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Be careful about signing up to participate in a medical research project

In a video at Serious Male Bondage, a gullible young man volunteers to be the subject of an unknown experiment for $50 cash. He becomes a little nervous when he’s strapped down to the table. He admits to the researcher that he didn’t actually read the contract word for word, he only “skimmed” it. But it’s too late! There’s no turning back!

male bondage with medical research project

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title: The Experiment

Dart Tech medical research project

Bondage gear: Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders

Visually stunning and terrifying in any medical-theme bondage scene, the Sinvention Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders are almost 16 inches tall and are constructed using heavy English Bridle leather.

high quality leather bondage restraints

Use these to attach arms together, to the wearer or to something else. Features 12 welded D’s and 5 lockable 1-inch roller buckles on each arm. Fits a wide range of sizes. Very sexy and functional for all bondage scenes.

Available from Sinvention

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Parker London shocks Trent Diesel’s nuts and hole

Here’s another video from the vault at Bound Gods, called ‘Dr Parker London and His Unwilling Patient’


Unbeknownst to Trent Diesel, Parker London is a parolee working in a doctor’s office as a clerk. Trent is late for his physical examination and Parker decides to do the job. Parker pervs over Trent’s body. Trent confronts Parker and says he will report this weird physical. Parker takes Trent down and binds him in leather straps. Trent endures electricity to his balls and hole while he’s being edged for hours. Parker beats the captive and fucks him on his boss’s desk.

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