The Vacation – Part 07

By Rubrpig

4798 woke up and his cell was still dark.  He was stiff as usual from lying on the bunk secured down by the humane restraints set that was now part of his bunk.  The lights in the cell suddenly turned on and the cell door clanged open.  He lifted his head and watched as his 4 personal guards came into the cell.  He was quickly removed from the restraints and he swung his legs over the edge of the bunk.  He went to stand up but one of the guards put his tactical gloved hand on his chest and shoved him back down on the bunk.

4798 smiled and quickly recovered and got to his feet quickly.  His guards reacted fast but he still managed to shove the one guard hard in the chest.  The guard was the one that had pushed 4798 back down on the bunk.  The guards quickly grabbed 4798 and slammed him face first into the wall of the cell and quickly secured his wrists with the rigid cuffs and lock box that was always used when he was removed from his cell.  He was pulled back from the wall and with a guard on each side of him holding him by his biceps he was literally dragged from his cell.

The guards did not say anything but the expressions on their faces behind the riot shields on their kevlar helmets showed that they were seriously pissed.  4798 knew his little plan worked and he was in for a very intense session.  He needed something to break the boredom of being in a cell for 23 hours a day.  The guard walking in front of 4798 opened the door to the punishment area and they dragged 4798 into the room.  One guard quickly removed the cuffs and ordered 4798 to strip.  He hurried to obey and was soon standing naked in front of his guards.

He was grabbed and taken over to a large heavy wooden bondage chair.  He was shoved down into the chair and held in place by 2 guards holding his arms down on the arms of the chairs and the other 2 guards quickly and tightly strapped his lower legs and feet into the restraints of the chair.  They did his arms next and then the rest of the straps.  The multiple wide heavy straps across his chest and thighs locked him tightly into the chair and he was not able to shift any part of his body.

One of the guards picked up a heavy rubber gasmask hood and opened the zipper on the hood and worked the hood over 4798’s head.  The hood finally slipped on and went into place as the zipper was closed pulling the hood tight and forcing the gas mask tightly onto 4798’s face.  He listened to the hiss and click of the mask as he breathed.  The lead guard pulled his key ring out and quickly unlocked the heavy chastity belt and opened the cock cage of it.  He quickly applied an external catheter to 4798’s cock and ran the tube down the front of the chair and into a bucket.

While this was done, 2 of the guards rolled over a heavy cart with a piece of equipment on it.  They lifted the unit off of the cart and set it on the floor beside the chair.  They opened the canister and the guards took turns pulling their cocks out of their uniform pants and pissed into one of the cylinders.  The other one was empty.  They connected a hose to the inlet fitting on his gas mask and then connected the other end to the piss filled canister.  He quickly smelled the strong aroma of the piss as each intake of air brought with it a moist blast of piss filled air.  He had seen bubblers before but this was the first time he had one used on himself.

Then one of the guards moved behind the chair and grabbed 4798 by the head and held it still as 2 of the guards fitted a head brace and straps to the chair and then strapped 4798’s head tightly into the brace so he could not move his head and could only look forward.  He could not even nod his head.  He was tightly held into the chair and breathing the piss air from his guards.  He felt his cock getting harder and harder even with the external cath in place.

The guards left the room and slammed the door closed behind them.  4798 was left in the room securely held in the chair.  He sat smiling behind the gas mask as he was really getting off on the heavy bondage he was now in.  He relaxed and let his mind wander while enjoying the taste of his guards piss in the heavy moist air filling his gas mask.

Time slowly passed for 4798.  He really no longer could smell the piss that filled his lungs with each breath of air.  Suddenly the door to the room swung open and his guards walked in followed by Captain Ferguson.  The men stopped in front of 4798 and Captain Ferguson moved up close to 4798 and looked him over.  He began speaking and even though the heavy rubber of his hood muffled the sound he could understand what was being said by the Captain.  The Captain ordered his guards to leave him in the chair for the rest of the day.

Then he was to be removed and locked into 5 point heavy irons.  The irons would remain on permanently for the remainder of his sentence.  In addition, when allowed out in the exercise yard, a 25 pound steel ball and chain was to be added to the shackle on his right ankle so 4798 would have to struggle to walk as he had to keep moving in the exercise yard on penalty of punishment.

The guards nodded and smiled, and the lead guard thanked the Captain.  The men left the room leaving 4798 alone again.  Again 4798 let his mind wander and he was held tightly in the chair.  He soon fell asleep and did not wake till the guards slammed back into the room to check on him.  Seeing that their prisoner had fallen asleep, the guards quickly talked and decided to make sure that 4798 was kept awake and stimulated.

One of the guards walked over to a cabinet and removed a case and brought it over to the chair.  The guards began applying e-stim pads to 4798’s cock, balls, and nipples.  The leads were connected to the power box and the box was set to a random pattern so the lowest setting was 5 and the upper limit was the maximum of the box at 10.  They started the programming and stood watching for a few minutes as 4798 was hit with charge after charge and they laughed as they watch their prisoner struggle against the heavy leather restraints especially when he was hit with a maximum charge.  They enjoyed the sight of their prisoner struggling, their heavy riot body armour creaked as they moved around the chair.

4798 was getting overwhelmed by the electrical torture he was now suffering.  He was getting more than he had bargained for as the pain caused by the maximum jolts was intense.  He started to moan then scream into the heavy gas mask.  He struggled and tried twisting in the heavy straps but he was held tight.  He screamed again as the maximum jolt hit his nipples and he struggled to stay conscious.  The guards adjusted the pattern to spread it out and left the room leaving 4798 to his fate.

4798 finally passed out and his body slumped as much as it could in the tight heavy straps of the chair.  The e-stim box kept to the pattern and with each hit his body jolted slightly.  The guards came in and out of the room checking on their prisoner and finally they came back in and turned off the e-stim.  They began the process of removing their prisoner from the chair and after a while 4798 was put on an exam table and allowed to recover.  He slowly regained consciousness and his balls, cock and nipples felt like they had been fried off his body.  He struggled to sit up and found his guards standing watching him.  The head guard quickly removed the external cath and then reassembled the chastity belt and locked it again.  Another of the guards tossed him his uniform and he put the orange shorts then pants and shirt back on.

One of the guards walked over to him and dropped a pile of heavy chains and restraints on the floor.  Two of the guards grabbed him and helped him to his feet while the other two guards began fitting 4798 with the heavy steel collar and cuffs of the heavy steel restraints which had been ordered fitted by Captain Ferguson.  Soon 4798 was securely locked into a set of 50 pound steel 5 point chains.  The chain between his ankles was 2 feet long and only allowed him to shuffle along.  The chain between his wrists was also about 2 feet and did not allow him much room to lift his wrists.  The main chain from his collar to the ankle chain did not allow him to stand up straight so he had to crouch and shuffle to move.

The guards led him from the punishment room and he shuffled along behind them in his heavy chains.  They led him back to his cell and shoved him into the cell and slammed the door closed.  He shuffled over to the sink and crouched and turned his head and drank from the tap on the sink.  He was incredibly thirsty, hungry and tired.  Just then the food slot in the door slammed open and his food tray slid into the cell.  He shuffled over and picked up the tray.  He struggled to eat with the limitations of his chains but he managed and finally he was done.  The food slot slammed open and he crouched down and slid the tray back through the slot.  The cell door did not reopen and he knew he was now alone for till the next morning.

To be continued …

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