The Tournament Affair – Part 09

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 9 – Swinging

While Ken is in his cell, bound and gagged in the chair getting an education in what “edging” means, Denny is still getting his VR therapy in the neighboring cell. He is hogtied and attached to the ceiling, struggling in highly constrictive bondage, gagged with Silencilicone and locked into a VR device controlling his vision and audio.

“Denny?” The voice is back on the VR audio. It’s Chad again.

Denny slowly wakes up and snaps out of what was in his mind. He struggles a little after figuring out he’s on the floor.


“Denny. I know you can’t speak to me anymore. But we can still communicate. I have access to your head movements. So I know whether you nod yes or no. And of course I can still hear you. So you can utter some sounds like “mmm hmmm,” or “unh unh” if you want to say yes or no.”

“Grrmpphhhmmmm!” Denny shakes his head no, trying to figure out what happened since he emerged from hypnosis.

“No. No, you can’t. Denny. But it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here. We can keep talking. Does that make you feel a little better?”


“Denny, are you with me? I can’t take care of you if you don’t talk to me.”

“Mmmmmmphhh, mmmmmm, mee, mmmmouutt” (let me out). He pushes on the tongue of his gag and moves his hands tightly tied in his hogtie.

Chad mutes the microphone and turns to Nathan, who is next to him monitoring Ken’s edging session. “I don’t know if I got to him, Boss. He’s not reacting to his bondage as care.”

Ben is standing behind them and breaks in, “These things aren’t instantaneous, you’re going to have to reinforce it with him before it’s innate.”

“Just remind him he can’t get out, and he’s bound and gagged because we care. He can probably summon that from his subconscious, but you’re going to have to trigger him,” Ben instructs.

Chad quickly flips the mic back on and gets a little firmer in his tone. “Denny. DENNY! Let me know you’re hearing me.”



“Pay ATTENTION, Denny!”

“Mmmm cammmpj mehmm mph” (I can hear you)

“Are you listening to my voice? I need a yes or no.”

“Mmmmmyess” (Yes)

“Good, Denny. That’s good. It’s good you’re hearing me. We know you just had a big struggle in your ropes and gag. You did, didn’t you?”


“DENNY, I’m losing you here, and that isn’t good.”

“Mmmmhrmmm” (yes)

“Good, Denny. I’m glad you’re back. Try and stay with me, Denny.”


“So you had a big struggle, didn’t you? Yes or no.”

“Mmmmh” (yes)

“You tried to get out of your ropes, Denny, right? Yes or no.”

“Mmmm” (yes)

“Did you get out of your ropes, Denny?”

Mmmphhhgrrrr” (no)

“You tried to get free from your gag. Didn’t you, Denny? Yes or no”

(Mmmmm) yes

“Did you escape from the gag? …. Denny!! DID YOU escape from the gag?”

“Mmmgrrrmmm NOOM,” Denny says. Chad sees Denny is getting pissed off now at having to answer the questions and being treated like a baby.

Denny tugs at his ropes and gets back on his stomach.

“Denny, if you just pitch a fit, two things are going to happen. One is – you won’t escape. You’ve already learned that. Two is – you and I are going to lose our connection and then you really will be by yourself down there, at least for a while, and I don’t want that, Denny, and you don’t either.”

And I hope you can find it within yourself to feel deep within what I’m about to say to you.”

“You’re kidnapped, and I care for you.”



“You’re kidnapped, and I care for you. Do you know that or not? Yes or no.”


“MmmgrrrmmmNOO,” he thrashes on the floor and pulls at the bar on his feet. He takes his hands and feels the feet and rope around the knees and ankles. “MmmmgrrmMM.”

Chad looks over his shoulder for Ben, who has left to help with Ken’s bondage.  Chad turns off the mic to Denny’s cell and radios Ben’s earpiece – “Ben, back up here, we need you.”

Ben delegates Ken’s bondage to Ari, and he excuses himself from the edging cell.

“What’s up, boss?” Ben says, gloved hand up over his nose, smelling the glove again.

Nathan looks away from the screen showing Denny and addresses Ben, “I think it’s time for a little tough love with Denny.”

“Uh oh,” Ben says.

Chad pipes up, “He’s still testing his bondage and he’s turned over onto his side a couple times. He’s got it in him someplace to know that we’re caring and he should know that his bondage is care from us. But he isn’t receiving it yet. And you had better shore up that bondage, so he doesn’t charge down a dead end thinking he’s on the verge of fleeing.”

“On it, boss,” Ben says.

Nathan grabs Chad’s wrist with his glove. “Don’t speak to him yet. This is Ben’s moment. Let him do his thing.”

Since he can’t hear outside the VR, Denny doesn’t perceive Ben enter the room. Denny is still trying to thrash now and then, almost making it onto his side, popping back up, and hurling himself to the other direction.

Ben is bothered by none of it. He’s preparing a five-rope starfish of tethers meant to tighten the rope keeping Denny upright. Once he has it together , he hangs it from the chain holding Denny’s head up and then precedes to thread it through five hoist points in Denny’s bondage – (1) and (2) are the ties on Denny’s frogtied legs, (3) and (4) are the left and right sides of the box tie harness point on Denny’s back, where all the harness ropes come together, and (5) is the loop on the top of Denny’s VR.

Once he has looped through each of these, he doubles the rope and then ties a taut line hitch, which allows Ben to adjust the tightness without fear of the knot sliding.

Denny has a vague clue something is happening, as he feels the trace of rope across his limbs and back. But he has no idea what that is.

Once everything is tied and adjusted, Ben goes to the wall, where the controls adjust the chain by means of a hoist. Ben slides the switch to raise the chain very slowly, and after a few seconds, Denny feels himself being lifted off the floor. Nothing hurts – Ben has properly calculated the tension displacement of the ropes so nothing digs in too much. But it deprives Denny of a floor to thrash against. Denny’s initial reaction is to be livid, and he attempts to hurl himself around finding something to struggle or brace himself against.

Now Denny is swinging back and forth, but it’s hard for him to move after it stops since Ben did all the moving. He tries to move his legs and arms, but he can’t, although it doesn’t hurt. It’s clear to Denny that this is Ben in control. He can’t find anything to hit or rub against that would help his escape. He’s off the floor just hanging. He moans into the gag. He tries to slide his tongue out, but the gag sucks it right back in. The longest he can pull it out is maybe 2 seconds, it’s so tight. The muzzle has some wiggle room where he can push against it.

“Mmmmpphhmmmmmmmm,” Denny pulls the tongue for a few and pushes against the muzzle. “MPPH BEN? MPPH Bbennmppph?”

Watching the screen from Denny’s cell with Ben now back and sitting next to him and Chad now standing up looking over Ben’s shoulder, Nathan shakes his head as Ben looks at him quizzically. “Not yet,” Nathan says.

“Another minute or two at least, to let him stew. He needs to feel what he’s lost, being hoisted up like that.”

Suddenly the captors all see Denny’s erection – evident as he bows his back struggling. Denny tries to swing around, but it’s hard to do so. He’s figuring out a way to dislodge the gag as he pulls more, and it just holds his tongue. They can see the bulge in the muzzle part sticking out. Denny is trying to do it with brute force. Suddenly there is air coming inside the gag.

“Ppsst mppph mmmm Ben MMM BEN? Mmm someonempph mmm you said mmmmm mppph leave mpppoh you mppph kidnapped mmmph Me.”

“Mmmmmm fuck mmmmpphhh.”

Ben takes a deep sniff of one of his gloves and observes, “Mixed results. He’s pushing on his gag, and I can see pressure on the muzzle. But I’m pretty confident it’s not going past his lips. And at the same time his cock is responding very strongly to the helplessness.

“Respond now?” he asks Nathan. Nathan nods.

“Hey Denny,” Ben says softly into the VR mic, interrupting Denny’s useless thrashing. He waits.

“Mmphhmmm Ben mmmpph.”

“Denny, I was just with you, and I made some changes to your bondage. You know I did that, don’t you? I think you felt the change, and I think you knew it was me, didn’t you?”

“Mppph yes mppph.”

“Mmmmmphhh it’s mmpph more mppph impossible mppph to mppph escape mmmmm now mm.”

“I can’t understand you, Denny, so you don’t have to try and make words. The Silencilicone doesn’t allow words through, regardless of what you feel like you were trying to say. But remember I can tell your nods and headshakes, so we have Yes and No that way. Are you with me?”


“Did you get out of the ropes, Denny?”


“But I came in anyway, didn’t I?”


“I came and I fixed your bondage. And do you think you can escape your ropes now, Denny? Be honest. Yes or no?”


“That’s right, Denny, you can’t. And what about the gag? I replaced the bandanna gag with the Silencilicone you have now. Can you get out of that gag, do you think? Be honest again. Yes or no?”

Denny slowly shakes his head yes. He pushes at the muzzle.

“You can think that, Denny, but you won’t. It will pop back in, and I can always tighten your muzzle, Denny, because you know we are watching you. And do you think I can tighten your muzzle enough that you won’t be able to get your plug out even that far? Do you think I can manage that? Don’t worry about my ego. Yes or no?”

“Mmmmmm” (rueful yes)

“That’s right, Denny. You know me well enough. I’m probably going to tighten it anyway now, because you know I always want your bondage to be perfect. And why do you think I want you to be so well bound and gagged? Why is that important to me? Is it because of my ego? Do you think that’s why?”


“No, that’s not why, you’re right. Is it because we hate you and want to punish you?”

“Mmmph” (No)

“Is it because we want to keep you prisoner until authorities come and get YOU in trouble? is that why?”

“Mmm” (No)

“Do you think it’s because we care about you, and you’re kidnapped, and that’s how we take care of you?”

“Mmmm” (Yes)

“That’s right, Denny, that’s exactly it. You’re a smart guy. And I knew you’d get it. We all have roles to play on this team, and mine is to be the bondage specialist. You need bondage for your kidnapping, and I’ve learned that the need for bondage and gags is deep within you – completely apart from being kidnapped. I’m right about that, Denny, aren’t I? Yes or no?”


“Mmmmmm,” He doesn’t shake yes or no because he is unsure.

“I think maybe you aren’t sure about that, Denny, is that it?”


“That’s okay, Denny! You’re still discovering yourself. You may not be sure. But I can tell you, I’ve seen every response under the sun from bound and gagged men, and I know what I’m seeing in you. I believe in bondage for men. Most of us need it. All four of us need it, too, not just you and Ken.”

“But I think I know what I’m seeing in you, and I’m not wrong often. Some men are borderline and seem to have an appetite for bondage but it’s on the bubble for them.”

You aren’t on the bubble. I’ve watched you. You’re clearly on one side.”

(Mmmmmmmm mmmpph mmmm)

“So you take all the time you need with that. Right now you’re kidnapped, and I know you’ve been discussing this extensively with Nathan, too. And kidnapping rules mean you’re going to get free only when we say it’s time. So there will be bondage until then. And you need to take the time to put being bound and gagged into proper perspective in your life. Only you can decide that. And in the meantime it’s my job – not yours – to make sure youre tied up. So go ahead and struggle, but you haven’t escaped yet. You can keep trying. But I’ll just say so far I’m batting a thousand with you. So you’ll probably be tied up if I want you to be tied up. Same with your gag.

“So do you need someone in there with you right now? Will that help you feel cared for? Maybe that would help, Denny. You won’t be untied, but you may feel more connected. What do you say?”

“Just yes or no, Denny, we can talk more once someone’s with you.”

“Mmmm,” Denny shakes his head up and down big time – yes.

“Sit tight, Denny. don’t go anywhere, just yet.”

Chad pats his glove on Ben’s back a couple times in admiration. “Way to GO, bro! He’s a challenge,” Chad says. “That was masterful! I feel for him, though. So much complicated stuff going on between his ears. Keep him warm, Ben.”

Nathan nods in agreement and gives Ben a fist bump, as Ben takes off his headset and stands up. Chad replaces him at the screen and observes Denny swinging in the air.

As Denny swings, oblivious to any external sound, his mind alerts him to the unmistakable smell of Ben and his gloves. He’s excited for the company and care, but he’s under no illusion what comes next.

“Mmmph Ben moppph.” Ben sees clearly that Denny can push the gag inside to the muzzle. And it does stick out. “Mmmph must mmm escape mppph.”

Ben fingers the straps on Denny’s muzzle and identifies chin straps on both cheeks as the culprit. There are two holes left on each strap, but he’s pretty sure one hole will do. He pulls each strap out of the buckle, one at a time, and he gets his fingers into the mouth cover. With two fingers of one hand he’s able to manipulate the black gag back into place in Denny’s mouth, quickly pressing the muzzle back onto his face.

Denny’s hard cock twitches and gets harder with the gag fixed. His chances of escape have failed, as has even talking or trying to yell for help.

Ben palpates the mouthpiece of the muzzle, and he’s confident now that the silencilicone gag is properly seated and doesn’t expect any mobility for Denny to push it out any longer. “Gags always win,” he says, although Denny can’t hear him through the sensory dep. “Where have I heard that before?” Ben chuckles to himself.

Ben pulls up a stool beside Denny’s suspended body, and he gives Denny’s face a rub and palms Denny’s nips, which protrude from the ropes toward the floor and point down.

Ben gently pushes Denny into a slight swing, meant to cradle and rock him in the ropes. At all times, Ben keeps a gloved hand someplace on Denny, and it seems to help him.

Ben knows Denny likes trying to escape, but Ben won’t let him escape. Ben gets it now.


After a few minutes of swinging Denny gently, Ben stands up and walks over to the wall. Next to the hoist controls is a small hidden compartment with auxiliary VR equipment. He dons an audio-only headset and touches a control button that lets him call the admin station, where Chad is sitting. Nathan has got up to start putting a meal together, since nobody has eaten in a while.

“Chad, add me to the VR audio, please.”

“Sure, Boss,” says Chad. And all of a sudden, Denny can hear Ben.

“Denny,” Ben says, leaning on the wall and standing back to observe him.


Denny struggles in his suspension bondage, confused over where Ben went. He tries to swing around, wondering if Ben is still nearby. He moans confusion through his gag.

“I’m right in the room with you, Denny. I haven’t left. I’ve just joined the audio. I’ll stay here in the room with you for a while, so you aren’t alone.”

“But Denny, you need to know, I will also see if you’re thrashing around trying to escape. Which wouldn’t work anyhow, as I think you’re finding right now. Even so, I can always step in and add rope if I think it’ll send the message. You know me by now, whenever do I not have rope handy?

“I know you’re still working all this out, like we just talked about before I came in. In all the times I’ve tied you up, how many times have you got the better of it? I know you’re gagged. So you don’t have to answer. I’ll answer for you. Zero.

“I’ll just make it clear right now, Denny – men just don’t escape my bondage. And if you don’t believe it, any time you are without a gag, ask Chad. Or Nathan, or anyone. They’ll tell you how many men have escaped when I tied them up and gagged them. Zero.

“So if you’re determined to escape by getting out of my rope, and you’re even wondering how fucked you are, pardon my bluntness, I’ll tell you, Denny. You. Are. Fucked. And maybe this will help you get the message.”

Denny can feel Ben’s leather gloves doing something around his hands, and at first it seems like he’s trying to hold Denny’s hand reassuringly. Too late, Denny realizes that Ben is duct taping his fingers. His ability to move strands of rope or pick knots is instantly gone. Both his hands are impotent with taped fingers, and it almost makes Denny want to cry.

“Are we understanding each other, Denny? Do you see now what I can do? This is what it means to be kidnapped. Your care includes bondage. And you’re getting the bondage you need, whether you have come to terms with it or not. That’s my job. I can promise you that.”

Ben goes back to the stool and reaches to Denny’s underside, where his stiff, leaky cock is evident, and reaches over with his glove. Denny moans and groans as the gloved hand feels the area and how hard he is. He takes the tip of Denny’s cock in his gloved hand, with finger and thumb around his frenulum. He vibrates his hand slightly, and watches Denny closely for signs of comfort reactions.

“Denny, I’ll make you a promise. Listen carefully, okay?” Ben keeps his light grip on Denny’s cock as he says into the mic, “As long as I’ve bound and gagged you, I promise. You. Will. NEVER. Escape.” As Ben says “NEVER escape,” he feels Denny’s cock getting even harder.

“Easy, easy, Denny. I meant it as a promise. You’re fucked. Pull and tug. Struggle, push the gag with your tongue. All of it. I’m the rigger, I say ‘Bring it.’”

Ben gets up from the stool, crouches in front of Denny’s suspended body. He cups Denny’s muzzled face in his gloved hands, then balances his chin in one hand while the other hand strokes, then pats Denny’s cheek before he stands up.

“You’re all tied up because we care for you, Denny. We can do no less.”

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Thanks to @JarheadTop for review and edits.

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  1. “I believe in bondage for men. Most of us need it.” That line rings so true. Such a shame Denny can’t come to terms with it yet.

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