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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 15

By AlphaMetal

Day 8, Evening – The Colonel and the slave

It had just begun to get dark and the Commander and the man Cody thought of as “the Colonel” were relaxing in the living room of the Commander’s trailer after supper. Each had a glass of bourbon and they were smoking cigars to celebrate the officer’s successful week at the camp. The Commander was incredibly proud of his old friend and his friend was proud of himself as well. It was an experience that would make him an even better Dom and give him greater confidence about taking charge of a boy. It was getting time for him to settle down, after all, and having just retired from the Marine Corps as a major general a few weeks ago, after a long career in the service, he finally had the freedom to complete that part of his life.

The Commander and his old friend drank their whisky, smoked their cigars, and discussed old times, and began comparing notes about Cody, Wrestler, and Pretty Boy.

About an hour later there was a knock at the trailer door and the Commander said, “Come in.” The slaveboy entered the trailer and saw the man on the couch with his glass of whisky and cigar, the man whose sore muscles the slave had massaged. He noticed the man’s black boots and his heart skipped a beat. He was thrilled to see the boots.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 14

By AlphaMetal

Day 7, Evening – The Last Night at the Campground

The four boys were back in the dormitory at parade rest at the ends of their cots, in their prison scrubs and barefoot as usual. They all knew this was the last day and that the week of training was coming to an end. One more night shackled to their cots and then they would go home with their Masters in the morning.

As the boys stood by their cots the Commander motioned to the slave, who left the room and returned carrying the clothes the Colonel had worn when he first arrived at the camp: a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt with “U.S.N.A.” in gold letters.

The slave handed the Colonel’s jeans, t-shirt, underwear, and socks to the Commander, who in turn handed them to the Colonel and nodded. The Colonel slipped off his prison scrubs and boxers and got dressed in his old clothes as the boys watched. Cody hadn’t paid attention to the writing on the Colonel’s t-shirt that first day but when he looked at the gold letters — U.S.N.A. — it hit him: “United States Naval Academy. The man had gone Annapolis. He’s isn’t in the Army, he’s in the Navy.”

The “Colonel” was dressed in his own clothes but Cody noticed that he was standing in his socks; his sneakers had not been returned to him.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 13

By AlphaMetal

Day 6, Early Morning – Cody on the Bondage Table

Cody, Pretty Boy, and the Colonel were lined up in front of the large, solid bondage table in the intake room, the one with rings along its top, bottom, and sides. Wrestler wasn’t there; he was still shackled to his cot in the dormitory.

The Commander told Cody to take off his clothes and lay on the table on his back, and the boy quickly pulled off his prison scrubs and underwear and climbed onto the table. The Commander handed the Colonel a small basket with four leather restraints, four large open padlocks, and four small open padlocks, and told the Colonel to restrain Cody spread-eagle to the table. Usually Alpha would have done this, Cody thought, but for some reason the Commander directed the Colonel to perform the task. There was something different about the Colonel than the other boys but Cody still couldn’t figure it out.

Cody spread his arms and the Colonel began to buckle a restraint on one of Cody’s wrists. “Make them tight,” the Commander said, and the Colonel moved the pin of the buckle to the next hole so the restraint gripped Cody’s wrist with no room to spare. The Colonel locked the restraint with one of the small padlocks and then did the same thing to Cody’s other wrist, and then he used two of the large padlocks to attach Cody’s wrist restraints to rings on opposite sides of the table.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 12

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Evening – Cody Is Released

Cody had dozed in his straightjacket but woke as he felt the hood pulled off his head. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light he saw the Commander smiling, which was not something Cody had seen before. “You have been here for twelve hours,” the Commander said. “I am proud of you.”

Cody felt proud of himself as well. And he knew the Commander would tell Sir and that Sir would be proud of him also.

Cody felt Alpha unbuckle the straps of the straightjacket but he didn’t want to be released; he felt hugged, held, and protected and didn’t want the feeling to end. But Alpha released the straps and gently removed the rubber straightjacket from Cody’s sweat-covered body, and then handed him a large soft towel so he could dry himself off.

Alpha was holding Cody’s underwear and prison uniform but did not hand them back to Cody, who remained naked next to the chair. The door of the small building opened and Cody’s Sir walked in. Cody was filled with joy. “I am proud of you, boy,” Sir said. “You didn’t know I was here but I watched you most of the time you were in that straightjacket.”

Sir looked at his boy’s strong naked body with love and admiration and then wrapped his arms around Cody and hugged him. “I have to leave now but I am proud of you.” And then Sir turned to the Commander and said, “Thank you.”

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 11

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Morning – Serious Restraint

Cody woke before the others. He started to sit up in bed but felt the steel cuff bite into his ankle as he pulled his leg back; he had forgotten his foot was shackled to the corner of the cot.

Cody reached down to rub his ankle and saw Pretty Boy lying on his side; his thin sheet had slid partly off leaving his ass exposed. He really has a sweet little ass, Cody thought.

Pretty Boy was one of those natural-born bottoms who love sex and love being used and now it was his function at the camp. He had already begun acting differently since yesterday’s announcement. The scared boy who spent the first few days looking terrified now had a flirty confidence around the other boys. Cody’s impression of the change was confirmed as the boys shaved in the bathroom that morning. Pretty Boy removed all his clothes, not just his scrub top, and stood at the sink naked, bending over just a little more than necessary. It looked like he was inviting the Colonel, Wrestler, or Cody to come up from behind and penetrate him.

But there was no time for that. The boys had only 20 minutes. And the day was about to start and Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel were thinking about what might happen to them. Pretty Boy had some kind of immunity from suffering but the rest of them didn’t and they wondered what the day would bring. Pretty Boy’s ass looked hot as he stood at the sink but they all had other things on their mind.

Anyway, Cody thought with an inward smirk…. I can always use him later.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 10

By AlphaMetal

Day 3, Afternoon – A Prisoner Gets Used

The boys had only been resting for about an hour after the work detail when a man they had never seen walked into the dormitory. He was an older man — in his late 60s at least — with a gray t-shirt stretched over a large beer belly and a messy gray beard. The boys looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing black combat boots and jumped to attention.

The man with the gray beard looked over the four boys with obvious sexual desire. Pretty Boy remembered the “arrangement” that had been made — he wouldn’t have to suffer pain but in return he had become the camp’s sex toy – and he figured Gray Beard was there to fuck him. Pretty Boy imagined being penetrated by this fat man and wondered if it had been planned as punishment for disobeying the Commander the day before. But it was still a good arrangement. Pretty Boy hated pain and if he just closed his eyes and thought of his Master he could get through this.

Gray Beard examined the four boys in their blue prison scrubs, looking over each one closely. Pretty Boy was a cute twink but he was a bit too thin for his scrubs and they hung on him loosely. The Colonel was a total DILF — Cody would have bottomed for him happily — but the Colonel was obviously too old for Gray Beard, who didn’t give him a second look.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 09

By AlphaMetal

Day 3, Morning – Outdoor Forced Labor

The next morning the boys were again awakened by the sound of Alpha banging his police baton on the metal trash can cover and soon the slaveboy distributed the trays with their breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later Alpha released their ankles from the shackles, the slave distributed their towels and shaving gear, and the boys went to the bathroom to clean up. When they finished they returned to their cots and stood at parade rest following the lead the Colonel set the day before.

The Commander, Alpha, and the slaveboy came into the dormitory. The slave was pushing his cart which this time was piled with blue jeans and construction boots; Timberland-style yellow boots with brown padded leather around the ankles. Cody could also see a pile of steel restraints on the cart’s bottom shelf.

“Strip down and fold your prison uniforms and put them on your cots,” the Commander said. The boys obeyed and got back to parade rest.

The slave placed a pair of jeans, socks, and boots – but no shirt – on the floor in front of each boy and the Commander said, “Put on your work clothes.”

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 08

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Evening – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 2

Pretty Boy stood before the Master inside the trailer with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

The Master looked at his boy and said, “You fucked up, boy.”

Pretty Boy looked sad and said, “I know, Sir,”

They looked at each other for a long moment and then the Master gave the handcuffed boy a warm and supportive hug. “Let me take those cuffs off, son,” the Master said, and he removed the handcuffs.

“Are you scared, son?” the Master asked.

“Very much,” Pretty Boy replied honestly.

“I know. It’s OK. Don’t worry, boy. Sit down.”

“I have spoken with the Commander and you won’t be hurt,” the Master said.

Pretty Boy was so overwhelmed with relief that it flooded through him like tears. The boy was so grateful he didn’t know what to say so he just kneeled in front of his Master and opened his mouth slightly.

“Thank you, boy, but sit down. We will do that later. I have missed that but we need to chat.”

“Yes, Sir,” the boy said.

“First of all, this is your one pass this week. If you hesitate or disobey again I have given them permission to punish you, and you will not get to see me or talk to me before it happens. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

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