The Tournament Affair – Part 10

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 10 – Eat & Run

In two adjacent isolation cells, the captives are being prepared to sit down for a meal. They’re being kept bound and gagged, so the preparation is a little unusual. Not to mention they are still recovering from particularly intense experiences.

Denny has been lowered by hoist to the padded floor of the cell, and Ben unlocks his head from the VR helmet. Ben releases Denny’s legs from the hogtie and stands him up. Denny’s arms are bound in a rope harness, and his head is buckled into a black leather muzzle, covering a silicone gag in his mouth. Ben moves in and wraps his muscular body around Denny, pressing him into a bear hug.

“Mmmmphhmmmmm timenmmm let mmmmp go Mmmph?” (“is it time to be let go?”)

He moans and his eyes adjust to the light, and he sees the padded room where he has been kept a few hours. It is an isolation room. A cell.

His head touches Ben’s masked face and leans on his shoulder.

Ben’s gloved hand reaches out and gently presses Denny’s head into his shoulder. The warm smell of Ben’s leather and his man musk nearly overwhelms Denny.

He moans again, thinking it’s time to be released but he also smells food, which seems especially good to Denny right about now since it occurs to him he can’t remember when he last ate anything. He wonders why Ben is not untying him.

Something similar is going on in the next cell as Ari has released Ken from the edging chair. Ken, however, is naked except for boots, rope, and leather straps. He stands, gagged, muzzled, and bound, while Ari towels him off. Ari nuzzles Ken as he goes, taking deep sniffs and nibbling strategic places on Ken’s body.

Ari finishes this with a full body hug, although he towers so far over Ken, especially in boots, that Ken’s gagged face lands at the level of Ari’s chest and pits. With his strapped-up face, Ken strokes the tall man’s nipple rings, causing Ari to emit a deep moan.

Finally Ari reaches for an oversized towel and drapes it over Ken’s shoulders, intending to keep the naked man warm. Ari acknowledges that all of Ken’s clothing has been sliced off him, musing, “Muzzle, rope, boots, and a towel. It’s a look, I’ll give you that. But I’d say you are not dressed for the dinner table. Sit here and I’ll get you something to wear.”

He ushers Ken onto a stool, then takes a seat next to him and pulls off both of his own huge boots and sets them down. Shirtless and in tight leather jeans, Ari stands and lets himself out of the isolation room to find Ken something to wear.

This is the opportunity Ken has been imagining for hours. He gets to his knees on the floor, leans over slightly and plants his face into the top of Ari’s boot. Ari has worn these boots nonstop for 24 hours at least, and the powerful aroma of warm leather musk and sweat is hitting Ken like a drug.

He inhales deeply and feels his previously exhausted cock stir once more.

When Ari comes back, he gets the picture he had hoped for when he left his boots behind. Ken is on his knees, deeply sniffing the boot scent from Ari’s tall Wescos. He chuckles, “Well, you’ve found the appetizer. But there’s more. Let’s get you dressed. Here, something different for you.”

He places the clothes down on the stool, pats the pile, and stands Ken up. Ken notices that Ari has a black Dead Kennedys concert T-shirt on and has donned another pair of tall boots over his black leather jeans – these are 22-inch Boss Harness boots, with squared off toe and heavy nickel ring in the harness. Ken is in awe of these boots – they ooze masculine dominance every bit as much as the first pair and maybe more. He is already fantasizing about smelling them.

Ari turns Ken around. “These ropes will have to come off now if I’m going to get a shirt on you.” He reaches around and rolls one of Ken’s nipples between finger and thumb as a tease. Ken gives a low groan through the gag – his nips are still really sensitive. “But I think I can trust you at least to walk with me to the dining room until Ben can take care of you again.”

Ari unties Ken’s harness, and soon Ken finds himself shaking out his arms and stretching his shoulders. Ari wraps arms around Ken and twists his torso forward, then left, then back, hearing the popping and tension release as his muscles and spine adjust to the freedom of movement.

Ken has also noticed that at least half of the folded garments Ari has brought for him are black leather. He is very curious, but, being gagged, he can’t ask. So he lets Ari set the pace.

Ari starts by handing him a black leather jockstrap from the top of the pile. Ken has never worn one, so Ari helps him fix it around his waist, then raises the cod and arranges Ken’s junk within it. Balls tucked first into the soft leather pouch, then cock drawn through the hole followed by the leather cod snapping shut over it all. Of course there’s a tug at Ken’s cock as Ari works it through the hole.

Next he hands Ken a pair of black leather shorts with a lace-up crotch and 10-inch inseam. They are the length of boxer briefs, and Ken works them over the leather jock he is already wearing and laces the crotch, tying in front and smoothing off the leather on his muscled ass. Next Ari hands him a pair of chaps, “I think this size will work,” Ari says as he fastens the six front snaps at Ken’s waistband. He fits the zipper in at Ken’s groin and zips down the leg. Ken reacts to how tight the leather squeezes his legs and finds himself wondering whether his thighs will even fit these chaps, but they do. “At least I don’t have to take my boots off for this,” he thinks.

Finally there’s a tight black spandex T shirt being pulled over his head and tucked in. Ken is overcome with complex emotion about the outfit – He feels like all the leather studs he has always sneaked looks at, guys like Ari whose asses are wrapped up tight in black leather, with crotches he simply wanted to bury his face in and sniff. And now one of those guys is him, except for the part where he is muzzled and gagged.

Ari turns and walks Ken through the corridor into the open dining/kitchen/living room, where Nathan has placed a pot of steaming soup and a platter of bread in the center of the table. There are two chairs on each long side of the table, and two different-looking chairs at each end. These have narrow backs and slightly higher seats, and Ben is holding Denny with a gloved hand and standing. Denny’s rope harness has been removed, but his hands have been retied in a hemp rope cuff snugly behind his back. Left alone for a period of time, Denny might have the chance to work his hands out of the cuff, but Ben has no intention of leaving him alone.

Ari is finishing tying Ken’s hands and securing them to the back of his chair, and Denny’s and Ken’s eyes meet for the first time in hours and hours. They are similarly gagged in matching black muzzles, and look at one another intensely, each longing to know what the other has been through.

Ben eases Denny down into his chair. His wrist ropes get lashed to a bar across the chair back. There goes mobility for his hands, and Denny vaguely wonders how they expect him to eat. He tugs at the wrist tie, hoping Ben has neglected or forgotten something the absence of which will enable Denny to escape, but no such luck. Ben smiles slightly at this – he’s not concerned – and pats Denny’s face with one glove, “Shhhhh, my man, I’ve got ya,” and he begins roping Denny’s torso to the chair.

This is not the intricate sort of tie that both Ken and Denny have come by now to expect from Ben’s ropecraft. Ben finds the bight of his rope, pulls it around Denny’s chest at the nipple level, and then passes the rope back and forth from hand to hand as the long, long rope circles Denny’s body, lashing him to the chair as if it were a mooring post. Twelve times the rope coils around him, with Ben neatening up the rope as he goes. He finishes with a cinch underneath each of Denny’s armpits and ties off the rope. Denny is bound fast to the chair back.

As Ben finishes with Denny’s legs by binding his ankles to the back leg of the chair and anchoring his spread knees to the top of each chair leg, Denny’s eyes are glued to Ken and his new leatherboy gear. He wants to know how that happened, but he can’t ask through his gag.

Before they eat, Nathan speaks up, “I made the soup. Hope you all like it.” Looking alternately at Ken and Denny at opposite table ends, he says, “Obviously you guys can’t eat through your gags – but you will be eating tied up. Once we finish our first bowl, we’ll take the muzzles and gags out and tend to your eating and drinking. I know you’re way overdue for food and you’ve earned it.”

Everyone watches as Denny tries to move his hands from the chair. The chair makes creaking sounds as his hands grasp at the rope. It’s very, very secure. He can see the front door of the cabin, although it’s got a security lock, but it occurs to Denny he is just one room away from it, and yet his legs, wrists, and entire body are tightly tied to the chair. Denny stares at Ken, wondering what ordeal he went through, and whether it was anything like what he went through himself.  Ken stares at Denny, and it looks to him as if Denny just woke up – Denny still shows the effects of being in darkness for a few hours with only a video to look at – the lights are hard for him to adjust to.  The kidnappers begin their meal, and Ken and Denny can only stare.

Ken supposes the men on each side of him will “tend to” his eating, whatever that may mean, so that means Matthew and Ari for him, and Chad and Ben with Denny. He sits, gagged and bound to the chair, boned up in his leather jock, and waiting.

Between spoonfuls of the soup, Chad speaks up, “Wwe noticed you brought a leatherboy to dinner, Ari.” He grins teasingly.

“Layered leather, the way I like it,” Nathan adds, reaching out his gloved left hand and running it the length of Ken’s leather-clad thigh.

“The way he likes it?” Ken thinks, and he tries to visualize Nathan’s own massive build wrapped in black leather. He can’t think of anything but The Terminator, just even bigger and sexier.

Ben speaks up, “I know the muzzles are a lot for the dinner table, sorry about that, guys. But we know you must be hungry, and you have the silicone gags in. So we figured better to leave those, since they won’t leave a taste in your mouth. We want you to enjoy the hospitality.”

Chad looks down the table at Ari’s feet. “Hey man, what happened to your other boots? Did the leatherboy gobble them up?” he chuckles.

Ari doesn’t miss a beat, “He was trying to suck every last particle of the boot smell in through his nose … if Ben hadn’t gagged him the boots would be history, I’m sure.”

Ben turns to Denny and rubs his lap, “How you holding up, guy?” Simultaneously he detects Denny’s stiff hard-on and his fingers trying uselessly to work the ropes behind him. Unconcerned, Ben looks across the table at Chad and says, with a nod of his head toward Denny, “Mind/body balance, still a work in progress.”

Chad reaches over, gives Denny a squeeze on the shoulder with his glove, and tries to catch his eye, hoping to telegraph, “I care for you.”

Denny gives him a dirty look and turns his head instead to Ben. He ignores Chad.

Nathan has finished a bowl of soup and some bread. He stands up and begins unbuckling Ken’s muzzle. Shifting in his chair while the muzzle is being undone, the men hear leather creaking from all over Ken’s seat. After the collar is unbuckled and the muzzle is set aside, Nathan peels back Ken’s lips and gets a grip on the diabolical silicone gag tucked into Ken’s mouth. He needs to gently ease the tongue sheath off so it doesn’t vacuum-bond to Ken’s tongue, and as he removes the device, he returns three fingers of his gloved hand to Ken’s lips, and Ken takes in the middle three fingers and greedily sucks on the glove. He tastes the glove leather and he can see it’s turning Nathan on. Ken’s cock is swelling in his leather jockstrap.

Nathan composes himself and pulls his hand out. “Dude, I’d been told you already had your appetizer,” he smirks across the table at Ari.

Ari raises a glass of water, “Take it all, Ken, you need to hydrate after all that sweating.”

Ken drinks down the water and then takes bread from Ari. It tastes fantastic after all this time without a meal.

At the same time, Ben has released Denny from his muzzle and gag. But still wary of him, Ben stands up and remains behind Denny with his hands on Denny’s shoulders.

Denny looks up and sees Ben towering over him. He smirks. “What? It’s like you don’t trust me or something.”

He looks at Chad, still pissed about his hypnosis and getting the gag inside his mouth and being questioned over and over, but Chad is cute, and Denny thinks to just let it slide. Denny hears the crunch of leather from Chad’s gloved hands as he gets a spoon and begins to feed Denny soup. He blows on it for Denny, and Denny begins eating the soup. White bean – this hits the spot, Denny thinks. Nathan is a good cook. Ben gives him bread and water. He looks up at Ben during breaks and he stares at Denny intently.

Ken is going through a second bowl of soup – he was famished. He lets a drop of soup fall and it lands on the tightly laced leather of his crotch. Ari looks at him, puts two fingers on Ken’s lap and in one motion wipes the soup up with his glove and strokes Ken’s hard on through the leather. He puts the fingers in his mouth, looks soulfully at Ken and sucks the soup off his glove.”

“Ari,” Nathan barks, “porn camera work is later, not now. Make yourself useful and pop the TV on. We can see what they’re reporting on the tournament.”

The “Breaking News” tease is on the screen as soon as Ari flicks the TV on – evidently the scandal has been big news in the region. A reporter is standing in front of the warehouses with crime scene investigators in PPE milling around behind him.


The reporter is finishing a rundown of the suspects. “Brick Holloway, 55, a forest products tycoon and one of the state’s richest men, has been identified by the police as the funder and planner of the operation. He faces charges that could total hundreds of years in prison if he’s convicted. And just a reminder, Clark, police found 43 young men being held tied up, chained and tortured at the facility, but the plans discovered by investigators suggest the conspiracy intended for as many as a HUNDRED young men to be bound, gagged, and abducted for sexual trafficking. Back to you, Clark.”

Ari mutes the TV, “Nathan! ‘No further arrests,’ they said! We’re in the clear!”

Denny attempts to stretch his tied arms, “Oh thank goodness we’re free!”

Chad says, “They had one hundred men planned for this thing? Fuck, every one of us was going to be abducted.”

“That means you all can take your gloves off now!” Denny pipes up.

Chad looks at Nathan, “What do you think, boss, are we going home? What about these two?”

Ben raises one glove to his mouth and sucks the smell yet again. Almost to himself he mutters, “The gloves stay.”

Nathan, still gloved, is scratching his chin. “Yeah, I think we are. But these two are still captives until we get there. We have some serious talking to do before there are more decisions made.”

Nathan stands up. He acts like someone who has a plan. “Chad – with me, please. Ben, grab two Devonshire and have them ready here. Then come join us. Ari – you’re on watch. These guys stay tied up for now.” He turns and leaves with Chad.

Ari is busying himself with the kitchen and casting occasional glances at the captives. He’s confident in Ben’s bondage and seems to have been energized by the prospect of going back home.

Ken stage-whispers to Denny across the table. “Denny, how you doin’ man? Did someone hurt you? Were you tied up the whole time? Did they rape you? Are you okay?”

“Nah, they didn’t. They put me in a headset which was actually interesting. But after that they tried some kind of mindfuck with me, and I was in another headspace. That was fine but then they started me swinging in suspension. Chad just kept asking me questions repeatedly to make me say what he wanted, I think.

“I like them, but I’m glad the hunt is over. But I don’t get it – why are they keeping gloves on? Why are we still captives?”

Ken shakes his head, “I don’t know, man, but they haven’t been bad to me.” He casts an eye toward Ari, who is busying himself loading the dishwasher.  Ken leans into the table a bit, as much as he can with hands tied. “Ari fuckin’ blew my mind in there getting a load out of me using his hand. I was so, SO tied up.  ‘Edging’ they said, fuck! Why have I never known about that before?”

Ken straightens himself a bit, “Denny, I want to get home. I’d prefer not to be abandoned here in the woods, and I don’t care if I’m tied up on the way. I think you scare them, man, seeming like you expect to be disappeared, or that they’re criminals, and that you are threatening to get them in deep shit.

“So maybe you don’t trust THEM so much, and maybe that’s why they don’t trust YOU.”

Denny answers, “Hey, I didn’t do anything wrong. They were going to take me somewhere and offered to give me the ride and we talked about their new game, and – bam! –  suddenly I’m their hostage for the game. I mean technically it was criminal. And they want to take us back as captives, and they have gloves on. So what does that tell you?”

Ken: “I don’t know, Denny, it’s just the vibe I get. They haven’t hurt us. Let’s see what happens when we get there. At least I’ll be closer to home, not in the middle of nowhere.”

Denny: “Yeah that’s true. Let’s hope you get to go home. Hopefully we all will be able to leave…”

Denny does not get much past the word “hopefully” before he feels a Devonshire gag invading his mouth. Ben is standing right behind him. A glove clamps Denny’s mouth while Ben is buckling. “HOPEFULLY,” Ben says, “this will take care of your mouth until we are in the van and ready to go.”

Denny looks up. “Mmpphmmm?!” What the hell, he thinks. The game is over, but I am still tied … and he gagged me?!

“Grr,” Denny begins to mess with the ropes behind the chair and wiggles his ankles tied to the chair as well. “MPHHGRRRR!”

Denny watches as Ken gets his gag next. Ken pulls away slightly, but Ben has no patience for shenanigans, so he immediately pokes Ken in the side and inserts the gag when Ken opens his mouth to gasp from the surprise of the pain. He unties Ken – now gagged again – from the chair. Chad is standing by and escorts Ken out the door.

Ben returns to Denny, and before releasing him from the chair, he places a leather blindfold over Denny’s eyes and tightens the strap in back. As soon as the rope is off, Ben slips a pair of headphones over Denny’s head. Denny is isolated in blackness and white noise as he is escorted out to the van.

Once Chad boosts Ken into the van, gagged and with his hands bound, he positions Ken standing by the large lower bunk and grabs several hanks of hemp rope from the hooks on the wall storing all of Ben’s bondage supplies. He begins applying a rope harness starting with Ken’s chest, and he notices Ken looking quizzical. Taking the cue, Chad says, “I know, right? ME tying you up for a change,” he chuckles. He is finishing the chest harness and connecting it to the rope cuff holding Ken’s hands. As he wraps the rope ends neatly behind Ken’s back, he adds, “Yeah, I know. But Ben has taught me well. You might not guess it, but he’s an awesome teacher.”

Finished with the harness, Chad builds three double-column ties to restrain Ken’s legs. Ankles, and above and below his knees. Everything is snug, but not punishing.

He helps Ken up onto the bunk to sit with his legs stretched out. “Sit tight, Ben will be here in a minute – you might get to lose that gag, at least for a while.” Chad pats Ken’s cheek with his gloved hand and catches his eye for an emotional moment. Ken has been a bound – and mostly gagged – captive for a full day now, and it could be coming to an end. Although Ken may not understand all the bondage, he can’t quit the idea that the Black Team captors scooped him up from a disastrous situation and kept him safe. If they’re a little kinky, so what? And he is still replaying in his mind the overwhelming sensations of his edging session. Ken is so ready for rest, and he hopes he will have Denny with him before long. He’s finding being close to another tied-up captive calms him, and he observes it also calms Denny down, which everyone in the van wants.

Denny feels irritated that they put a blindfold and earphone set back on his head, but he can’t help getting turned on by the way Ben ties him up. But it’s time to be let go, Denny thinks. Maybe this is just one last tie before it’s release time. He feels himself gradually put on the bed and made to wait.

Before Ben begins completing Denny’s tie, he does a double take to see Ken’s rope harness and leg ties have already been done. He looks over at Chad, who has a wry smile, and he reaches over to Ken. He runs through all the one- and two-finger tests of Ken’s bonds with his gloved hand, checking to see Chad hasn’t crimped or pinched anywhere on Ken, and that Ken will be safe in the ropes for the length of the drive.

He gives Ken’s nipple a little tweak and turns back to Chad. “Not bad, not bad,” he says with an admiring grimace. You’ll earn YOUR rigger stripes soon enough. Chad beams as if someone just awarded him a gold medal.

Nathan passes from the rear of the van up to the driver’s seat. Both Ari and Chad have taken long shifts driving the team – Chad especially – and Nathan says, “My time in the saddle, I think.” Before sitting down, he turns to Ken and Denny and says, “Listen, guys, this may be your last ride with us. You heard the TV report, and it looks like the risk is abating for us. That doesn’t mean I’m letting my guard down, and I’m not comfortable untying you guys until we are safely in the house. Then we have to talk about what’s happened, and how we go forward. I promise you this, though, when we’re done talking it will be completely your right and your choice to pick up your stuff and make your way home.

“So, see if we can make this a low-key trip, and maybe we’ll throw caution to the winds and keep those gags off for a while. Ben?”

Ben smells his glove (again), takes a deep breath of hesitation, shrugs, and reaches back to ungag Denny, who is now no longer blindfolded or headphoned.

Next, he twists his tight torso over to Ken, reaches behind Ken’s neck and undoes Ken’s gag as well. Denny can hear the leather strain and creak from the friction between Ken’s gag and Ben’s gloves, and he ponders how often he has heard this sound over the last day and a half, and how it has come to affect him. It signifies the binding or tightening of some bondage or another, and it has become the totem sound of his world these last 36 hours.

Denny also notices the rippling of muscles under Ben’s tight T as he twists, and he feels that familiar complicated longing for Ben to be close.

Ben is collecting the surplus rope and gags that are in evidence, coiling, organizing, and hanging everything up. “Hey, Denny, get over here with me,” Ken whispers, inviting Denny’s attention.

Denny moves over in his bonds to Ken and lays next to him. “What’s up?”

“This could be it, man. It could all be over,” Ken says to his fellow captive. “This has been scary, even when it was exciting. Are you good? Tell me, bro.”

“Confused exhausted and totally out of it,” Denny says.

“Aw, man, I wish I could hold you. C’mere, try and let it all go, put your head in my lap – hey, I promise you it smells really good,” Ken says. “I hope they let me keep these chaps. Seriously, lay your head down, let’s stick together.”

Denny moves over and puts his head on Ken’s lap. He feels the chaps and creaking leather. He smells them. “Mmm they do smell and feel good.”

“Oh my God, bro, you can’t guess how this leather jock feels – can you feel my bone inside the laces of these shorts? I’d have one all the time wearing leather like this – Ari is on to something, fuck yeah. Rest your head as long as you like, it’ll probably make everyone happy if you decompress a bit.”

“I am trying. I’m sorry,” Denny says. “It’s just been an interesting time. Wasn’t thinking I would be in this game and it would then really turn real.” Denny’s head rests up against Ken’s cock and his chaps, and his face feels the leather.

“I know, buddy, I know” Ken says, “but hey I never would have met you if this hadn’t happened. And fuck knows what would have happened to me if you hadn’t encouraged these guys to take me. So I’m really in debt to you. And I can’t help it, I’m just glad that we experienced these ropes and gags together. It would have been so much worse for either of us all alone. I’m hoping I can have some time with you away from all this, bro. There, I said it.”

Denny: “Well I’m glad I could help you. What kind of time? What do you want to do?”

Ken: “Didn’t some of the bondage make you feel good? Wouldn’t it be better if you weren’t afraid of being taken away and tortured for real? I don’t know, maybe you don’t feel like this, but I don’t want this to be my last time with ropes. Just maybe not with so much fear and craziness. Be honest, don’t you want to be tied up again, even once? Maybe I’m saying too much. You must think I’m a pervert.”

“Oh I enjoyed being a hostage in the game,” Denny admits. “It was like CNC. Then it got very real, and all the other shit going on was a bit terrifying. I like it when he’s in control. He knows what’s best in these situations right now even if I don’t like it. I mean I’m still a captive right now, it was our agreement.”

“‘He knows?’ Who ‘he?'” Ken asks.

Denny answers, “Oh, sorry. Ben, I mean.”

Ken: “Yeah, Ben’s fucking amazing. Almost not human. Do you realize he hasn’t slept like the whole time since I first saw you guys? Every time I felt some panic in the bondage, no matter who else was with me, I’d look up and Ben would be there. It’s like he always knows what we need. He needs to sleep, and I do too. I slept four or five hours maybe?”

Denny: “So when we are released he can sleep.”

Right on cue, Ben appears at the foot of the bunk. Nathan has piloted the van back through town and onto the Interstate, and Ari has propped his boots up on the dash and is flipping through a kink magazine in the passenger seat. Chad is across the aisle from the captives, reading a book.

Ben looks down at Denny and Ken and allows himself a little smile. “I think there’s room for three, guys, part the waters,” he says, gesturing to make clear that he expects to be in between them.

Denny speaks up, “I think you need to sleep. This was an interesting experience. Do you think I will be okay released?”

“Fuck yes I need some sleep,” Ben says. “I hope you will be okay, you just have to find some way to get your needs met. If you don’t think you’ve learned a little something new about what your needs are in life, I suggest you (1) think again and (2) consult your cock.”

To illustrate, Ben takes his right hand and lays it on Denny’s crotch. Sure enough, Denny is hard and even leaking a little. Ben chuckles a bit.

“Okay, dudes, c’mere.” He wraps his left arm around Ken and his right arm around Denny, guiding them to rest their heads on his massive chest. “Sorry about my pits, guys, I’ll need a shower when I get home.”

Denny lays on Ben’s body and can smell his musky scent, but it smells good, he thinks. It’s not raunchy or anything. He relaxes his body and puts his head on Ben’s neck and masked face.

“So is this it? I was told I would stay captive until I was going to be released?” Denny asks.

“Mmmm … I’m not gonna get out ahead of what Nathan wants to say to you guys before showing you the door,” Ben answers, “but that’s pretty much the plan. Till then, enjoy the rest of your kidnap, dude. Will I need to gag you?”

“I can be good, but what is it with you gagging me all the time? I haven’t been able to say much. Do you want this to end?” Denny asks.

“Denny, let me see if I can explain it to you,” Ben says. “We all play different roles at different times in life. And we all have so many different ways to communicate that involve all the senses. You got cast, by accident as much as anything else, in the role of hostage. Hostages are gagged, and it fit the role. And then – because of the complicated way you experienced this, you became a kidnap victim, slightly different from a hostage. And kidnap victims are certainly gagged. It’s my own view that men generally talk too much, and most of them need to be gagged a great deal more than they are. And it’s part of my mission to educate men about HOW to be bound and gagged – for any number of reasons or roles – and to communicate using other means than their language.”

Ben continues, “You haven’t quite learned that yet, I can see, but now you have some experience with gags, and mark my words, if you explore that some more in your life, you’ll be a better man for it. It’s not about what I want. Once we get to the house, whether this ends and how we go forward will be up to you, more than anything else.”

“Are you saying I should continue being a captive and being kidnapped?” Denny puzzles.

“Reach down into yourself, Denny. I won’t say what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do. Choose your role. We protected you for a reason. And we will be here for you. It’s good we met, regardless of which path you choose.”

Ken tucks his head into Ben’s chest – he can smell Ben and Denny and feels like right now he doesn’t mind being tied up and doesn’t want to be anywhere else. If only…

“Ben?” Ken whispers.

“Mmm?” Ben looks down at Ken. Ken squeezes his lips together, hoping Ben understands.

He does.

“Chad!” Ben whispers to get Chad’s attention. Chad looks up from his book.

Ben looks at him and nods down toward Ken. Without a word, Chad nods, stands up, and takes a few steps toward the equipment cupboard. On the top shelf is a pile of bandannas, and Chad takes two of them, one white and one black.

He walks back over to the bunk and reaches in from the side. He knots the white bandanna in the middle, and he works the knot into Ken’s mouth. He ties the cleave gag snugly behind Ken’s head. Then, folding the black bandanna into a wide bandage, he places it over Ken’s mouth, smoothing it down from his mouth to his chin, and ties it tight in back to finish gagging him.


Denny may be weary of gags, but Ken wears the gag like a hug, buries his head again in Ben’s chest, and drifts off.


Awake again after  hours of napping, Denny and Ken are having time to bond, while still bound hand and foot. Ken is propped up with his back against the van wall and leather-clad legs extended. Denny is now wearing a spandex hood with a mouth hole, even though he doesn’t remember it being put on. It has blackout padding over his eyes, and he’s in darkness. He alternates between resting his head on Ken’s chest, letting Ken nuzzle his head with his bandanna gag, and squirming down to Ken’s lap to trace with his mouth the outlines of Ken’s stiff cock through layers of black leather. Denny loses himself in the creaking sound and fresh leather smell as Ken flexes in his ropes.

Ben approaches and stands at the foot of the bunk, cupping his own chin with his leather gloved hand and nodding in approval at the two captives. “Good, you’re getting bonding time, gentlemen. So important.”

Ben has other ideas, though. He’s got another coil of hemp rope clipped to his belt. He slides Denny’s bound body over to the far side of the bunk, away from Ken. Denny squirms to try and get comfortable and waits for what happens next.

Ben pulls at Ken’s boots, sliding him to the foot of the bunk, then he grabs at Ken’s waist and thigh and flips him over so he is on his stomach. The rope comes off of Ben’s belt, and he bends Ken’s knees so his boot heels are up in the air. Ben loops the bight of the rope between his ankles and pulls him into a tight hogtie. Ken’s chaps creak as they get stretched. Ben spins Ken on the bed so he faces out, and Ben leaves him to struggle hogtied and gagged.

“Let’s talk, Denny,” Ben says, climbing up onto the bunk and scooting over to Denny.

“Is there a reason why I have a hood on?” Denny asks. “I didn’t have one on when I took a nap.”

“You have a hood because I decided to hood you,” Ben says. “We still have a couple hours to home, and whatever may happen then, you’re still my captive for now. A little surprise in your bondage is a reminder of that. And I’m hoping it also helps you relax. You good, Denny?” Ben has Denny’s tied-up body up against his muscular chest again.

Denny’s face leans against Ben’s chest and he can hear the sound of leather and smell his musky scent. “For whatever reason you feel so good to cuddle with, more than the others. Even during the game when you were around talking sense into me, I felt safe with you.”

Ben strokes Denny’s head and says to him quietly, “I’m glad to hear that, because you are special to the whole team, given what we’ve all had to go through. Everybody has an interest in what you do next, but I can tell you, to me, you are particularly puzzling.”

Ben continues, “I’ve known a lot of bound and gagged men. Very seldom taken care of them for as long as you and I have been together over these last two days. But you have more unresolved feelings about kidnapping and abduction than any man I’ve known. Not bondage, mind you, at least your body is pretty clear in its response to your being tied up.” Ben finds Denny’s stiff rod in his pants and gives him a snug stroke, causing Denny to draw a deep breath.

“All of us have talked about what will happen to you if you are released back into normal life in this state. And frankly we’re all a little concerned about how you connect with other men and how your unresolved feelings will affect your decision-making.”

Ben pauses then says,”Tell me honestly, Denny. There’s a big part of you that doesn’t want this kidnapping to end, isn’t there? Level with me. Talk to me.”

“There are two thoughts honestly,” Denny says. “One, yes I do because of what happened, but the other is I like you all but if I let my mind submit 100 percent it doesn’t feel real as a real kidnapping ought to be. So I have it mentally like that and what would it feel like if it was REALLY real. If it was real, no one would ever accept voluntarily, so those are the reasons. My mind is in that loop.”

Ben answers him, “Denny, don’t concern yourself with what WE want. Our concern is helping the men who connect with us, keeping them safe mentally and physically. As a rule, we don’t do violence, we don’t do illegal things, and we don’t actually kidnap men, and now these last couple days have turned all that on its head. And while I say we don’t kidnap men as a rule, we do help men who come to us and want to be prepared in case they get kidnapped. So we know a little something about this. And everything you just told me makes it clear that if you go out into the world and try on your own to satisfy this internal conflict you have, you could get yourself into big trouble.”

Denny wrestles with his thoughts. He doesn’t want to say he enjoys the feeling of being kidnapped, but he likes to be in the role … it puts him in a different mindset that he finds somehow satisfying.

“Well what do you suggest?” Denny says.

“There are all kinds of men out there, many of whom will make promises to you,” Ben says. “And you could put yourself at grave risk if you fully surrender to them. You couldn’t count on being treated as carefully as you have been by us.

“To put it more bluntly, your dick will make you take stupid chances and stupid risks.”

Ben continues, “Chad, Nathan, Ari and I have been talking about this. They’re all concerned for you, too. And we’ve never considered this before for any other man, but when we’re back, you’re going to sit down with Nathan and he’ll lay out an option for you. I can only promise you three things: your life will change a lot if you opt in; Secondly, you will be kept safe mentally and physically no matter what happens to you; and third, you WILL come to balance and peace around your feelings about kidnapping.

“You don’t have a decision to make right now. But until we arrive, I want you to explore your thoughts around this, so you’re ready when the question is put to you.”

Denny speaks up again, “…regardless the balance, COULD you still make me disappear? I have liked your rope skills and just being around you.”

Ben says, “What does that mean to you, ‘disappear?'”

“Disappear into your games,” Denny says. “But where no one knows where I am. I was kinda getting into it. I got away from a lot of stress from college and all and since I’m on a long break.”

Ben nods. “Yes, Denny, I’m not going to get ahead of what Nathan will discuss with you, but we can definitely make you disappear in that sense, and my bondage will definitely be part of the picture if you opt in. And it would go beyond what you have experienced in the last two days, I want you to be aware of that.”

Ben concludes, “Listen, Denny, don’t answer me now. I’m not asking you for a decision. I’m asking you to dig down inside yourself and THINK.”

Denny: “Can we just cuddle for now please? You may be a kidnapper, but I feel absolutely safe with you.”

Ben replies, “Denny, we can cuddle for a bit, but after that I’m going to put you in time out beside your friend for the rest of the ride. Not optional. So relax your body and get your sniffs in. Try not to speak, I’ll be ready with a gag just in case, you know me. Okay?”

Denny: “Ugh the gags… ok.”

“Ah, ah, ah, Denny, be real now. Kidnap victims get gagged. So think about that. It had better figure into your decisions. Now shhhhh, this is a little quiet time. It’s only gag time right now if you force the issue.”

Denny’s head lays against Ben’s head, and his face and lips through the hood feel Ben’s face, and Denny moans. Having eyes covered makes it a different experience for him.

They lay there for several minutes, captor and captive, Ben holding Denny’s head with his glove and nuzzling it with his own head, now unmasked. Denny’s face feels his skin. He doesn’t feel a mask anymore. His spandex hood travels along his skin to Ben’s lips, and Denny’s lips touch them to get his reaction.

Ben surprises Denny by drawing his head in tighter with his gloved hand. He gives Denny an aggressive, commanding kiss, pressing his lips and invading Denny’s mouth with his tongue. There is no question about the dominance. Ben is owning Denny’s mouth. Denny lets his body go, and submissive feelings wash over him. The kiss is transformative. He is on the verge of crying.

Ben immediately gets up, gently laying Denny’s head back on the bunk and positioning him parallel to Ken’s hogtied body. He quickly grabs more gear out of the equipment closet – another coil of rope and two leather muzzles, one with a built-in silicone cock gag, one without.

He comes back to Denny first. He swiftly fits the gag muzzle over Denny’s head, the plug inserted through the mouth hole in the hood. The five buckles are promptly snugged up, and Denny is gagged again. He pulls the additional coil of rope and threads the extended length of it between ankles, down to Denny’s harness point on his lower back, and up to the D-ring of the muzzle. He places a gloved hand on Denny’s muzzled forehead and guides Denny’s head back as he pulls the rope tight. He ties this off with a taut line hitch and slides it down the tether. Denny is now blinded, bound, hooded, gagged, and muzzled. His hogtie is made more strenuous by a rope pulling his head up off the bed.

A few more minutes and Ben has Ken’s body tied up and muzzled in the same way, the leather muzzle applied over Ken’s bandanna gag. Ken and Denny are now a pair of muzzled, gagged, hogtied captives, pulling their breaths and moaning in gagtalk to each other.

Ben pats their heads in sequence. “Time out, guys, be alone with your thoughts for a while. We’ll be back to the house soon.”

“Mmmm,” his kiss felt good, and it was a dominant kiss, Denny thinks. He can’t see what he looks like (good thing for a kidnapper, he thinks to himself). He lays there with wrists tied wondering if he will be released or if he should just stay tied.

Ben sits down in the chair opposite Chad. He listens to the moans of the gagged hostages, smells his glove and rests his head back on the chair. Lots of moaning is coming from the bunk. “Love that sound,” Ben says, half to himself, but also to Chad.

Denny feels the muzzle tight, if not overly so, but as he moves it pulls and he notices when he moves his feet the muzzle pulls back on his face. “Fuck,” he thinks.


“MMMMMmmmph!” says Ken in response.

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