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Tied up butt naked and eager to please

Clyde is ready, tied to a trolley, butt naked, and eager to please Master Aaron, needless to say that this won’t be easy for the captive! Aaron’s first humiliation for the prisoner is licking his feet, which apparently are sweaty whilst he plays with his cock and balls with the other foot, rubbing, and patting, but don’t be fooled, Clyde actually enjoys this as his boner shows! Aaron knows that it shouldn’t all please the captive, so he makes the prisoner sniff and lick his sweaty underwear, before face-fucking the still-tied captive. Of course, this is only the beginning, preparing the captive for what yet is to come, which undoubtedly is Master Aaron pleases himself by fucking the prisoner’s tight hole!

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Title: Breaking Clyde Sc.1 Pt.1 – Master Aaron, Clyde Walton

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