The Vacation – Part 05

By Rubrpig

The bottom slot of the door opened and a food tray with a sealed plastic glass of orange juice was shoved through and the slot closed.  4798 got up from the bunk and moved over to the tray and picked it up.  There was a piece of bread, thin beef stew, boiled carrots and one cookie on the tray.  The only utensil was a plastic spork.  He ate quickly as he was starving and as soon as he finished the bottom slot clanged open again and he shoved the tray back through.  The guards checked the tray and closed the slot.

4798 lay back down on the bunk and just as he did the lights went out in the cell turning the cell pitch black. He lay there in the absolute darkness and listened to the sounds of the prison.  The clanging of the food slots, banging on the heavy steel cell doors and the shouts of the heavily armed and protected guards.  He finally fell asleep and did not wake up till the lights went on in the morning.

He startled awake and squinted in the bright lights of his cell.  He stood up and stretched and waited for his food tray.  As before the slot opened and the tray was slid in.  He quickly ate the food and put the tray back on the floor ready to be slid back out to the guards.  After the tray was taken away, 4798 walked over and dropped his pants and boxers and squatted on the cold steel of the toilet.  As he was allotted a small roll of toilet paper he used what he needed and then washed his hands.

Just as he stood up and pulled up his pants, the centre port in the door opened and a guard told him to back up to the door and put his hands through the slot.  He quickly obeyed and the guard locked on a pair of rigid hinged cuffs and then a lock box was put on to keep the cuffs rigid.  He was told to move away from the door and then the door unlocked and rolled open.  Four guards moved into the cell, inspected the cell and then dragged 4798 out of the cell.

They forced him to come with them and they walked through the prison wing and a heavy door opened.  The guards forced 4798 through the door and the door closed behind him.  He found himself standing in a large cage about 20 feet square and about the same in height.  The cage was in a high walled yard so 4798 could look up and see the sky but nothing else.  He wandered around the cage and tried to stretch as best he could despite being cuffed.  He was now very used to being always in restraints

The door in the wall of the prison opened and the guards came into the yard and grabbed 4798.  They walked him back inside the prison and back to his cell.  All 4798 could see were the dark tan walls of the row of cells, blank doors with numbers painted on them and no other prisoners.  The only men in the prison that were visible were the heavily armed guards.  He had no idea how many of the other cells were occupied but he had heard the doors clanging during the meal times so he knew that there were other prisoners in the prison wing with him.

After being returned and locked in his cell, his cuffs were removed and the day passed slowly marked only by the meals.  After several long days in his cell, with only the daily hour break in the exercise yard, 4798 was starting to get very anxious due to the lack of stimulation.  Locked in a brown room for 23 hours a day was beginning to take a toll on him.  The breakfast tray slid into his cell and he quickly ate his breakfast and put the tray down on the floor to return to the guards.  He grabbed the plastic spork and put it under the vinyl covered pad on his bunk.  He really did not know what would happen but he knew the guards would react.

The slot opened and he pushed the tray out and the slot closed.  Suddenly the cell door rolled open and 4 guards rushed into the cell.  Two of the guards grabbed him and slammed him face first into the wall of the cell and quickly cuffed him.  Then they put the heavy leather locking muzzle he had worn during his transfer to the Supermax prison back on his and strapped it on tight and padlocked it.  The other two guards quickly searched his body and clothing.  Then they grabbed the mattress pad and tossed it on the floor, finding the plastic spork.

The guards dragged 4798 out of his cell and along the cell block and they radioed to the control centre that they were bringing 4798 to the guard room for stealing a spork and hiding it in his cell.  They got to the guard room, the door rolled open and they shoved him into the guard room and they followed.  He was ordered to stand on the black footprints painted on the floor and he quickly obeyed.  He stood swaying, cuffed and muzzled.  The door on the other side of the room opened and Captain Ferguson entered.  He was fully armed and wore the same heavy body armour as the other guards in the Supermax wing did.  4798 knew he was in trouble for breaking one of the rules of the prison.

Captain Ferguson walked up to 4798 and looked at the muzzled prisoner and shook his head. He asked 4798 what he thought he was doing and did he actually think he would get away with stealing from the food tray?  4798 shrugged and grunted into his muzzle which earned him a hit from one of the guard’s batons in his gut.  He bent over from the impact and was pulled up and he faced the captain.  The Captain looked at the guards and ordered them to take 4798 to the punishment cell and make sure he could not move.

The guards nodded and dragged 4798 out of the guard room and down the prison wing.  They stopped outside one of the cells and his cuffs were removed.  He was ordered to strip off his uniform and boxer shorts.  Standing there naked except for the heavy leather muzzle he wore.  The guards quickly locked a heavy steel collar on 4798, followed by steel cuffs, ankle cuffs and the final item was a 4 inch wide steel belt which was locked around his waist.  Once all the steel restraints were locked on, the door opened and 4798 was moved into the cell.  There were chains hanging from the walls and ceiling.  The guards began to pick up the chains and soon 4 chains were padlock to the d-rings on the collar which forced 4798 to stand in one spot as the chains did not allow for any movement.

Soon 4798’s arms were held out straight to the sides and each wrist restraint was padlocked to 3 chains so again no movement was possible.  The wide steel belt he wore was padlocked to 4 tight chains and each ankle had 3 chains like his wrists.  He was padlocked and chained into position so there was no movement possible.  The final action was that the muzzle he wore was unlocked and removed.  It was replaced with a heavy padded leather hood.

The hood had nasal tubes which were inserted in his nostrils and there was a rubber gag with a tube through it.  The gag was pumped up filling his mouth.  The hood was laced tight and 4798 heard the muffled clang as the cell door was closed leaving him chained to immobility and hooded.  He stood and tested the chains but they were so tight there was absolutely no movement.  His position seemed to be comfortable but after a while his arms and shoulders began to ache from being held in that position.  He groaned and tried to flex his muscles but was unable to do much to ease the stress in his shoulders.

4798 held fast by all the chains finally passed out and held in position.  He felt hands on his body waking him up.  He was startled but there was no movement.  Suddenly the tube in his gag began to fill his mouth with a creamy fluid and he swallowed as fast as he could so he did not gag.  Finally the fluid slowed and stopped.  He heard the muffled slam of the door and he knew he was alone again in the cell.

He passed in and out of consciousness and was dimly aware of the aches and pains his body was experiencing.  He was aware of being fed and the feeling of piss dribbling down his legs and puddling on the floor under his feet.  The cell was cool and his body shivered periodically but he was not really aware.

He came to when he felt hands on his body and the pressure of the chains began to drop.  He was able to lower his arms and suddenly he was free of the chains.  He was dragged from the cell and the heavy leather hood and the steel restraints were removed.  He was lowered to a steel bench attached to the wall and allowed to rest.  He sat there not moving.

He dared to look up at his guards and quietly asked how long he had been in the punishment cell.  One of the guards looked at him and told him that he had been in the cell and chains for 3 days.  4798 nodded and leaned back against the wall.  As he sat there, he heard the sounds of boots thudding in the cell block corridor.  He looked and saw Captain Ferguson and several guards heading for him and his guards.  The guards grabbed 4798 and pulled him to his feet and he stood swaying in exhaustion.

Captain Ferguson stopped and looked at 4798 and smiled at what he saw.  The prisoner was sweaty, grimy, his beard was scruffy, and his formerly buzz cut head was growing out.  He was a mess.  The Captain nodded at the guards and told them that 4798 was now theirs. They were now going to be responsible for his behaviour and what was done to him while he was in the prison.  The guards snapped to attention and saluted.  The lead guard thanked the Captain for the present.  4798 swayed on his feet and realized that even though he was a prisoner he was now a slave for these 4 men.

To be continued …

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  1. This story & The Florida Trap are my fantasies come to life. I’ve done a lot (I mean a LOT) of jail/prison role play but always fantasized about experiencing the real thing in just these kinds of scenarios. Can’t wait for more chapters of both

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