There Is a Chain Locked Around my Neck

By Unknown

There is a chain locked around my neck, symbolizing that I am owned, like property. It’s a mark that someone has claimed me. I can’t take it off. I eat, sleep, shower, exercise, relax and basically live my life with it locked around my neck.

Every now and again it feels heavier, only for a little while 2 to 3 seconds at the most, I think that’s my mind reminding me that while it is just a simple chain and lock it symbolizes something that is a lot more weighty. The fact that it is a dog chocker chain also plays across my mind sometimes, a chain that is used to control dogs through brute force, by choking them if they misbehave. I am forced to change my life, just a little, but enough so that it is noticeable to me. I have to make sure my flatmates don’t see me without a shirt on, I have to check the neckline of shirts I am going to wear to make sure they only show a little bit of chain, I have to make sure the shirts I am wearing are not so soft that they show the outline of the padlock. I can feel some people’s curiosity about the chain. Don’t get me wrong, 99% of the people don’t really care or notice. But if I am talking to someone at a counter, or sometimes even if they just pass me in the shops. I notice a flick of the eye and a slight confused look on their face. They realize that it’s a little to thick to be actual jewellery and no doubt some people feel they have seen a similar chain somewhere before, but I get the impression that the answer eludes them at that point in time. Maybe it comes to them later when they are at home and they see their dog or another dog with such a chain around their neck.

I don’t wear the lock out, sometimes I reach up to touch my neck to make sure the lock hasn’t fallen out, like you find yourself checking your fly every now and again. I guess it’s not so much a shame thing as an oddity, if I was dressed in black and had a leather armband on or something then I could probably wear it out and people wouldn’t really take much notice, they may think that the lock is a little bigger than fitting. But when I am dressed in casual street clothes, some brown pants and a white T-shirt and a cap, it would be clearly out of place.

The intensity of it is heightened by the fact that I have my slave tattoo on my neck as well, it’s like a double marking. People would probably read this and go, so what? It’s a chain padlocked around your neck, big woop. I guess but to me it’s a symbol of my darker lifestyle choices that I have on ALL THE TIME. That’s the kicker for me, I can’t (and wouldn’t) walk around in public wearing a gas mask, or a leather straight jacket. Or a rubber shirt. I wouldn’t sit at work with a gag in, I wouldn’t have lunch with my friends while hogtied. But essentially that’s exactly what I am doing, I am taking a part of my kinky life with me everywhere I go and it’s in plain site around my neck. And when you know something it is very easy to think that everyone knows it. I half expect mothers to make their children look the other way, or little old ladies to shoot me a dirty look.

I don’t think anyone can understand how powerful it is until they have tried it, simply having the choice of taking something off taken away from you is amazing, there hasn’t been a time when I have needed to take it off or it has interrupted my life in some way, but the simple fact that I can’t take it off is sometimes hot and sometimes not, sometimes I will sit there tugging on the lock thinking I should just get bolt cutters and cut it off. Those are the times it feels heavy for longer, like it is dragging on my neck. I think anyone who is thinking of being a slave for a guy for a while should have to do this, he should be told to examine how he feels about not being able to take the chain off at all, and then think about how other things would effect his life.

Anyway I am sure that you will enjoy this, I know a big part of the fun for you would be knowing how much the guy thinks about the chain around his neck, how it feels to him, how it changes his life in little ways. All adding up to the fact that there is an element of control to his life that you put there. For the next guy you do it for, you should get one of those home engraving kits and make a simple little mark or your initials or something on the lock, I think it would add a whole new layer to the experience.






3 thoughts on “There Is a Chain Locked Around my Neck”

  1. I want to congratulate you on this piece, in no way I could have worded it any better myself.
    This is a well worded and thought out description of actually living wearing a chain, placed around your neck by another. Thank You for sharing it

  2. I think the wearing a chain is perfectly wonderful. I’ve had mine locked on me on June 6th 1990. I has been replaced once when Master upgraded to stainless steel from zinc coated.

    I am a professional by day. That was never an excuse to not wear the padlock. I wear it out, I wear in front of my family and I wear it at formal occasions. It is part of my mind and body.
    I rarely run into a time when another person is ridiculing, shocked or for that matter, even cares.

    I think it’s a matter of self confidence and the fact that I cannot remove it. I don’t care what other people think. It does not affect my ability to be civil, social or professional.

    Besides that, I’m proud to wear it. I’m proud of the longevity of our relationship that it symbolizes and it is found in mainstream society. Tiffany’s even makes a collar the emulates the real thing.

  3. My chain collar was locked around my neck three years ago when I became the man’s property. He kept me in captivity for two years where he became my entire universe. Sometimes he let his buddies enjoy me for a while.

    Then came the day when one of his best friends came by the house. I was brought up from my cage and told that I had been sold and his friend now owned me.

    I love my life and what I am, and am proud to show it off.

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