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The Vacation – Part 03

By Rubrpig

Marc looked around and found that he really could not focus due to the sedative he had been given by his psychiatrist who was now in complete charge of him while he was being assessed as ordered by the court.  He fell asleep and woke up later laying on his side.  His left arm was numb from being trapped under him while he had slept.  The thick heavy leather pads of the cell allowed for support as he struggled to sit up.  He had been in a canvas straitjacket before but the heavy leather jacket he was currently strapped in was thicker and stiffer so it made it difficult for him to move properly.

The bright lights in the padded cell made the white leather pads glare so he was constantly squinting from the glare.  He sat there and he found himself feeling very anxious and nervous.  The total lack of any external sound caused him to be disoriented.  The only sounds were the creaking of the jacket, the sounds of the jacket rubbing against the leather pads and his breathing.  He screamed in frustration but nothing happened.

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