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Two twinks, a wooden bondage vice — and a watermelon!

Here are a few scenes from ‘Perverted Summer House’ at MyDirtiestFantasy.com:

the captive definitely has no escape

Peter, enjoying the sun, is about to be molested by Ron, who has some kinky ideas in mind for this fine summer’s morning! After locking his hands and cock together in a wooden vice, he throws the key into the pool, so the captive definitely has no escape! Having that in mind, Ron now has his plan in motion! With a few whips on the prisoner’s body, he’s quick to get sucking and playing with his cock, with a few whips every now and then Peter is soon moaning in pleasure! Ron isn’t going to be too hard with the prisoner, he removed the restraint and now gives him a slight wrap before getting the watermelon, after a few thrusts and the captive about to cum, comes a food-fetish video!

Video here

male bdsm

Twink extreme fetish: Flip the Switch

Meanwhile over at MyDirtiestFantasy.com, Liam Stone and Mickey Taylor get into some twink-on-twink bondage action.

Twink extreme fetish

Mickey isn’t someone who lets his slaves get away easily – and the handsome and oh-so innocent looking Liam Stone will be no exception to this iron rule! With Liam’s cock still safely locked away, tattooed master Mickey’s first action is to tie his well-used slave to a St. Andrews cross, where he eagerly removes the chastity belt to edge the prisoner’s dribbling cock. No matter how good his master’s hands might feel on his cock, Liam is not allowed to shoot his load yet. No, Mickey wishes to humiliate him a bit more by using first a crop and then a whip to beat Liam, his balls and his ass in different positions; before moving over to a fuck bench where Liam is finally wanked to his well-deserved climax. However, the torture doesn’t stop here, so be prepared for some post-orgasmic fun with hot wax!

Video of this shoot is available HERE

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male bondage twinks

Captive twink in a sleepsack

Here’s another one from MyDirtiestFantasy.com, featuring a captive twink in a sleepsack! Mickey sure knows what he wants from his tied up prisoner, and that is obedience! Mickey is quick to get his cock out over Liam’s face, but Mickey isn’t going to give the slave all that he wants, as he decides to face-fuck making the captive gag on his master’s cock. Of course Mickey has more punishment in store for this twink, as he’s soon moved over to a spanking bench where his ass gets a fair treatment of its own! Both with a flogger and a crop, Master Mickey by now has the prisoner’s ass just how he wants it — red, sore and begging for cock!

Captive twink in a sleepsack

See the VIDEO

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twinky kinky

Pain mixed with pleasure

And at MyDirtiestFantasy.com, Liam off the pedestal, he’s now moved to a medical styled bed where the torment continues! Yah-Jil sucks Liam’s cock to get him hard before putting him in a ball crusher, where of course his balls will be crushed! But not everything will be pain for this twink, as after having his cock sucked, he has the ball crusher removed, and a dildo goes in to his tight hole to aid with the jerking until he changes position to have an anal hook put in and tied to the newly placed ball gag where Yah-Jil milks the captive’s cock, making him cum on a plate!


See the VIDEO

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twink male bondage

Video: Male-on-male BDSM action

Here’s another one from My Dirtiest Fantasy. Mickey being pushed into the room isn’t an everyday sight, even less so if it’s by Spanish kinkster Yah-Jil, whose first order of the day is to secure down his slave for the torments he awaits.

Male-on-male BDSM

Here is a video preview:


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Title of this movie: Flip the Switch Sc.1 Pt.1 – Mickey Taylor, Yah-Jil

male bondage porn

Male BDSM video: Two sexy twinks get into some mummification action

Check out what happens at MyDirtiestFantasy.com!

twinks get into some mummification

With Silas back in the room the torment continues as Ron receives a whipping warm-up, which prepares him for the mummification to come.

Here is a video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Silas’ perverse torments – Scene 2

twinks in bondage

Casper’s Torment

With Caspar sat waiting with a hood on, Silas goes over to start touching him and pinches his nipples before moving his hands, which will soon be chained to the ceiling. With the prisoner’s hands out of the way, Silas is eager to see just how far he can go with the captive, so he starts by whipping his torso and briefly stops to put some nipple clamps on him.

male bdsm

Video at My Dirtiest Fantasy

male bondage