Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake

Not to be outdone by the likes of James Bondage and Nick, as well as the Hollywood costume designers for the movies “Infamous” and “Capote,” @bondageboyblake made a handcuff harness of his own, which he also models at his home, and on a recent visit to Hampton Jail. Check him out:

Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake


See more of boy Blake and his bondage adventures by visiting him on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake”

  1. Your forgot to mention the first time we ever saw anything like this – in the ORIGINAL movie of “In Cold Blood”. The sight of a young, humpy Robert Blake strapped into that fucker changed my life forever….
    (At one point Blake says he has to go to the bathroom as he didn’t w
    ant to soil himself when he swings at the end of the rope – the guard says “Once the harness is on, it doesn’t come off!” FUCK YAH!

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