Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

By Bondagekid94

Everything has been discussed – we are aware of limits and what each other enjoys, but I do not know the finer details of what is to come. We have only chatted online, and this will be the first time that we meet in person.

The intercom buzzes, signifying your arrival. It is early. I’m still groggy as I’ve not long woken up. All my gear and toys are laid out as requested, and I go and open the front door. No time for niceties, I am taken into my bedroom and ordered to strip.

I am ordered to put myself in my rubber, first shorts, then socks and gloves, then full catsuit. Once this is all on, it’s padlocked closed. This is followed by a gas mask and then I am led to the sleepsack, which is waiting, open, for my rubber-clad body to be sealed inside. As the zips tighten up my body and my arms slip into the internal sleeves, I am now helpless. There is no escape.

As agreed beforehand, this is my last chance to escape. “Activate pig mode,” you say. I have a choice — reply with a grunt or oink and seal my fate as a bondage pig, not allowed to speak or face serious consequences; or, speak a human word and be released. The loud, confident “Oink” roars out of me, and I am slightly surprised at how much I want this. You’re obviously not surprised though, as I see your large grin.

Strips of tape are placed over the lenses of the mask, plunging me into darkness. I feel headphones placed over my head and something being attached to the side of the gas mask. I can taste the poppers as they enter my system, breaking me down, making me more horny and submissive. I buck my hips as I oink, trying to bring attention to my dick. As the poppers make me more and more horny, they are taken away. The effects will last a minute or so, and this is when I hear you speak.

“How does 4 hours of solitary sound, piggy?”

I “oink” in response, knowing that this already hot prison will be a sweat-filled mess by this time. I oink, trying to communicate that yes that sounds ample, Sir. But wait, we didn’t discuss how you would be able interpret my oinks.

“OK piggy, how does 6 hours sound?” I oink again, becoming more frantic, I try to shake my head, I’m not sure I could last that long.

“Piggy not happy with 6 hours?” I shake my head again and oink. “OK piggy, if you’re sure, better make it 12.” The words take a moment to register. What have I done? I start oinking like crazy, I need to get out but there’s no way, I’m stuck.

I feel you rubbing my chest. “Good piggy, I’m gunna enjoy owning you.” Suddenly all I hear is static. I realise this must be coming from the headphones. I feel myself being slid, presumably underneath my bed. This will be my storage for the next 12 hours. I hope what they say is true — time flies when you’re having fun.


Metal would like to thank the author, Bondagekid94, for this story!




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