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Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 04

By Cutieboy90

“Ahhhhhhhhh…!” Shane Matthews sighed contentedly under the hot cascade of the shower. His voice echoed on the white marble tile as peppermint perfumed steam rose to caress his body. “Ahh fuck yeah…”

Matthews ran his hand across his chest, leaving a trail of thick lather clinging to his hair and skin. The muscular sailor leaned against the wall and idly lathered his cock with a fistfull of bubbles. Though spent after fucking Tyler Clark’s cute butt for over an hour, Matthews’ virile cock grew hard at the touch and memory of its latest conquest.

“Two for one. Kinda?” Matthews stroked himself gently working the luxurious oil-rich soap along his seven-inch length, replaying in his mind how he’d been the top of the dogpile. Sexy fucker Brent Charles all roped up and gagged, his alpha top ass being plowed by virgin Clark who was himself impaled on Matthews. “Yeah, it totally counts…” Matthews purred as he fondled his nuts.

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Best Buddies – Part 02

By convict 975468


Right from the start I seemed to notice the look that Dave had when he won the toss.  He looked like he would have preferred to lose.  So I decided to test it – I wanted to see if that look was real.  Two or three times I told him that the coin said heads, when it was actually tails.  Yep, there was that disappointment that he tried to hide.  I have to admit, the more I was a slave the less I enjoyed it, no matter what the rules were.  So I was disappointed too.  But it would be interesting to see how real this could get for Dave, or slave dave, as I was starting to think of him.

I was looking for ideas, and I even went online and discussed it with a couple of guys I’d been following, such as Toolman, who seemed to know a lot about the subject.  He gave me some pointers.  While chatting, I got an enormous hardon.  So at least I knew where my interests lay.

After I thought about it for a while, I decided to get Dave to agree that the master could change the rules.  If he liked it so, maybe he needed slavery full time.  He turned out to like it so much that he suggested that business about the contract!

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The Bear Trap – Part 10

By FirefighterSIR

Part 10: The Lion

The slave first sensed the change of season as he looked up from inside the cage, kept under the spreading blue oak just beyond the Captain’s cabin. A few red leaves shined in the early morning on the wild grapes that clambered up the pergola shading the doorway. The color was bright against the dusty grays and browns that dominated the Fall landscape of the Bear Trap Ranch.

The daily routine of hard work and hard training had been unrelenting for months since the slave had left his car and phone in a rented SUV in a parking lot in King City. The slave had been transformed from a gym-toned IT manager for a large international corporation into a bronzed, lean, muscled, bearded animal grunting under the labor load of the rough acreage of the ranch and the demands of the Captain.

Each day began at the pre-dawn light in the same way, kneeling before his naked Master, taking His piss, and cleaning the firefighter’s cock. Good days included an intense session of hard face fucking or ass rape in His bed, often until the sun was pouring in the big glass doors of the cabin. Only then would the slave be unshackled and allowed to conduct the many duties of the morning while the Captain also prepared for the day.

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Island Master UK – Part 02

By Wakeysub

About six weeks before the holiday, a package arrived with a note saying that I shouldn’t open it until instructed in the session. On that night’s call, I reported that the box had arrived, and he smiled and said that was good because it meant I could be fitted for my island chastity. He explained that all slaves on the Island wore a custom chastity managed by the resort. The box contained everything I would need to do the sizing. He told me that he had an extra special chastity planned for me, which he was sure I would appreciate. As a first step, He instructed me to remove my chastity and my PA. He told me that my pubes would have to be removed.

On the Island, all slaves are displayed without pubes as it showed off the chastity to the maximum effect. He told me he had included a bottle of his preferred depilatory spray in the package. You just sprayed it on, waited for 10 minutes, and wiped the hair away. I thought back to a conversation we had had about hair removal when we were discussing activities. I’d told him then about how I loved the idea of chemical hair removal – how it was so much more mechanical and impersonal than a shaving scene. I found the bottle.

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A captive gets totally mummified

Silas hasn’t finished with his captive just yet, as now he’s mummified to a wooden pole which is hanging from the ceiling, this for sure isn’t for the ones who’s afraid of heights! Silas give’s the captive a fair share of dick, forcing the captive to suck it before moving around to his feet to remove his shoes and whip his feet, before putting the captive’s socks in his mouth and continues to whip the captive’s feet, before going under the captive to jerk him off whilst hanging like a piece of meat!

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Title: Breaking Clyde Sc.2 Pt.2 – Silas Rise, Clyde Walton

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Pleasure and pain for the captive

Denis still hasn’t finished with Liam just yet, with the captive kneeling on a table, wearing his chastity device and neck held back by a chain collar and with his hands tied behind his back, Denis removes the chastity device and starts to jerk Liam’s cock. But it’s not going to be all pleasure for the captive, as soon his entire body will be run over by the pinwheel, to be later whipped before continuing with the pleasure moments!

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Site: MyDirtiestFantasy.com

Title: Wheel of Misfortune Sc. 2 Pt.1 – Liam Butler, Denis Skala

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Video: A daddy bear gets bound and dominated by a sadistic twink

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Silas chains his slave to the Saint Andrews cross and doesn’t doubt to whip hard his naked body, especially his ringed cock. Among the whips and the hard treatment, the master blows his cock making him moan. Once Silas thinks it’s enough, he places American on a stool and fucks hard his daddy’s ass. But this master seems that he’s never satisfied, because he bends American over and fists his abused ass whilst he jerks himself off. Once the slave cums, his master puts him a mask for the last humiliation.

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Title of this shoot: Punished by Silas Scene 2

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