Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 01

By AlphaMetal

Day 1, Morning – The Arrival

Cody had been playing with his Sir for two years now. They started out doing 2-3 hour sessions, which moved to full days, and then Cody began spending nights, often sleeping in restraints. Things became more intense and Cody found himself submitting to Sir more and more when they were together.

The past two years had been great for both of them and the 26-year old Cody had learned a lot, but Sir decided it was time for the boy to experience something much more intense. It was time for Cody to go the campground.

Sir explained the campground to Cody. A few years ago, two good friends of his who owned a leather business bought an old boy scout camp that had sat empty for years. They used it for play parties and an annual weeklong training session to which close friends could bring special boys who were ready — and worthy — of being taken to the next level. Sir thought it was time for Cody to be taken to the campground; he thought Cody was ready, and he thought it would help submerge the boy more deeply into the headspace of a sub.

Cody was excited by the idea. Sir had taken him to the leather store several times and one of the owners had a calm and commanding presence that Cody found exciting. The man was older than Sir – about 60, maybe 65 – but he had a confidence around young subs that came from many years as a Leatherman.

Cody remembered Sir taking him to a fitting room at the leather store one time to try on one of those shoulder-to-wrist restraints that keep a boy’s hands behind his back in leather cuffs attached to a belt coming down from the boy’s neck. For some reason the owner followed them into the fitting room to try on the device and the owner calmly looked at Cody and told him to take off his clothes. There was something about the man’s calm but firm tone of voice that caused Cody to remove every stitch of clothing, as if obeying this man were the most natural thing in the world. Cody even liked the feeling of the older man’s rough hands on his skin as he fastened the restraints, and he did not mind in the least when the man turned him around and examined his naked body with Sir standing right there. In fact, Cody got hard.

The idea of seeing this man again excited Cody and he happily agreed to spend a week at the campground for this year’s training session. Cody had somehow imagined it would be like a whole week in that fitting room. He had not thought much about what else might happen at the camp.


Cody and Sir made the long drive to the campground in Sir’s truck and about 20 minutes before they arrived Sir pulled off the side of the road at a secluded spot and told Cody to get out of the truck, which he did.

“You should arrive in shackles, boy.”

“I understand, Sir,” Cody replied.

“Have some water, boy,” Sir said, handing Cody a bottle. Cody drank the full bottle in a series of swallows.

“You should piss while you can, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Cody unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, pulled out his dick, and pissed next to one of the tires of Sir’s large pickup.

“Ready, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Hands behind your back, boy.”

“Yes, Sir,” Cody replied, and turned to face away from Sir with his hands behind his back.

Sir cuffed Cody’s hands with hinge cuffs, with the boy’s palms facing outward like a prisoner, and told him him to get back in the passenger seat of the truck. Sir then put leg shackles on Cody’s ankles, fastened the seatbelt around the boy, and continued the short drive to the campground.

The truck crunched along the gravel road through the gates of the old boy scout camp, pulled up to to a large building, and parked next to a well-polished and extremely black sedan. Sir opened Cody’s door, unbuckled his seatbelt, and said, “Out, boy,” and then Sir held and supported Cody as he made the hop from the truck to the ground.

Sir led his shackled boy into the building and they entered a large and empty room where Cody saw the man from the leather store and two other men, all in military-style fatigues and black combat boots. He then saw a good-looking boy who looked about Cody’s age sitting by the wall with his hands behind his back and shackles on his ankles. Cody saw that they were dressed mostly the same; jeans, simple t-shirts, sneakers. Cody couldn’t see the boy’s hands but he figured there were probably cuffed like his own.

Cody recognized the owner of the leather store and assumed that one of the men was his partner and that the third man had brought the boy sitting on the floor, probably in that expensive car.

Sir guided Cody over to the good-looking boy on the floor and said, “Down,” and Cody sat against the wall next to the boy.

“Nothing happens until the others arrive,” Sir said, and then Sir and the other men walked out of the room, leaving Cody and the boy alone.

Cody and the boy somehow realized they were not supposed to say anything and so neither spoke a word. But they looked at each other, and they looked closely.

Cody liked what he saw. The boy was clearly a jock of some kind. He didn’t look very tall — maybe 5’8” or 5’9” — but he had a muscular body with arms and pecs that pushed out the fabric of his t-shirt. Cody noticed that he wasn’t wearing socks with his sneakers and thought his bare ankles looked sexy. And he thought his feet probably smelled good.

He looked like a wrestler, Cody thought, so in his mind he named him “Wrestler Boy.”

The door to the room opened. Cody’s Sir walked in with the three men from before and another Master leading a man in handcuffs and leg shackles.

The new guy in shackles was a lot older than Cody or Wrestler. He was at least 45 and probably 50. He could be 55, Cody thought. The man had short gray hair and a fit body and he stood up straight and moved with confidence even in his shackles. He looked like he had been in the military at some point, but clearly as an officer. Hell, Cody thought, he might still be an officer, so Cody named him “the Colonel.” But 50 or not, and colonel or not, he was sitting on the floor in shackles and was clearly going to be treated like a boy for the next week.

Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel sat on the floor for what must have been at least an hour, maybe more. Cody’s butt was beginning to hurt from the hard floor and he shifted around to relieve his butt and his shoulders, which were beginning to ache from having his hands cuffed behind his back for so long.

More time passed. Various older men came in and out talking to each other quietly and ignoring the boys on the floor.

Eventually a new pair walked in; another Master leading a boy in handcuffs and shackles.

The new boy looked about 22 or 23 and was very, very pretty. He was tall and thin and probably has a nice tight body, Cody thought, but it was hard to tell in his clothes. Cody especially noticed a vibe about the boy that screamed bottom in a wonderful way; this was clearly a kid who loved every minute a man was in his mouth or ass. But most striking was his hair, which was long, straight, soft, brown, and down to his shoulders. Cody didn’t usually like guys with long hair — he had a real thing for buzz cuts — but the long hair looked good on this kid, whose face was so pretty that the long hair seemed to match.

Cody had a quick mental image of holding the boy’s long hair in his two hands and guiding the boy’s pretty mouth to his cock. He felt his crotch get a little hard but shook his head from side to side to get rid of the idea. If his hands hadn’t been cuffed he would have slapped his own face, but all he could do was try to shake the idea out of his head. Cody didn’t know what was going to happen over the next few days but he knew he was here as a sub, and that it probably would not involve getting a lot of oral pleasure from pretty boys. It was best not to let himself think about that sort of thing.

Cody also noticed something else about the pretty boy. He seemed nervous. He was not at all like Wrestler, who looked tough even when cuffed and shackled, and he was certainly nothing like the Colonel, who held himself confidently. No, as Pretty Boy stood in the center of the room he kept turning and looking around at everything nervously, like a scared cat.

In a moment the scared but pretty boy was seated on the floor next to Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel. The four of them waited silently.

After about 20 minutes the man from the leather store walked over to the four boys and told them to stand up. The boys struggled to their feet, which wasn’t easy in the cuffs and shackles, and the man started to speak. It was clear that he was in charge so Cody decided to think of him as “the Commander.”

“You each know you will be here for a week. Your masters have told me you understand and accept that. This is your one chance to leave, so if anyone wants to leave, speak now.”

None of the boys said a word.

“Good. That’s settled. Now the rules. The most important rule is to know your place. In a few moments your shoes will be taken away and you will be barefoot for the week. As you can see, the other men and I are wearing boots. Over the next few days, other men and boys may come and go. Anyone who is barefoot is a boy and will be expected to obey. Anyone wearing boots is a master. If anyone in boots gives you an order, you obey. It doesn’t matter who he is; if a man in boots gives you an order, you obey.”

“Rule 2. If you are given an order you do not hesitate, you comply instantly. You do not question, even in your own head, why you are being told to do something. You do not stop to think about the reason, or wonder what is going to happen next. You do what you are told. Immediately. If we see you hesitate, or if it looks like you are thinking about whether or not to obey, you will be punished. You are not here to think. You are here to obey. If you learn nothing else over the next few days, you WILL learn that. If you hesitate to obey an order, for even the briefest moment, you will be punished. And if you break any rule, or violate any order, you will be punished.”

The Commander paused to allow all that to sink in and then continued.

“If you understand and accept all of that, I want you to hear you say, one by one, ‘Yes, Sir,’ and if I hear you say that, you are here for the week. You will not be released early. If you do not accept the rules I have just explained, turn around, walk to the wall, and kneel; your Master will take you home.”

After a long pause the Commander pointed at each boy, one by one.

“Yes, Sir,” Cody said.

“Yes, Sir!” Wrestler said in a strong voice.

“Yes, Sir,” Pretty Boy said, somewhat meekly.

“Yes, Sir,” the Colonel said firmly.

“Good,” the Commander said. “Now, there is one more person who will be with us and you need to know his role as well. We call him Alpha Boy, or just Alpha. He works for us in our leather business and he lives with us at home as our slave. He is here to help us, and he is here as an enforcer. You will hear us give him orders and you will see him obey, but don’t think for a minute that he is your equal. You will see that he is wearing a chain collar with a padlock; that is because he is our collared boy. But you will also notice that he is wearing boots. Because to you he is a Dom. You will obey him the way you obey any other man wearing boots, and any failure to obey him will result in punishment. Don’t think about his collar, think about his boots. When he tells you to do something, you do it.”

“Go tell Alpha to come in,” the Commander said to his partner.

A few moments later Alpha walked in and the four shackled boys gulped simultaneously. Alpha was bodybuilder. He was huge. Absolutely fucking huge. He looked like he could lift any of the four boys and throw him all the way down a football field and through the goalpost.

Alpha stood next to the Commander impassively, his hands respectfully behind his back, his feet slightly apart, staring forward, not at anything in particular. He was completely naked except for black military boots and a chain collar. And his body was shaved hairless. Completely.

The chain collar and hairless body made it clear that Alpha was a slave, but those bulging muscles, his impassive, obedient stance, and those boots made it clear that he was not someone to mess with. If Alpha was told to do something he was going to do it, end of story. He would not show sympathy; he would just do what he was told. Like a machine.

The Commander watched the boys as they looked at Alpha’s intimidating body and then announced, “It’s time for intake.”

Cody did not know what that meant exactly, but he knew that his Sir liked to do some kind of “transition” whenever they got together for a session. It was something to mentally transition him from his normal daily life into the headspace of a sub, where he didn’t think about the outside world or about anything but his body, his sensations, and his Master. It was a headspace in which Cody was none of the things he was in his normal life, but just a naked sub. Cody figured something like that was about to happen during this “intake.”

The Commander said to the four shackled boys, “On your knees,” and they all kneeled.

Each boy’s Master walked behind his boy, bent down, and removed the boy’s leg shackles and uncuffed his hands.

“Stand up” the Commander said, and the boys did.

The four masters nodded to the Commander and walked out of the room carrying their shackles.

Cody was surprised and uneasy to watch Sir walk out of the room, leaving him alone with a group of total strangers. He hadn’t thought that would happen. He had assumed that Sir would be there with him. Sir could be tough as hell but Cody trusted him completely and his presence was comforting.

But now Cody was alone with three boys he had never met, a Dom he didn’t know very well, and a scary looking naked bodybuilder.

Cody glanced at the other boys, whose masters were also walking out of the room. Wrestler didn’t look troubled; he looked kind of… excited. The Colonel seemed to have no reaction at all. Pretty Boy looked like he might crumble when his Master walked out leaving him alone.

The Commander and Alpha looked at the boys for a while and then the Commander said in a firm voice: “STRIP.”

Cody figured this was coming. He quickly pulled off his t-shirt, bent down to unlace his sneakers and pull them off, slipped off the short socks he was wearing, and pulled down his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so that was that. He held the clothes in his hands, since no-one had said anything about it, and waited.

Wrestler used one of his sneakers to push off the other one, and then used the toes of his bare foot – since he wasn’t wearing socks — to slip off the first sneaker while pulling off his shirt at the same time. Alpha noticed the smooth movements and thought to himself, “Wow, this jock even strips athletically.” In a moment Wrestler was naked and dumped his shoes and clothes in a pile in front of him.

The Colonel removed his clothes methodically and left them folded neatly in a pile at his feet and stood at attention naked.

Pretty Boy undressed and was soon standing naked with the others. Cody checked him out quickly and saw that, just as he guessed, he was all tight muscle and smooth skin with a pretty ass.

Alpha walked down the line of naked boys with a large box. He put their clothes and shoes into the box and carried it to the side of the room and the Commander inspected the line of boys. The Commander noticed that Pretty Boy had a thin silver necklace with a small horseshoe resting against his hairless chest and a cute blue loop around one of his ankles, and that Wrestler had a braided leather band on one of his wrists that looked masculine and hot.

The Commander addressed the boys calmly — “Here, strip means strip” – and pointed to the silver necklace, the rubber loop, and the leather wristband, which Pretty Boy and Wrestler quickly removed.

“Turn around and put your hands behind you backs,” the Commander ordered, and the boys did.

“Alpha, hook them up,” the Commander said.

Alpha went down the line of boys, handcuffing each boy behind his back with his palms facing out and double-locking the cuffs.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, AlphaMetal, for this story which is copyright © 2020 by and is used here with permission. You can contact the author directly at or find him on Recon under screen name AlphaMetal.


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  1. The start of an epic tale of training i hope….beautifully written so far…. i can place myself in Cody’s position straightaway

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