The Tournament Affair – Part 03

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 3 – Presentation

For the opening orders of the competition, Denny is removed bound and gagged from the cart, still tied up, and brought into the tournament opening ceremonies for presentation.

Every team has brought a hostage – they’re all young men, they’re all bound and gagged, and all are scared shitless. It’s then that Denny begins to get really scared. The competition shares some rules and activities with paintball or other competitions like Capture the Flag, but in this tournament the hostages are the prize.  The rules say they have to be fully restrained and well gagged throughout – there are penalties for hostages that breach their bonds or manage to cry out.

During play the contestants – warriors from different teams – use their airsofts to eliminate their opponents, but they are also supposed to locate and abduct competing teams’ hostages.

The official armorer for the tournament commandeers the artillery of each team and loads up the ammo. Concealed in each cache is a uniquely colored pellet that – when it hits a warrior – compels surrender to the organizer and status change from warrior to hostage. A bondage master from a competing team is assigned at random to bind and gag the new hostage.

The endgame for the tournament is that – other than the prevailing warriors – all paths in the game lead every defeated warrior to end up restrained and gagged. What happens after that is the subject of speculation and furtive rumor trickling among the participants. Some big money sponsor – it’s thought – might have a covert plan to take possession of the defeated parties as sexual bondage prisoners warehoused at some black site. Rumor says the civilian hostages like Denny are exempt from risk for this fate, but who knows? The captains like Nathan are whispering amongst themselves about what they’ve gotten into, how legally sketchy it is, especially around the taking of civilians, and what legal exposure they might have gotten themselves into. This anxious whispering about what the real story is continues even as the tournament is battled out.

There are three teams: The Black Team, with their black leather isolation masks and black leather skullies; the Desert Team, with their desert BDUs and dust masks; and the Jungle Team, wearing jungle BDUs and face paint. During the presentation of the hostages, their restraint styles become apparent.

The Desert Team is equipped with medical-grade cuffs and restraints, and their hostage is presented in a straitjacket and tan leather muzzle, secured by wide tan leather restraint belts to an institutional metal chair. He might as well be Hannibal Lecter, but the poor young man in the restraint looks as if he’s probably harmless, not to mention terrified.  Alone among the hostages, he seems to be quietly sobbing.

The Jungle Team’s hostage has been somehow dressed up and uniformed similar to the warriors themselves, everything except the face paint. But there’s no mistaking that he’s the hostage – he is presented in a brutal hogtie, back bowed and entirely restrained with zip ties from his arms, pulled back so his elbows meet and zipped tight in four places, to his boots, crossed at the ankles and folded over brutally.  Despite this position, he’s far from defeated – he’s raging and howling furiously into a tight duct tape gag that is wrapped tightly enough around his mouth that his cheeks bulge. More duct tape covers his eyes, but there’s no mistaking that he is pissed.

Only the Black Team has shown up with the caliber of ropecraft exhibited by Ben, now in evidence on Denny’s bound body. Ben has arranged Denny on a high stool in his elaborate rope harness, and he has spent several minutes checking and adjusting all of the ropes in Denny’s boxtie, adding rope here and there, fixing symmetry, and securing Denny’s hands from below to the frame of the stool, so that the can’t move his bound wrists up, down, left, or right. Denny’s abs are straining keeping his body upright and balanced, and his pecs are flexed and sexy in between the lateral ties on his chest. His knees are roped to opposite legs of the stool, and his booted ankles are pulled up behind him and tied off.  Denny’s crotch is exposed, and there is no hiding the arousal of his stiff cock accentuated by crotch ropes Ben has added to frame off his manhood.

The rope work, his padded harness, and the obvious brutality and effectiveness of his gag all attract a lot of attention and comments of admiration.

The rules are read out, and the play begins.

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Thanks to @JarheadTop for review and edits.

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7 thoughts on “The Tournament Affair – Part 03”

  1. I love that, at this stage, the players are as much in the dark as the readers and the reality of the possible illegality of the tournament is growing for them. Makes me feel I’m there watching it all develop just as the players are. And just as uncertain as they are too. Great read.

  2. I want you guys to know I AM reading your comments and love them.

    This chapter (Part 3) is the shortest one of all. The next several will give you A LOT to sink your teeth into. With 12 chapters total you have plenty of good reading ahead.

    Please keep reading, reposting, spreading the word, and follow me on Xwitter, IG, and Recon.

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