems to be one step ahead of me- an extra plate on the bar, a little faster on the treadmill, drawing eyes away from me and onto him. We’ve always been friendly, but I know both of us consider the other our biggest rival, too.

Vega stands imperiously over me. “No matter how excellently you suck cock, no matter how the rubber sculpts over your defined abs, no matter how permanent your chastity, no matter what size plug in your ass, no matter how many hours you spend immobilized, isolated, humiliated, filled with piss, covered in come…”

“There will always be someone else eager to take your place.” Trevor laughs, pulls out his cock, and unleashes a thick stream of piss onto me. It soaks my hair, streams into my mouth through the muzzle, gets into my suit. He’s been holding it for hours, it’s strong.

Vega stands behind him, massaging what must be his very tight shoulders as he looks down at me. “Oh, don’t cry yet, Dax. You’ve got such a very long way to go.” He pats Psi- Trevor- on the ass, then turns and heads towards the door. From the darkness the figures of Chi and Phi shuffle out behind him. Only Trevor remains, and he kneels down next to me.

“Can’t wait till the next time I see you at the gym.”

I can only moan through the intense gag.

“Don’t kid yourself. We both know how much you like this.”

A tear finally drops from my eyes. It’s true.






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Metal would like to thank TheBadOne for writing The Story of Dax!

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  1. And so it continues….balanced, realistic writing that pulls you further into the character with every sentence.

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