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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 08

By AlphaMetal

Only two days had passed since the punishment, but Trey felt like himself again.

Trey remembered hanging slack in the restraints of the punishment frame, sobbing, thinking he had been permanently broken, but now it felt like that had happened to some other person. Trey knew it was him, but it didn’t feel like it was him. Trey felt as though he had observed someone else hanging from the restraints, crying.

Trey stood up and walked to the mirror in his room. His shirt was off, since he was in the middle of changing from his uniform into his gym clothes, and he twisted his torso to see the stripes on his back as best he could. The flogging was so recent they were still mostly red. He knew they would turn black and blue before long, but for now they were still mostly red.

Trey turned to face the mirror head-on. He looked at his chest and stomach; he tightened his body and watched it in the mirror; he took a bodybuilding pose and flexed. Trey saw that his muscles were as strong and defined as they had been three days ago. Trey wasn’t some broken empty nothing anymore; he felt like a jock again. If he didn’t have a cage on his cock, he would have jacked off.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 07

By AlphaMetal

Trey didn’t know what time it was, but he could tell many hours had passed. It must be getting close to 6:00 PM.

The door to the small room opened and two large men walked in. Both were tall, and both were big, like bodybuilders. They wore black t-shirts with the word “SECURITY,” black tactical pants, and black military boots, and one was holding steel leg shackles in his hand. The other released the restraint that chained Trey’s ankle to the floor, and he looked at Trey and said: “Strip down.”

Between the size of the guys – their chests were massive under their black t-shirts – and the fact that Trey had already resigned himself to what was going to happen, Trey unlaced and removed his boots, pulled off his socks, and began removing the rest of his uniform. In just a few moments he was naked. Except for his cock cage, of course.

Put your hands behind you back,” the man said. Trey obeyed, and the man handcuffed his wrists.

“Get on your knees,” one of the men said.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 06

By AlphaMetal

Trey knew he fucked up. That’s why he was sitting on the floor of a small room next to the punishment area with his hands cuffed behind his back and one ankle chained to a bolt in the middle of the floor.

The staff had been very clear during the intake process: Misbehavior of a certain level would result in a choice between being transported to jail, to serve your full sentence – which in Trey’s case was one year – or a trip to the punishment room. Trey was tough – his body was tough and his mind was tough – so when given that choice, he picked a few minutes of physical punishment over a year in jail.

But Trey was shocked by how quickly he wound up in this room. Within about three minutes of the incident, security guys had appeared; within seconds, he found himself handcuffed; and within another minute or two, he was sitting on the floor of an empty concrete room with his ankle chained to the floor.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 05

By AlphaMetal

Trey was back in his room after a long day of class. It was time to change into gym clothes for his afternoon workout.

Trey sat on his bunk and unlaced the military boots he wore during the day. It felt good to slip off one boot, and then the other, and take a moment to sit on the edge of the bunk in his socks. He liked wearing the boots — they made him feel tough, like he could walk over anything, and he liked the way they gripped the ground, firmly anchoring his body so he could make full use of the strength if he needed to. And, to be honest, he thought the boots looked hot; sometimes he would look down at his own boots during the day and feel… sexy. In fact, before they locked the cage on his cock, sometimes he would drop his pants when he got back to his room and jack off looking down at the boots on his own feet. But while he liked the boots, they were also warm and heavy and made his feet sweat, and so it felt good to take them off and relax for a moment.

But it was time for the gym, so Trey pulled off his thick socks and the rest of his uniform. He walked naked across the room and grabbed his PT clothes from an open shelf, but he paused before putting them on. Standing naked reminded him of yesterday’s procedure in the medical room, and instead of getting dressed he sat down on his bunk and allowed himself to think about what happened.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 04

By AlphaMetal

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It was the last Friday of the month again and Trey knew he had to report to the medical office for “The Procedure”: His cock cage would be removed and an electric butt-plug inserted in his anus to force him to ejaculate, perhaps several times, and then the cage would be locked back on again.

The first two times were pretty awful. The first session was totally humiliating, and the second session was both humiliating and painful. But after his encounter with the Assistant Coach at the gym a few weeks ago, Trey was not really nervous, even though he knew the medic would still be an asshole.

Over the past two months he had thought again and again about the procedure, and how it felt to have the electric butt-plug deep inside him, pulsing until he had an uncontrollable orgasm. He had to admit to felt good. Sure, it was humiliating to be restrained to the medical table, but he even understood that part: He had to admit that if they did not restrain him, once the cage was removed he would totally grab his cock and start stroking. If he was being honest, he knew the restraints did serve a purpose.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 03

By AlphaMetal

Trey was in the weight room and had just stood up, after finishing a set on the bench press, when he saw the Assistant Coach walk into the room.

Trey knew he couldn’t let his face show it, but inside he seethed with anger at the man. This is the guy who sat in a chair reading a magazine about a month ago while Trey was humiliated by that twisted medic. And the same guy who just last week strapped Trey to a medical exam table in a humiliating doggie-style position and beat his ass with a leather punishment strap until he almost passed out.

Trey’s ass was still bruised from that session and he could feel his body tense with hatred when he saw the coach walk into the gym. Trey was glad the coach hadn’t noticed him, and he laid back on the bench, flattening himself, hoping the coach would not see him. He turned his head and watched the coach walk to the dip bars, attach a weight plate to his workout belt, and do a series of perfectly-executed dips. Trey reached up to begin another set of bench presses, hoping the barbell might hide him from the coach’s vision.

It didn’t work.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 02

By AlphaMetal

As Trey was finishing up his workout in the weight room, he couldn’t keep his mind from thinking about the procedure he would have to endure in a few minutes.

It was the last Friday of the month. Two months earlier he had been fitted with a cock cage to stop him from jacking off every day. Exactly one month later he had been required to show up at the medical office to have the cage removed briefly so he could ejaculate, to “clean out the pipes” he was told. But instead of letting him jack off and be done with it, they had turned it into a humiliating ritual.

As Trey lay on the weight bench, finishing up his last set of dumbbell presses, he couldn’t stop remembering what had happened a month ago. He didn’t want to go through it again, but he knew he didn’t have a choice: As part of the intake at the military school, Trey and a roomful of other new arrivals had been told what happened to students who refused to obey an order — they were given a choice between a very painful visit to the punishment room or being sent to jail to serve whatever sentence they were there to avoid.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 01

By AlphaMetal

Trey was mostly used to it by now. As he entered the locker room after the team weight training session, he knew that when he took off his workout clothes and walked to the shower room the other guys would see the plastic cage around his cock, but by now they had all seen it before anyway.

All in all, Trey thought, even with this stupid cock cage he had to wear, the military high school he agreed to enter instead of jail wasn’t so bad.

At age 19 he shouldn’t still be in high school in the first place, but he knew he had been a fuck-up as a student, and a lot of the other guys here were in the same boat — many were also 18 or 19, and a few even 20 — so it didn’t seem so weird.

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