Tier Four – Part 3

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth did as he was told. He liked doing what he was told, even though his cock didn’t seem to need any help getting or staying hard. The ED cocktail was chalky with a faint taste of cherry. Seth wondered how long it would take before he felt anything. He didn’t have to wait long. Before the 3 minutes were up, he felt as though his cock was being forced to get even harder. He had never felt anything like this. He had lost all control over his cock. He liked having no control. He proceeded to B-3 and had to walk outside in the hall from B-2 to get there. His clothes had already been put in locker. Creighton told him he wouldn’t seem them again until the assignment was over. Thus, he had to walk through the hall from B-2 to B-3 nude and extra hard. Seth actually looked forward to this.

He entered the now familiar pressurized room and closed the pressure-sealed door. As soon as the seal engaged, audio instructions began. The disembodied voice told him to put the helmet on and be sure it fit snuggly and properly. Seth complied. He knew the drill. It announced that depressurization had already begun and would be concluded in 6 minutes. Same old, same old. It then announced he should move into the laser chamber. He would be asked to assume two positions, including the same position he had just shown Creighton and do so on the circular platform that had not been in the chamber during his prior visit. Also he wondered how the announcement – which must have been prerecorded – could have accounted for the pose he had assumed just 10 minutes ago. Nevertheless, he of course complied.

The audio announcement indicated that he should at first assume the same position he had had for the laser-depilation procedure – essentially a standing spread eagle-like pose. That reminded him of being tied up by Rafael. Good times. It warned that the platform would begin to rotate slowly and jets of gold paint would begin to fire from many directions at him to coat him thoroughly. If his cock started to sag for any reason, the procedure would need to stop. A full erection was required for the entire procedure. He should try not to move at all while the platform rotated. The gold deposition procedure would take about 3 minutes. The rotation would stop when the procedure was completed. At that point, he should assume the same position he had just shown Creighton. He should then await further instructions.

After putting on the helmet, Seth entered the chamber and assumed the ordered standing spread eagle position. No worries about his cock. It had no choice but to stay extra hard. It was chemically being held hostage. The chamber seemed colder than he remembered, and he again felt lightheaded, undoubtedly because of the low atmospheric pressure. The audio announced that the gold deposition process would begin as the platform started to rotate. Seth could see through the helmet that numerous small jets all protruded from the walls at once. After about one rotation, they began shooting a hot, viscous liquid at him from more directions than he could tell. It wasn’t hot enough to hurt, but it was not pleasant. It felt like he was being sandblasted in the Sahara. This went on for what seemed far longer than 3 minutes. He could feel the weight of the coating building up, but the audio announced that once dried and evacuated of the carrier liquid, the weight would feel far less.

The spraying stopped. Then the rotation stopped. The audio announced he should now assume the same position he had just shown Creighton earlier today and remain as still as possible. He did as he was told. As soon as he did, the jets receded back into the wall and an extremely bright and hot light began to shine from at least a dozen different spots in the chamber. He heard what sounded like an enormous fan ramp up to speed, and then felt the low-pressure air being sucked out and exchanged with hotter, drier air. This all happened as he maintained his pose, hard, as ordered. The light was blindingly bright and intense.

The audio announcement had been correct. The coating no longer felt heavy at all. Indeed, the pose seemed effortless all of a sudden. At first Seth was unconcerned why. But as he began to ponder why the weight of the gold coating, and of the pose itself, seemed effortless now, he realized he couldn’t move at all. He was completely frozen in this position. He was simultaneously turned on by the process and alarmed by what might be next.

The audio announcement explained that all of his external motor functions were now fixed and he would remain in this pose for the duration of the assignment. He would be removed from the chamber, have his head and face painted gold by hand and be brought to the service venue in this state and serve as a statue for the party. What the audio announcement neglected to explain is that the ED cocktail not only kept him hard, but when combined with the ultraviolet radiation imparted by the low-pressure chamber, seized all his muscles to keep him posed in a fixed position. This state would be maintained for approximately 4 hours, after which time, his normal motor functions would return. He would then be returned to the chamber to remove the gold coating and be released for the day.

Seth became concerned. Creighton mentioned none of this. Why was this deception needed? Seth might have agreed to this anyway – but maybe he wouldn’t. That was the reason he supposed. After the 7 minute repressurization was complete, the two men in while lab coats entered and lifted him out of the rotating platform of the chamber and onto a dolly, still in exactly the same position and of course fully hard. Neither spoke a word. They took him into a room Seth had never seen and then another guy who Seth couldn’t really see at first explained that he would be painting his head and face gold and applying a muscle relaxing gel to his eyelids that would allow him to blink over the next 4 hours notwithstanding the frozen state of his other muscles. He put that on Seth’s eyelids before coating his head with gold. He didn’t tell Seth that the same muscle relaxing gel would also be shoved up his ass so he could be fucked while in his frozen state if any of the party guest wanted to do that.

This took more time than Seth expected, though his perception of time was likely off. He was still lightheaded from the pressurization and whatever else they’d done to him. When the head-painting guy – he never told Seth his name – was done he offered to show Seth what he looked like in a mirror. He said he really wasn’t supposed to do that or fraternize with the tier 4’s, but he took pride in his work and didn’t get enough feedback about it. He also brought a pair of gold, mirrored glasses and put them on Seth’s head. Then he held up a mirror, like a barber showing his client the cut he just gave. Seth was amazed. Though he couldn’t turn his head or move his neck at all, he could see that the gold coating was perfectly applied and allowed all his six of six-pack abs to show prominently. He looked like a more animated, x-rated version of the Oscar statue, with aviator glasses. Cool!

The head-painting guy said others would come for him soon, and cart him to the venue in a foam-lined, protective box. They soon did. But as they put him into that protective box, for the first time Seth saw what he surmised were two other tier 4’s similarly denuded of any body hair, metalized, immobilized, boxed and apparently ready for shipment. But the other two were not gold like Seth. One, and Asian guy with an incredibly narrow waist and disproportionately broad shoulders, was silver. Maybe he had been a swimmer too? He looked incredibly hot and had been posed in what looked like an attack stance. He was of course fully erect and amply hung. The other tier 4 was literally bronzed. He was a really tall African American with beefy pecs and really large, low-hanging balls. His cock was large, but Seth surmised that probably a prerequisite for the “higher-tiered” work, so not too surprising here. His pose was more playful and casual. And unlike either Seth or the silver tier 4, the bronze one had a huge, inviting smile, like he’d just gotten away with something.

Each of the 3 tier 4’s sported reflective sunglasses that matched their metal tone. But because of that and their inability to move their neck or head, the tier 4’s couldn’t tell who was seeing or looking at what. Seth certainly noticed the other two, but couldn’t be certain what each of them saw. He presumed they knew nothing of him since he knew nothing of each of them. He wanted to talk to them about their experience, how they came to Creighton, and what they thought of this whole thing. That would have to wait at least several hours, or more. Seth would in fact never speak with either of them.

The gold, silver and bronze tier 4’s were loaded into a van in their protective cases, and laid horizontally, hard dick up. Their cases were placed side by side. Seth was in the middle, just inches from the other two, though because he couldn’t move his head, he couldn’t look at them. The van took them somewhere Seth couldn’t determine, and spent what Seth estimated to be about an hour on the road, mostly traveling at highway speed. That likely meant somewhere within a 50 miles radius from where they started. Possible permutations ran through Seth’s thoughts. His nerdiness was impossible to suppress.

When the van stopped, the same two white lab-coated assistants who loaded them in unloaded them out. They again said nothing. There was some much Seth wanted them to say. They took each of the tier 4’s out of their protective case and put them on a dolly and wheeled each of them into a large, hanger-like room that seemed to decorated for a party. It was empty now, save a few guys milling about addressing lighting and decorations. The tier 4’s were of course part a central part of those decorations. Indeed, very special part that the guests would enjoy in ways none of the tier 4’s had been told. No one said anything as they were wheeled into the circuit-party-like venue.

Each was wheeled in to their own podium, about 4 feet by 4 feet square and about 6” off the ground. The podiums were against the back wall of the venue, about 10 feet apart from one another. Seth was between the other two. Seth thought the three of them must have made an interesting site. The podium colors of each match their gold, silver and bronze form.

After being placed on their respective podiums, the three tier 4’s were ready for their core assignment: look hot and keep the guests happy. The white-coated lab guys did one additional thing before leaving. They opened a jar of something and scooped out some of it onto a gloved hand and then inserted two fingers covered with it into the ass of each tier 4. This took little time, but the techs did it slowly seemingly concerned with getting enough of the goop into the hole of each tier 4. The goop felt warm inside Seth’s hole, almost like it melted something. Then Seth realized that the same muscle relaxant that the face-painting guy used to coat his eye-lids was probably now also being used to loosen his ass. He wondered whether the other two tier 4’s knew why this was being done and what this goop was. Seth thought he knew, and assumed he and the other tier 4’s were being prepared for fucking. Though they would be immobilized and stiff for the next 4 hours, their respective holes would be pliant and fuckable. At least he knew what seemed to be coming. Maybe the other tier 4’s didn’t. Seth wanted to communicate with them. But that was impossible.

Seth wondered whether he would be able to cum in his metalized, frozen state, whether he would be permitted to cum if he could, and what would happen if he came but had not received permitted to cum. None of this was discussed. All this cogitation would normally be a boner-killer, but the ED cocktail prevented any hint of that. Seth’s concerns were futile. Metalized tier 4’s could not cum in their fixed state. They could, however, be used as human dildos and be ridden by party guests. Creighton had not posed them for this today, however. Maybe he would have Seth posed for that next time. Creighton’s client had not asked for this today. Creighton mentioned none of this to any of his tier 4’s. But all three tier 4’s were rock solid hard as the client had ordered. Since there was nothing Seth could do about his predicament, he wanted to will himself to enjoy the show he was about to put on. He loved the combination of being forced hard, immobilized and literally put on a display pedestal for bunch of horny guys.

Not being able to move his head or neck, and outfitted with the aviator-style gold sunglasses, Seth’s vision was sharply circumscribed. But he, and he presumably the other two tier 4’s, could see somewhat with respect to things directly in front of them. Their hearing, however, didn’t seem to be impaired at all. Seth could tell that preparations all about the venue were ramping up and that increasing numbers of increasingly frantic guys were feverishly setting up stuff. After what seemed like a long time, loud music began to play. Hearing unimpaired by the metallization process no longer seemed to be much of a valuable asset. Then guests began to arrive. At first just a trickle, but soon many at a time. Most were dressed in BDSM gear or leather. Some wore just a jock, a few nothing at all.

Then he saw Creighton, who was wearing his metal-studded jock. He looked like a 70’s porn star. Seth liked that. Creighton approached each of the three tier 4’s on their respective podiums, winked, nodded knowingly, and smiled. He was careful to make sure he stood directly in front each tier 4, in their line of sight, so he would be clearly seen. Then he left. The tier 4’s were each on their own apparently.

As Creighton expected, and indeed been paid handsomely for, the three tier 4’s made quite an impression on the crowd. For the duration of the event, there would be crowds of guys all around them. Most just looked and admired them. But some got more handsy and groped them aggressively. Some even stroked the tier 4’s hard cocks to see if they could be made to cum. That worried Seth because he had not been told whether cumming was permitted. Given Creighton’s stern warning forbidding any cumming before the event, Seth didn’t know what other rules there might be about his cumming during the event. He wasn’t even sure cumming was possible. It wasn’t. But Seth didn’t know that and he continued to worry. But he could fully feel the stroking, groping, pawing and humping that would apparently be his fate for the next few hours. Many times he felt like he was losing control and would shoot imminently. But that didn’t happen. Maybe the same chemicals that seized his body also impeded his cumming muscles? They did. But it still felt great, and part Seth wanted to stay like this forever. Seth wondered how the other two tier 4’s were feeling and whether this was working well for them too.

At some point into the event – it was impossible for Seth to estimate time – the lights dimmed, the music abruptly mellowed and a spotlight illuminated part of the venue Seth couldn’t see. The spot light seemed to move toward the tier 4’s as the music ramped up in intensity. Then Seth saw that the spot light was following three guys wearing only executioner-style hoods and leather harnesses. All were darkly hairy and had very muscular bodies. They were also fully hard. They looked identical to one another. They had the same chest hair pattern. As far as Seth could tell, all were the same height, build and weight. They were a strikingly hot, seemingly identical, trio.

As they approached the tier 4’s, the crowd got louder and more boisterous. Standing in front of the tier 4’s the hooded trio flexed for the crowd, pointed to their hard cocks and then pointed to the tier 4’s. Each of the hooded guys then paired off with one of the tier 4’s and began to approach from behind. None of the tier 4’s could see what was going on, but the crowd was cheering them on. Then one of the hooded guys grabbed Seth from behind and slapped his hard cock against Seth’s ass crack. Seth knew what was next. And the hooded guy didn’t disappoint. Standing on Seth’s platform, the hooded guy’s right hand held Seth’s hard cock, while his left hand pushed Seth against him as he entered Seth’s hole slowly and forcefully. Seth’s hole swallowed the hooded guy’s cock surprisingly with little effort, perhaps as a result of the goop that had been shoved in there earlier. The hooded guy’s cock was big, but felt great as it pulsed in and out. Seth couldn’t directly see either of the other tier 4’s since his vision was confined only to what was in front of him. Nevertheless through what he could hear, and surmise from the reaction of the crowd, Seth realized that the other two tier 4’s were also being fucked at the same time as Seth. What none of the tier 4’s could see was that each of the 3 hooded guys were not only fucking the tier 4’s at the same time, but thrusting in and out of the respective tier 4 holes in unison. Their fucking was synchronized. They might as well have been cloned, fucking machines.

After some continued synchronized fucking, the hooded guys pulled out of their respective tier 4 holes and stopped. Seth didn’t know what to expect next. But then step ladders where placed in front of each tier 4. The hooded guy who had fucked Seth climbed the ladder facing Seth so that his cock was pretty much right in Seth’s face. Seth wanted to suck it. It looked tasty. But of course Seth was unable to do that. Given the fungibility of the three hooded guys, Seth couldn’t be sure which hooded guy was now slapping his cock in Seth’s face. As Seth’s face was teased by the hooded guy’s hard cock, all knew Seth was unable to respond. Seth could partially see the other two hooded guy doing exactly the same thing to the silver and bronze tier 4’s. Then the hooded guy in front of Seth started to jerk his cock about 2 inches from Seth’s face. From the little Seth could see the other two hooded guys were doing exactly the same thing to the silver and bronze tier 4.

Soon afterward the hooded guy in front of Seth shot his load on Seth’s face. The crowd went wild. His load was large and hot. Seth could feel its heat as it dribbled down his face. Maybe his metal coating enhanced the heat. It was a strange sensation to feel that but not be able to move. He just had to take it. He still couldn’t see the other two tier 4’s but presumed they were similarly marked with their respective hooded fucker’s cum. Some flash pictures seemed to be taken and then the crowd began to applaud. Seth wasn’t sure whether they were applauding the hooded fuckers, or the tier 4’s or both. Nevertheless, Seth imagined it must have been quite a show. Maybe he’d see some pictures or video of that later.

The party continued for a while. No one touched the cum that was still dripping off the tier 4’s. The ladders stayed in place. A few additional guys fondled Seth afterwards and dumped their loads on his face too. He lost track of how many loads were shot on him, but thought it must have been about 20 or so. He was a golden cum dump. Seth imagined the other two tier 4’s were similarly cum-covered by now as well.

Gradually the crowd thinned out and the music grew softer. Without any warning the same white lab-coated assistants who had propped the tier 4’s onto their respective pedestals returned and unceremoniously lifted them off their pedestals and onto dollies like they were carting sacks of potatoes. Each tier 4 was reloaded into its carrying case, hard dick up as before, and plopped back into the van. No words were exchanged. They were back to Creighton’s office by about sundown, as Creighton said. When unloaded back at Creighton’s office, the tier 4’s seemed to have propped up put facing one another so they could get good look at one another for the first time. They were all still cum-covered, though it was caked on and dry now.

Seth wondered when and how he would be de-stiffened and ungolded. He recalled that Creighton said that the same laser depilation method would be used to remove the gold coating. But not everything Creighton said turned out to be true. He was proving to be, as they say in literature, an unreliable narrator. He was loaded into the chamber and propped up on the same revolving platform in the chamber that had supported him as he was coated in gold. But this time there was no audio announcement of anything and more troubling, no helmet. After the attendant left and closed the pressurize-sealed door to the outer room, he felt the pressure decreasing and again became lightheaded. After what he assumed had been 7 minutes, the platform began to rotate. But this time lasers didn’t fire. Instead the chamber filled with a heavy orange gas that hung to the floor at first but then rose from the bottom to fill the chamber so thoroughly that Seth couldn’t see through it. The fog did seem to eat away the gold coating felt almost like millions of tiny needles were jagging him as this happened. Seth was never told that there was no depressurization needed for the orange fog to do its job. It would chemically dissolve the gold (or silver or brass) coating bonded to the tier 4’s regardless of the ambient air pressure. Sadistically Creighton just wanted to stress Seth a bit more before the day was done. Creighton also wanted him light-headed to make sure he was as extra submissive.

The orange fog routine went on for what Seth estimated was about 15 minutes. The only way Seth knew it was concluding was the rotation gradually stopped. As that happened, Seth sensed the orange fog being sucked out of the chamber, and the pressure gradually returning to normal. But he still heard no announcement of anything. Also, as the pressure rose, he felt his ability to move slowly begin to return. But as soon as he felt just a bit of play in his muscles, his cock, which was still raging hard, seemingly involuntarily, just shot the biggest load Seth ever remembered shooting. And that went on for more time than Seth thought was possible. And he was still hard. Seth thought some explanation and information about this might have been nice, but he got nothing. There was a huge cum puddle on the revolving pad and Seth wasn’t sure whether he’d get in trouble for this. No one was telling him anything.

As the orange fog cleared, Seth could see, and now he could move his head to see, that the gold was gone and his skin was covered in some thin viscous white paste. Seth presumed this might have been a byproduct of whatever removed the gold. Then he heard the pressure-sealed door open. Creighton walked into the chamber. He emotionlessly told Seth to shower and return to B-2 for a debriefing.

After Seth showered and returned, he hoped the debriefing would answer at least some of the many questions he had. Creighton said Seth did well and had received a high number of compliments. He expected there would be more tier 4 work in Seth’s future. But this evening he said Seth needed to rest since the processes he’d endured today were taxing on the body. Creighton wanted that body kept in top form. Creighton also explained that spontaneous cumming almost always happens during the reanimation process and Seth shouldn’t worry about it. Creighton smirked and admiringly said the large volume of Seth’s spontaneous cum was not as expected. Indeed, it was quite impressive.

Creighton did suggest, with mock seriousness, that he and Seth had some unfinished business. In his semi-dizzy state, Seth was initially slow to catch what Creighton meant, but Creighton’s package-grabbing gesture told Seth that Creighton’s cock wasn’t quite done with Seth’s hole just yet. Creighton said he planned to fuck Seth until he came again regardless of how long it took. Given that Seth just shot an enormous load, he worried this could take a long time. He’d only been soft for a few minutes after being continually hard for hours, and now Creighton wanted him hard again and shooting? He was a healthy, horny young athletic guy, but he wasn’t a machine.

Creighton’s latest demand should have fazed Seth, but it didn’t. Seth had been through so much already this day. And he found Creighton’s control over him, and his fucking prowess compelling. He did want more, and he had yet to make Creighton cum. He imagined Creighton’s muscular hairy body tensing up as his ample and commanding cock spew cum all over Seth. He’d been cummed on by so many men already this day, but he thought Creighton’s cum would be especially rewarding.

Seth nodded and subtly jutted his ass towards Creighton, which they both easily recognized as an enthusiastic acceptance of Creighton’s latest fucking offer. Creighton smiled and took off his tight t-shirt (was it the same one he wore the first time they met?) and his leather pants (which Seth had never seen before). He wasn’t wearing any jock or underwear, which explained why the outline of his cock was so prominent in his leather pants. Seth would have fixated on that more intently had he been less dazed by the pressurization routine.

Creighton approached Seth confidently and kissed him with his tongue drilling deep into Seth’s mouth. Creighton grabbed Seth tightly and whispered that this would be Seth’s time to enjoy himself since he’d given so much of himself to others all day. Creighton said he should think of this as a reward for a job well done. Seth smiled and thanked Creighton for the opportunity. He spread his ass to offer his hole. Creighton was already fully hard and rubbed his hard and hairy cock against Seth’s hair-free ass crack as he held Seth from behind, fondling his forever smooth chest and abs. Creighton fingered Seth’s hole, which as still softened by the goop from before, and moist from lube applied by the hooded fucker at the party. Nevertheless, Creighton applied more lube and shoved his hard cock into Seth’s hole with none of the gentleness he had shown before. This time Creighton was merciless and pounded Seth’s ass like a jackhammer. With each thrust, Seth’s soft cock regained stiffness. Soon it was back to being fully hard and bouncing up and down in rhythm with each of Creighton’s thrusts. Creighton grabbed Seth’s hard cock and started working that with his lubed right hand. Seth was surprised at how quickly he became hard again and how close he came to cumming so quickly. He thought maybe the ED cocktail wasn’t quite out of his system yet.

Seth grabbed Creighton’s hand and warned him he was close to cumming. Creighton smirked and said he would control when Seth came and he wanted Seth to cum now. The next 2 or 3 of Creighton’s thrusts into Seth’s ass, coupled with the hand job Creighton was simultaneously giving Seth brought him to orgasm far more quickly than Seth had thought was possible. While this load wasn’t as large as that involuntarily shot in the chamber, it was still pretty intense. As soon as Seth shot this latest load, Creighton stopped pumping Seth’s ass and just let his hard cock rest in Seth’s ass for a bit. Creighton, who had been fucking Seth from behind, kissed Seth on the cheek and said he would cum now and that Seth should wear Creighton’s cum home as a badge of honor. Seth was both intrigued and disquieted by that prospect, but Creighton had already trained him to be submissive. Seth said he’d be honored. He ordered Seth to kneel, facing him and raise his arms. Creighton would cum all over his chest and pits, and Seth would wear it home and not shower till tomorrow. Seth eagerly agreed. Creighton shot his load all over Seth in seven forceful spurts. He then rubbed it all over Seth’s torso told him to pose for a bit as it dried. Seth proudly posed marked in Creighton’s cum.

Finally, Creighton also said tier 4’s were forbidden from contacting each other, and that Seth should not attempt to identify or communicate with any other tier 4’s at any time. Creighton said he’d likely have a second tier 4 assignment in about a week. Seth all too immediately and eagerly expressed interest. Creighton paid him in cash, and noted that several guests had inquired about tips for him. Those might be coming Seth’s way, especially if he accepted more tier 4 work. Seth was both eager for more and pleased. Creighton was more than content. This kid was like an overeager, horny puppy, thought Creighton. He also thought Seth was one of the best tier 4’s Creighton ever had. And Creighton had had so many. He loved his job.

The End

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  1. Hot! Not quite how I was expecting it to end, I thought for sure he was going to be taken and sold, but still an excellent story. I love how submissive he became, and the statue transformation with the other T4’s was great!

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