The Vacation – Part 03

By Rubrpig

Marc looked around and found that he really could not focus due to the sedative he had been given by his psychiatrist who was now in complete charge of him while he was being assessed as ordered by the court.  He fell asleep and woke up later laying on his side.  His left arm was numb from being trapped under him while he had slept.  The thick heavy leather pads of the cell allowed for support as he struggled to sit up.  He had been in a canvas straitjacket before but the heavy leather jacket he was currently strapped in was thicker and stiffer so it made it difficult for him to move properly.

The bright lights in the padded cell made the white leather pads glare so he was constantly squinting from the glare.  He sat there and he found himself feeling very anxious and nervous.  The total lack of any external sound caused him to be disoriented.  The only sounds were the creaking of the jacket, the sounds of the jacket rubbing against the leather pads and his breathing.  He screamed in frustration but nothing happened.

He fell asleep again and woke up suddenly when the door of the cell opened and an orderly came into the cell.  He knelt beside Marc and checked the urine bag on his left thigh.  He clamped the tube and changed the bag as the first one was full.  The orderly then stood up and left the cell but returned with a bottle of water which he helped Marc to drink, then the orderly brought in a bowl of clear soup and fed Marc.  Once Marc had been fed and given water, the orderly stood up and left the cell, closing the heavy door again sealing Marc into the cell.  The orderly had not said a word while he was attending to Marc.

The time passed slowly for Marc as there was no way of telling how much time had passed since he was put into the cell.  Suddenly, the door opened and two orderlies came into the cell and pulled Marc to his feet.  He was taken from the cell and put into the wheelchair again and taken to Dr. Robertson.  He was wheeled into his office and parked in the chair in front of the desk.  The orderlies moved away and stood back leaving Marc sitting in front of Dr. Robertson.

Dr. Robertson looked up from the file he had been studying and looked at Marc.  He nodded and asked Marc why he had committed such a violent murder.  Marc shook his head and said that he had not committed any murder and that he was innocent.  The Dr. noted Marc’s comments in the file and then showed Marc images of Marc standing over the body of a man while holding an automatic pistol.  It was obvious that Marc and the man had been having sex as both he and the victim were naked.  Marc shook his head and told the Dr. that he did not know the man.  Again the Dr. noted Marc’s comments.  At that point Marc became agitated and started yelling at the Dr. and told him over and over again he was innocent.  The orderlies moved quickly and stood on either side of Marc.

The Dr. looked up at the orderlies and told them to take Marc to the wet room and put him in a wet pack till he calmed down.  The orderlies nodded and grabbed the wheelchair and wheeled Marc out of the office.

Marc was taken to the elevator and they went down a floor.  Down a long hallway, till they arrived at another heavy steel door.  The door opened and they went into a room.  There were 6 large concrete tubs in the room.  5 of the tubs were occupied by men who had been wrapped in multiple layers of cloth till they were entombed in the cloth except for their heads.  There were hoses continually soaking the wrappings so the men were always kept cold and wet.

Marc was pulled to his feet, and helped to stand.  One of the orderlies forced Marc’s mouth open and another sedative pill was put in and Marc had to swallow.  Once the drug kicked in, the orderlies removed the heavy leather straitjacket and then laid on a table.  There was a thick layer of material under Marc and each layer was soon wrapped tightly around him and after each layer was in place, the orderlies took a hose and soaked the material.  After a while Marc was completely wrapped and soaked.  The orderlies lifted him from the table and carried him over to the empty tub and set him down in the tub.  They arranged the hoses to keep him fully soaked and left the room.  None of the men talked like Marc; they were sedated.

Marc could not move a single muscle of his body except for his head which was left out of the wrappings.  His body was cold, wet and compressed by the heavy wrappings and he found it difficult to breathe as a result.  He struggled to keep conscious and he was like the others in the room last that battle.

Marc slept through due to the sedative and when he finally woke up, there were several orderlies standing over him along with Dr. Robertson.  The Dr. looked down at him and asked him if he was going to behave now.  Marc nodded as he did not want to spend any more time in the wet packs.  The Dr. nodded and the orderlies lifted Marc from the tub and carried him over to the table.  They slowly unwrapped Marc and once he was fully unwrapped, they changed the urine bag and then they put Marc back into the leather straitjacket.  They put Marc in the wheelchair and they left the wet room.

Marc soon found himself back in Dr. Robertson’s office and he sat in the wheelchair as the Dr. looked at the file again.  The Dr. again began questioning Marc about the murder and Marc listened to the questions and tried to answer but his mind was still foggy from the sedatives.  He mumbled a lot and then finally admitted that he had committed the murder.  The Dr. acknowledged Marc’s admission and told Marc that he would inform the court that Marc had finally accepted responsibility.  However, he would remain at the mental hospital under full security while he was assessed to see if he was capable of being sent to prison for life as he had been sentenced to.  Marc nodded and then he was taken back to the padded cell.

Marc’s life began to form a pattern.  He was checked by the orderlies and then taken for his session with the Dr.  There was no way of telling how much time had passed but periodically he was taken to a shower room to be cleaned up and shaved before being put pack into the heavy straitjacket.

During a session, Marc was told he had made a lot of progress and that he had earned the privilege of living in a ward with other violent patients.  Marc looked up at the Dr. and thanked him for the privilege as it meant that he would no longer be isolated in that padded cell.  He was told that he would remain in the straitjacket for his own protection and for the protection of the other patients and orderlies as he was deemed to be extremely violent.  Marc nodded and he was taken from the office.

The orderlies wheeled down the hall and onto the elevator.  They went up several floors it seemed to Marc and once it stopped at the floor they wanted, they wheeled Marc out and Marc found himself in a large room with furniture, tables and a TV.  There were 6 other men in the room.  Two of the men like Marc were in leather straitjackets but the others were in green scrub suits and were barefoot.  The men turned and looked at Marc.  The orderlies wheeled Marc to the far end of the room and there were 8 cots there.  They took Marc to one of the cots at the end of the row and told him that it was his cot.  Marc nodded and he was then helped to stand and the orderlies took the chair and left the room leaving Marc with the other patients.

Marc slowly walked back to the main area and looked around.  The other patients came over and looked at him.  One of the men in a straitjacket, who was obviously very muscular with a shaved head and neck tattoos, looked at Marc and asked him what his name was.  Marc told him and then another patient asked him what he was in for. Marc told them that he was in for assessment prior to serving a life sentence for the murder of his lover.  The men nodded and moved away.

Marc wandered over and sat down and looked at the TV.  He watched and after a while he managed to figure out that he had been in the mental hospital for 3 weeks.  Marc was a little stunned to know that he had been locked up for 3 weeks in a jacket and the time seemed to not pass.

The man who had first talked to Marc came over and stood before Marc and told Marc that he was the boss and that Marc was now his bitch.  Marc nodded as even though his new boss was in a heavy straitjacket like himself he was obviously capable of causing Marc problems.  Marc looked and found that he was at eye level with the man’s cock but unlike Marc, the man was not catheterized.  Marc stared hungrily at the cock and the man told him to get his hole on it.

Marc shifted forward and leaned over and opened his mouth and swallowed the heavy sweaty cock.  It was obvious that the man had not been allowed to shower for a while but the smell of this man overpowered Marc’s reluctance so he swallowed and began to suck on the man’s cock.  The others stood around and watched.  The men who were not jacketed began to rub and dropped their pants as they stood watching Marc suck off the boss of the ward.

The man finally came in Marc’s mouth and Marc swallowed the heavy load of cum.  He licked and sucked the man’s cock clean and then sat back.  The man walked away, his cock bouncing with every step.  Marc sat back and began watching TV again.

Finally the orderlies fed them and told them to go to bed.  The patients shuffled to their cots and laid down.  Marc got comfortable and soon fell asleep.  He suddenly woke up when he felt someone pull on his jacket and forced him to sit up.  It was the boss again but this time he told one of the other patients to get Marc off the cot and kneel facing the cot.  He was forced to bend over and the Boss moved behind him and roughly shoved his cock into Marc’s asshole and began to fuck him raw and dry.

Marc screamed in pain but the fucking continued and the other patients now stood around them and watched and the orderlies did not respond to his screams.  He knew he was on his own with this man.  The fucking continued till the Boss came deep in Marc’s ass and then he pulled out.  He told Marc to get up and suck and lick his cock clean.  Marc obeyed and once the Boss’s cock was clean, the boss simply walked away and Marc crawled into his cot feeling the cum leaking from his asshole.

To be continued …

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