Training Property – Part 2

By ty dehner

The cop car came to a halt and I heard the Cop exit out of the car with the door slamming shut. I could hear a garage door closing and then the door open above my leather bagged head. He cut the cable ties that held my feet and cuffed hands together. Grabbing me by the shoulder of the jacket he slid me across the seat. He was strong as he held me off the ground until my feet could make contact with the concrete floor. I struggled to gain some balance as he quickly turned me and marched me quickly out of the garage and up a flight of stairs.

A door was opened before me and I was dragged into a room. I couldn’t see a thing but I just cooperated with whatever he wanted me to do. He stopped quickly and both hands grabbed my shoulders as if to place me. He let go and I could hear him move about the room. It was faint with the leather bag increasing the sound of my breathing.

Then the sharp thud of a full leather flogger struck my back, not once, not twice but three times. The wind was knocked out of me as I tried to maintain my balance. There wasn’t much pain as the heavy jacket protected my skin. But the force he was striking me with was no gentle, he was letting me know he was in charge.

I could sense him draw closer when he said, “Do not move, and stand here until I return!” He struck me 3 more times with the flogger and I could tell he left the room.

There I stood, breathing in the leather bag wondering what was just beyond my sight. Where had he brought me and just what the fuck was going to happen?

Standing, cuffed and hooded, in gloves, boots and jacket he had put me in with a heavy leather bag over my head. This was far beyond would I ever imagined when he first ordered me into the station. I tried not to fidget as I didn’t know if he was watching me or waiting for me to move only to strike me again with his flogger.

It’s funny how your body reacts when it is told to remain still, it wants to move. The air in the leather bag over my head was getting stale and I really couldn’t hear much but my own breathing. I didn’t even know if time was passing quickly or slowly. A few drops of sweat had formed on my shaved head and started to run down my face. My natural reaction was to reach to wipe it but I couldn’t because my gloved hands were cuffed behind me.

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The leather bag on my head started to move and I knew he had returned. He worked it open and lifted it off my sweaty head. He dropped it on the floor and stood before me no longer in his duty uniform but in full black cop leather uniform. His leather breeches with white leg stripe were tucked into the glossy Dehner boots. His leather uniform shirt was tucked behind his full duty belt and his long sleeves continued the leather to his snug leather gloves. He lifted his gloved hand and gently wiped the sweat off the top of my head and rubbed it on my face.

“Sweating there a bit boy.”

He smiled and slowly walked around me, checking me out visually but not touching me.

“Keep your eyes forward boy.”

He had caught me looking at him as he moved to my right. I quickly put my site on the St. Andrews Cross that was leaning against the wall. I could hear his boots firmly but gently step on the concrete of the floor. I was in a full dungeon and one of a leathered cop to boot!   He returned standing before me.

“Yes, I did a good job selecting you boy. And you’ve done a good job so far. You really want to serve a Man don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, I was born to.”

“Nice, maintaining the respect. Yes I do believe you were. I also think no one has ever tapped into your potential, have they boy?”

“A few have tried but no Sir.”

“I’ll tell you right now what I want from you will not be easy, but it is something that is very rare and you will be something that I will be proud of and you will make every other boy out there jealous with how well you will be trained and serve.”

I go to speak but he places his gloved finger on my lips and silences me.

“First thing boy, only speak when asked a question.”

I stop myself from replying in the affirmative and he smiles at me.

“Fuck I got me a smart fuck. Now here is what is going to happen in an overview. I have to tear you down boy, take you down quickly and hard. But you will be rebuild as I want and into the slave you have always craved to be. You are going to be in pain, lots of pain, crying, begging, pleading and suffering. And the more you do all that the more I will take you down. I get off on that and believe me cum will fill these leather breeches just as much as it will fill your holes. This will not be easy, but you don’t want easy do you boy?”

I start to answer but his finger silences me again.

What happens after I put you in your place as the lowest fucking piece of shit, a maggot, a nothing but an object for my amusement?” He pauses, “Let’s just say you will be amazed!”

He pauses again slowly reaching down to his crotch and gently squeezing it. He looks me directly in the eyes, steps aside and makes his way to one of the drawer in the cabinets. I notice he has a piece of rubber in his hands and he comes to me and slides a full rubber hood on my head. He smooths it as I can see through the eye holes, breath through the nose hole and lick my lips through the mouth hole.

“Part of what is going to happen is that you are going to become an object. What is your name boy?”

“Sean Sir.”

“Well Sean you will soon disappear. You will not be recognized by anyone, the least of all me. I will ink you, pierce you and mold you into what I want. You are not a person, you are an object.”

He takes me by the neck and has me step in front of the mirror. Over my brow on the hood it says in red letters “meat”. He leaves me to take it in. I can feel my cock growing the device he had me put on in my jeans. He is really taking me down and I feel in my bones it is going to be hard and brutal.

He returns behind me and starts pulling a heavy full leather isolation hood over the rubber hood I have on.

“I want your last vision to see the object of meat you are to me. Remember that fucker. Remember that you walked into that door at the station and you accepted my control of you by putting on that jacket!”

He continues as he laces up the hood very tightly and roughly pulling on the laces that I nearly lose my balance a few times.

“You returned and took the gloves, the boots that I have worn and you even put yourself into that device and I am going to lock on you tonight. Yes fuck meat you are going to down. So far down that you won’t know what hit you, but you are going to feel it. Now how does that hood feel, the first step of making you an object for my pleasure. You can’t say a fucking word, you won’t see what I use to make you scream in that hood. And you won’t know the horrible place you will be stored when I don’t need you. No meat, you are truly fucked!”

He pulls me back off my feet and places me on the floor. I feel his boot kick me gently to get on my side, then strike me on the chest knocking the wind out of me. I can’t see a thing and barely hear outside the heavy leather that now encases me. The small grommet hole before my lips is my only connection to the outside world.

Roughly he pulls me up to my feet and I gain my balance again as the cuffs bite into my wrists.

I feel his gloved hands begin to unlock the cuffs. I drop my hands to my side not taking it upon myself to do anything.

“Now meat! Get out of all that cop gear! You do not deserve to be in that and you won’t be wearing it ever again! No meat you are nothing and you are not worthy to wear a Man’s uniform! Fuck you don’t even deserve to wear my piss and shit.” He laughs, “ But you probably will.”

I work as quickly as I can to get out of the jacket, gloves, my shirt, the boots, socks, jeans and underwear. Since I can’t see I don’t know where I am putting this stuff and I am pretty sure it is not neat. I hope he understand that I can’t see.

As I’m striping down, he is striking me with his flogger, so this makes me struggle hard and really heats up my encased head. I struggle to keep my breathing through the grommet. But I finally get everything off and stand at attention on my bare feet, my cock bobbing with the device on it. He stops the flogging.

I feel him approach and he puts a tall heavy leather collar around my neck and I can hear several locks as he must be locking the collar and the hood. Then I feel him fondle my cock and balls and another lock is placed on the device.

He then surprises me by gently stroking my body with his gloves hands. They warm my skin as they rub on me and I really enjoy his touch. But it quickly ends and he grabs the ring in the front of the collar and drags me across his dungeon. Pulling me down to my knees and then to my stomach on the floor he lets go. Then his boot taps my naked ass to move forward and I crawl forward on my arms. I keep moving forward until my head bumps into a wall and I stop.

“Roll over meat.”

As I do as instructed and feel walls all around me. I am in a very small space, with very little space above me.

“Let me paint you a picture meat. You are locked in that hood and you can’t see, speak and barely breathe. You’re cock is locked up so you won’t be shooting your load any time soon. The space you are in is where you are going to stay for the night. It is very small, you would be able to get up. You can rollover if you want. I’m not restraining you yet. I will return later to do that. But you won’t know when. You are not allowed to piss or shit, you got that. Hold it in, yes that is going to get rough but you need to learn who controls all of you. Finally the temperature is going to get intense and you will want out. But you know you will not. And be thankful for this as this is just a beginning of your destruction and eventually becoming my slave.”

With that I hear a small padded door shut and the sound of a lock. I can only hear the breathing inside my hood. Feeling around it is indeed very small in here and my cock is trying to grow in the cage. I feel the leather hood encasing my head and find the locks which are big and slightly heavy. Then I feel the heat starting to build.

I am awakened as I am being dragged out of the small space quickly. It takes a moment for me to gain my balance as he stands me up. My bladder needs to be empty but I know he told me not to so I hold it in. I hear the sound of metal and chains and fairly quickly I feel the cold metal surround my right ankle. It is heavy and it snugly closes pressing my skin. That one is followed by another and his booted foot kicks my feet apart until they can stretch no more because of the chain between the cuffs. Next he lifts my right hand and closes the heavy metal cuff snuggly around it. Doing the same to the left wrist he raises my arms to a point far above my head and clips them to something above me. I can only listen as he works to add something to the ankle cuffs that spreads my legs a big more and secures them into a wide stance. I hear a winch and my body tightens as it stretches my arms above me more. This entire time he has been silent. I faintly hear this leather creak through the padded hood he has locked on me.

Things outside my leather encased head go silent and I stop my breathing to try to hear anything. Nothing. My body is very tense. Then I hear the whoosh and the heavy leather flogger strikes my upper back. It is quickly followed by another and another. This time these hits are strong but certainly not full force. The weight of the strikes knocks the breath from my lungs and pushes me forward in my bondage. He continues at a steady pace moving around my back. I know my back is becoming red and I loose count of how many times he hits. He moves around and starts working on my lower back, then it goes quiet for a moment. And I surprised with another heavy strike on my chest, pushing me in the opposite directly. I am building up a sweat with this merciless beating with his flogger. My back side feels in flames and it will be soon joined by my front side. My caged cock just dances before me helpless and useless.

He pauses and starts to gently stroke my naked, no doubt welted body, with his cool leather gloved hands. He is still silent as he works around my pecs and gently twisting my tits which makes me arch my back in my chains and moan inside the leather hood. Slowly he twists and presses his leathered body against me. The leather cools my burning skin as he gently moves down my torso reaching around my sides. He finds that I am ticklish on my sides and struggle to maintain my composure as he seems to like finding this surprise of me. His finger tips lightly move around my sides and I truly feel the bondage that stretches my body. This is more work for me to deal with than the flogging and takes my breath. Suddenly he stops and I no long feel his presence before me.

A new swoosh fills the room and a biting, stinging snaps my tense skin as he is using a thinner tailed flogger on me. This one he strikes me over and over at a rapid pace and I can’t help but start to scream in the hood. This fucking thing is painful and has to be cutting me up. I beg for him to stop, but it just keeps coming. How could such a wonderful moment change so quickly into this torture? He move around me keeping from hitting the same spot more than one time in a row. He moves up my back and down the back of my legs, striking my stomach, tits and ass. A few times he takes aim and strikes my caged cock and I scream into the gag. My filled bladder can’t take much more but I know I can’t be pissing. He demanded me not too. Another strike to my underarms and fuck it hurts like hell! I don’t want this, this is too much. I realize this is why he put me in chains. The strikes go on and on and then seem to wrap up after about 10 really strong whippings around me body and I realize I am pissing and in tears. I am pleading in my hood for him to stop as I slump in the chains that hold my body up for him to hit me more.

He stops and I feel the piss running down my legs and pudding beneath my feet. I start to control my sobbing and with the breath that I have left thank him for stopping. He has shown me that he is in control and that is the most intense beating I’ve ever had. My entire body is one giant throbbing nerve. I can’t see but I think I feel a little bit of warm blood running down parts of my back and chest.

Time passes and I sense he isn’t in the room, I feel so weak. I stand, well I am held up by chains that have been digging into my wrists. My arms are getting tired and it is harder to keep them supporting me. And my legs are quivering from the tension.

“Meat.” I stop breathing as I finally hear his voice.

“I told you I was going to use you like no one ever did because I can. You have just experienced the start of your new life. “

Without warming an electric bolt goes through my side. I jump and yell in the hood.

“That is my Taser meat.” He uses it again just above my caged cock.

“You are just a hanging piece of meat for me to abuse and get my rocks off with. And you fucking pissed on my floor.” Another jolt and I dance in the chains.

“But you are new and not fully trained yet. But you were flogged more than I originally planned because you disobeyed and pissed on my floor. Now before I put you away I need to tell you something. You see meat you totally turned me on today. You cried and begged just as I wanted you too. You are a fucking weak piece of shit that needs to be owned by a Cop God like me. You are going to make the perfect object for my enjoyment and in time for my fellow Cops to use. I know you work on Monday and so you know I will be releasing you Sunday night. But for now you are mine and you are going to suffer like you never suffered before. You’re not going to get much sleep this weekend and you know what, you will return when I tell you to because you are learning you have no choice.”

Fuck! As he talks to me I am getting hard in the cage and it is straining against the plastic.

“Unlike before I am doing to tell you want is going to happen for the night. You are going back into storage, but in the chains that have been locked on you. But this time I am going to secure them to the walls of your tiny space. I am going to also be adding a tens unit to your cock and balls. The setting will be high and to add some fun the tens unit is voice activated so every time you scream, which you will, you’ll get another shock. And I don’t care if you shit or piss in there, for you’re going to clean it up.”

Roughly he starts to install the tens unit and then duct tapes the unit to the middle of my chest. Once he has it installed on me he removes the rope that had been attached to the cuffs around my ankles and wrists. He pushes me down and I crawl back into my hole. He reaches up and locks the wrist chain above my head so I can’t reach down. He secures both ankles to the opposite side of the space. As I begin to settle on my beaten back I feel small spikes.

“Yes meat, I’ve added something; the space is covered in spikes. Small dull ones on the floor but the wall and ceiling are lined with 1 inch sharp spikes. So as you are shocked to hell, you’ll also get all your welts and cuts nice and abused. Fuck I love owning you meat. And you walked into all this by your own choice. Fuck you know what a fucking looser you are meat. Think about me downstairs in my leather uniform, my boots, enjoying a beer and how you wish you could take that beer when I recycle it later. And later on I will sleep in my bed in my leather jock and gloves. Yes the same gloves that showed you gentle love earlier and later on will show you power and submission. Good night meat, I will return after my shift tomorrow afternoon. I will not be able to think about my job tomorrow knowing you are here suffering and in pain for me.”

He stuns me on the foot one more time and quickly shuts the padded door and locks it. In no time there is a sharp shock to my cock and I moan and it is followed by another to my balls and I scream and there is another to my cock. I try not to scream this time but there is another shock and my body reflexes and brushes the spikes on the wall and reminds me of the cuts I have. Then it continues on and on. This is cruel, brutal and I am helpless to stop it. I am a piece of meat to be used by that Cop. The only thing that keeps me going is to remember him in his leather. Fuck another bolt! I scream, and it is followed by another. …

Things were so brutal in my little space that I lost all connection with time and who I was. I had become a piece of screaming meat, helpless to stop what was happening to me. I had become weak and useless to do anything. At times I either fell asleep because I was so worn and beaten down or I passed out. I know the shocks never stopped, it just got to the point sometimes that I was so weak my body didn’t respond other than jerk from the sock. I was horse, my throat dry and the small space was reeking of piss which mixed with the leather and sweat my head was encased in.


When I woke, all was silent and there was no smell of piss. I was lying flat on a cold smooth surface. I jerked when I realized I was out of the space but found the chains and shackles still around my wrist and ankles. A cool leather gloved hand laid on my chest gently pushing me back down.

“Silence and rest meat.”

I could feel him gently treating the marks from his training and beating of me. There was some soothing music playing that I could hear through the hood. The air was cool and refreshing and I found a straw was inserted into the grommet hole of the hood. I sucked and the cool water tasted so sweet and wonderful.

“Sit up, meat.”

Slowly, with his leathered hands guiding me I sat up and he turned me to the side of the table. He pulled on what had to be a leash that was attached to the collar around my neck and started to lead me away from the table. He was patient with me as I walked blinded out of the room and down wooden stairs.

Soon we were in what must be his living room. He walked me to a spot and had me kneel and sit upon a large pillow, which had to be a big dog bed.

“Rest while I make our dinner.”

He dropped the heavy chain leash and I could hear him leave the living room and I laid on my side on the soft pillow. I fell asleep.

His boot tapping on my hooded head woke me and I sat up. He went behind me and unlocked the collar and the heavy leather hood. They came off and he saw his meat still in the rubber hood but I could see again. He was in his leather uniform, complete with boots, belt and gloves. He put the collar back on and locked it, then gave me a passion kiss that curled my toes. After his gloved hand lifted my chin.

“You did fine meat. Now let’s eat.”

He picked up the leash and I went to stand. His gloved hand applied pressure on my shoulder and I realized I needed to stay down. So I crawled as he led me to the table where his meal was set. He had me sit up and then fed me a few bits from his meal of roasted chicken, salad and sherbet with his hand. Never had food tasted so good. I even got to lick the fingers of his gloves on occasion and he would sometimes stroke my rubbery head and look into my eyes. After the meal was done he drew me close and kissed me.

“You feel strong enough to clean the dishes?”

After all I had been through I wanted to do this for him.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, I’ll be in the living room when you have completed your duty.”

After he leaves I stand, a little wobbly, the chain on the collar sort of pulls my neck down as it is a large and heavy chain. I pick up the dinner dishes and make my way to the kitchen. Thankfully there is a dishwasher and I quickly load the dirty dishes, scrub the grill that the chicken was roasted, and wipe down the counters and the table. I turn out the kitchen light and head back to the living room where Sir sits in a nice leather easy chair with the dog cushion for me sitting directly in front of him.

He gently places his boot in my lap and I know just what I need to do. My tongue comes out of the rubber hood and start to lick his tall boots. He taps me on the head.

“Slow down meat. We got all night and I want you to enjoy the pleasure you have earned.”

I feel the chains as I adjust my body to take care of his boots. At times I feel the welts and cuts that he has taken care of; a reminder of who I am. I slowly taste the leather of Dehners with my hand holding him. He is watching television and on occasion he reaches down and pats my head and tells me I am doing well.

As the evening winds down he pulls on the leash and lifts my head and puts the sweat soaked heavy leather hood back on my head. I hear the lock; he tugs and I crawl with him. We must go down the hall and into his bedroom as we never encountered any stairs.

He pulls on the collar and I am allowed up on his bed. He lays next to me in his full leathers and he reaches around and holds me.

“Meat, you have been through a lot, but I wanted you to experience what your future will be like. I hope you like this.”

I say “yes Sir” in the hood and hope he can make it out.

“I’m very tired tonight, was a long day and you don’t know how many times I thought of you suffering for me. I had a camera in there and I watched some of the footage before I let you out. Fuck the leather of my breeches was straining watching you. I thought about fucking you tonight but you’re not ready for that privilege yet.”

As he speaks he gently rubs my worn body with his gloved hands, at times lightly pinching my tits or holding his hand over the grommet of the hood for some breath control. My cock is straining to grown in the cage that it is locked in.

“Tomorrow we have lots of training to get through before I send you out into the world for your final week of freedom.”

I moaned in the hood as he gripped my balls as he said that last sentence.

“Yes, I will show you how owned you are when you go into work on Monday and tell them you are resigning in a week. You will be spending the week at your place that I’ve fixed up some for your final week. Then you will be here to serve permanently.”

He pushes me off the bed onto the floor.

“Now meat, get some sleep for tomorrow will be hard for you but you will like it right?”

“Yes Sir.” I say through the hood. I roll on my side as the chains make noise and find a position I can sleep in on the soft carpet. He has my mind going in so many directions what can he do to me next and why am I doing this?

Because all I had been through my sleep was deep and long. I was awakened by Sir’s booted foot tapping me in the nuts. I quickly rolled over on my back and awaited what to do next. Yanking on my chain leash I was pulled to my feet and crawled out of the bedroom, down the hall and up the steps. Entering the dungeon again he was silent and used his gloved hands to control my position. Turning me around I put myself in position to lay on my back and I felt cool leather beneath me. He worked my chained feet into a narrow opening of leather and I was pretty sure I was going into a leather sleep sack. Roughly he worked me into the sack, stuffing my shoulders in snuggly. Pulling on my shackled wrists he brought them straight down my torso and i felt a tug on the chastity cage and a tug on the chain on the shackles towards my cock. There was a click and somehow he had locked the shackles to my cock cage. He worked the zipper up my legs, over my torso ending at the neck where he buckled a heavier collar over the collar I was in.   The leather was very snug and heavy, I was not going anywhere.

“Training today is pretty simple meat. This is where you are going to spend the day. Alone listening to you own breathing. I am letting you heal from yesterday but also want you to learn what it is to be an object in storage.”

Then I heard a small motor and my shoulder started to lift from the floor. My leather encased body was being suspended. Soon I was floating with the only pressure coming from the harness at my shoulders. I have no idea how far off the floor I was. Then he placed heavy headphones over my leather covered ears making the silence even greater. I could feel nothing, I could hear nothing. A small tiny hole was my only access to the outside world. I would move around some just to feel the security was in but it only made my cock want to grow and strain against the cage it was locked in. This was going to be a long day.

When i was finally released i had caught up on sleep and thought a great deal about this Cop that I was serving. So far all I had been in is heavy bondage, experienced pain and torture, been brought to tears and enjoyed a brief moment of tenderness. My emotions are all over the place and he said I was going to quit my job! This is moving really fast and I am not sure I can move this fast. I am uncomfortable with my feelings and what he is asking but here I am hanging in a leather cocoon, helpless, blind, deaf and dumb.

I feel movement and am brought down and back to the floor on my back. He worked me out of the sleep sack, unlocks everything that locked on me except the chastity. He removed the padded hood and collar and even the rubber hood comes off. I sit on the floor naked enjoying the cool air on my skin as he grabs a chair and sits before, now wearing motorcycle leathers.

“In a moment you are going to get dressed and I am taking you home. I have a few instructions for you that you will follow and report to me when they are complete. I won’t be seeing you this week until you report back Friday at 1800 hours. I will not repeat these instructions after you leave so if you have any questions you will ask them when I offer that moment. Otherwise you are on your own until Friday.

“Tomorrow when you go into work you will give your notice that Friday will be your last day. During this week you will delete all your online profiles like Facebook, Recon, Metalbond and any others. I have loaded a program on your computer and will track all you do. Friday you will come with the expectation of sitting in front of my computer and turning over all your accounts including banking to me.

“You will find food, clothing and entertainment for you in your apartment. You are not to spend any other money. After you come home from work this week you will find where you need to stay for the evening and instructions of what to do each day until Friday. Friday I will pick you up and you will be mine forever meat. That’s right you are going to be fucking owned by a Cop, serve a Cop and worship a Cop. Nothing in your life will be the same, you will never know freedom and you will experience pain and pleasure at my gloved hands. I see that cock of yours swelling to break free, but you now know you will never break free. You are going to be living a life of as a Cop’s slave that many dream of and will become your nightmare at times, but at the other end you will find a level of submission and happiness few ever experience.

“Now get dressed and let’s get you home and started on your last week of freedom, meat.”

Standing he takes me to the bed in the dungeon where clothes are laid out for me. He removes the shackles and I quickly put on a pair of black 501’s, followed by a pair of black engineer boots, a black t-shirt that has slave on the front of it in white letters. There is a leather motorcycle jacket and he has me zip up and slide a pair of riding gloves on. He hands me a flat black full face helmet and leads me out of the dungeon to the garage where we mount his Goldwing and head to my place.

The week that followed went by very quickly. Arriving at my place that Sunday evening he just dropped me off, handed me my keys and rode off. Entering my place I found he had busy. There was a small cage in the middle of my living room. I removed the helmet and went to my bedroom where my bed was missing and in the closet all my clothing had been removed. On a few hangers there were some flannel shirts, a pair of gold Carhartt pants, work boots, Carhartt jacket and knit cap. I returned to the living room and found a note on the kitchen counter. It spelled out each day what I was to wear and eat. At night when I got home from work I was to put myself into the cage, naked and put on the muzzle that was on the floor of the cage. I was to stay in the cage until the alarm went off in the morning and then go to work.

He had a list of DVD’s that I was to watch, they were all about bondage and submission. They were intense and I was to watch while in the cage. I was allowed to only use the shower for pissing and shitting and clean it out when I showered in the morning. I never did hear from him and I did all that he said.

Then Friday came and I walked out of my job for the last time. Everyone was sort of surprised by my departure but it felt good. I was also nervous as to what I was doing. Sure my cock was locked up and I was horny as ever but I knew I was doing the right thing in my heart. I knew I could make the Cop proud and be the best slave meat ever.

It was approaching time for him to arrive and get me. I dressed in the black jeans, leathers and boots I wore the night he dropped me off. He had a plug gag that I was to put on and lock before putting on the helmet which I did. No one would see it and I would be silent until it was removed. Putting on the gloves I went to the living room, looked around at what had been mine. But there was no more me, I was slave meat to a Cop and this would be the last time I did anything on my own. I felt a bit of sadness, turned out the light and exited my home.

The keys were on the kitchen counter and I had nothing in my pockets for ID. He had already removed it and had it secured. I stood outside my apartment in full gear, gagged awaiting the Cop that owned me. He had beat the shit out of, brought me to tears but also kissed like no other man ever did and fuck if he didn’t look awesome in his leathers. He was silent and I don’t even know his name all I know is he is a Cop and he has taken control of me without fail. What will he make me do, where will he take me and will I know who I am when he is done with me?

I heard the sound of his Goldwing and soon his headlight shines upon his helmeted meat. He stops a few paces beyond where I stand and go to him and mount the seat behind him. He immediately pulls off and we head to his place.

Arriving at his place he pulls into the garage and parks the bike. We dismount and he leads me into this house and this time into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs is a steel door with a small table with what looks like prison gear.

“Get out of that gear meat!” he barks at me!

I work quickly to remove the riding gear but it is not fast enough for him and he yells at me. He picks up his baton and hits me a few times to keep me moving. After I have stripped with only the gag and chastity on me, he picks up the stripped jump suit and tosses it at me. I step into it and as I put it on it isn’t baggy like one sees in the movies it is made of rubber. He strikes me a few times with the baton to keep me moving as I struggle to get into the rubber. He zips up the back of the striped rubber suit. He unlocks the gag and comes to me with a black rubber dog hood. It slides on and has a gag in it with a tube in the middle of it. The hood is laced up then a flap goes over the laces and zipped down where it meets the zip of the suit and is locked together. The zipper on the snout is currently locked and I can see the Cop before me. He shoves my hands into rubber fist mitts and finally black waders are put on my feet followed by the iron shackles on my ankles and wrist that I wore earlier.

I am now this stripped rubber prison dog. He stands before me rubbing his leather gloves up and down my rubber covered body.

“You are fucking awesome dog meat. Behind this door is you new home for the next 3 months. You will not be leaving.”

I moan in the gag as he cups my nuts and squeezes them.

He unlocks the steel door and opening it I see a small jail cell. It is a real jail with iron bars, concrete walls and floor. There is a small dog bed instead of a bunk, a stainless steel toilet and sink. As he leads me in the open door of the cell I notice restraint points on the wall. There is no windows the air is a bit stuff and warm. He lets go of me and I enter alone. I turn and look at him with pleading eyes, wanting to touch him, kiss him.

“You picked this meat, you fucking got on the back of my bike tonight.” He says laughing and slams the door shut.

“I am so fucking excited to have you meat. If you could see what you look like, a fucking rubber prison dog. No one will ever know you again as Sean. Settle down meat, you’re in for the time of your fucked life.”

He exits the room and the steel door is slammed shut. Then the light goes out and there is the glow from a red light in the corner. I look around wondering just what the fuck have I done. I am rock hard and want to jack off more than anything but there is no way with the fist mitts and chastity. I walk to the dog bed and sink down into it, feeling and hearing the chains. Leaning back in the corner I look around through the eye openings of the dog hood on my head. I start to sob, but is it tears of fear or tears of joy?


7 thoughts on “Training Property – Part 2”

  1. Absolutely incredible story – what so many of us dream of … often. Look forward to more of Your writing.

  2. Inventive. Intense. Well written.
    This story pushes so many of my sexual buttons at the same time.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this phantasy with us.
    I can’t wait for more.

  3. I think that this is your best submission yet. Thanks for offering just the right amount of description of what the slave formerly known as Sean is thinking and what the Cop does to him.

  4. what a story and it wish that Sean was this slave, taken (or kidnapped) by a COP to his cell,to be used and abuse and well controlled. can not wait for Chapter 3 in this story!!!!!!!!

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