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New at RuberZone: Shift Change

When maintaining a collection of gimps, it’s important to keep them stimulated and disoriented 24/7. But how is that accomplished? This facility uses a system of hourly shift changes where technicians constantly torment gimps. But there’s a twist! At each shift change, the previous technician is turned into a cuck, and is forced to watch and learn tricks and techniques from the replacement tech.

turned into a rubber gimp


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Bondage gear: Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints

Available from Sinvention, these Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints are visually stunning and terrifying in any medical-themed bondage scene.

Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints

They are almost 16 inches tall and constructed using heavy English Bridle leather. Use them to attach arms together, to the wearer, or to something else. They features 12 welded D’s and five lockable 1.5-inch roller buckles on each arm. They fit a wide range of sizes. Sold in pairs of two cuffs. Padlocks sold separately.

Find these and much more at Sinvention

bondage gear

The Sex Addict fucks with an innocent security guard

Here’s another vintage shoot from KinkMen:


It’s the usual middle of the night in the psych ward and Josh West is the new security guard. CJ the sex addict is all chained up for the public’s safety. Josh reads CJ’s file and he’s extremely curious about the strange prisoner. He approaches the stud in bondage. It’s not long before CJ uses his sick psychic power and makes Josh pull out his raging hard 10-inch cock. Josh resists sucking CJ’s nine-inch cock and hits him repeatedly, but it’s fruitless. Josh puts the psycho in the electric chair and uses electricity on him. He beats CJ with a belt and fucks him like an animal in bondage.

Josh_West_gay_bondage_02 Josh_West_gay_bondage_03 Josh_West_gay_bondage_04 Josh_West_gay_bondage_05 Josh_West_gay_bondage_06 Josh_West_gay_bondage_07


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Surfer boy with a fat cock gets tied up and edged

Also at Men On Edge, surfer boy Kip Johnson’s physical exam goes awry when two impostors torment and edge his giant cock at the doctor’s office


Van and Sebastian are up to no good again, looking for hot guys to edge. After holding up a doctor’s office and impersonating the physicians, they wait for the two o’clock appointment Kip Johnson to arrive. Kip walks in for his physical, none the wiser. Kip removes his clothes as the two perverts inspect his body, admiring his muscles and big dick. The impostors lie Kip down on the medical table and restrain him as they start playing with his cock. Kip fights and screams but they cover his mouth and continue their torment, teasing his cock while tickling his entire body. Kip finds himself strapped down in the medical chair with electrodes attached down his legs and feet. His balls are tied tight with medical piping as an electric butt plug is shoved up the stud’s ass. Pulses of electricity surge through his body as his cock is relentlessly edged. After tormenting Kip’s nipples and fucking his hole, the two perverts milk a load out of his giant cock and feed it back into his mouth. They finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment before leaving him bound in his own cum.

33340_6 33340_10 33340_11

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Hot stud Duncan Black endures relentless edging while being bound for his very first time


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