Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 02

By AlphaMetal

Day 1, Afternoon – Intake, Part 1

When Alpha snapped on the handcuffs Cody felt his cock get hard from the steel on his wrists. Restraints often did that to him; even the click of handcuffs got him excited.

Cody turned his head and looked at Wrestler who was next in line. He hadn’t been able to look at Wrestler’s naked body until now because he had been too busy removing his own clothes and paying attention to the Commander, but now he had a chance to check him out.

Fuck, Cody thought. Even from the side Wrestler was pure muscle: traps, delts, abs, obliques, quads, calves, everything. And he oozed strength, not just because of his muscles but from the way he was standing, the way he held his head, and the way he planted his feet.

Wrestler was shorter than Cody but Cody knew he could easily pin him to a wrestling mat and fuck him, and Cody’s mind started to imagine himself face-down on a mat with Wrestler’s cock thrusting inside him.

Cody stared at Wrestler like he was licking the jock’s body in his mind, and then suddenly realized he had been staring at him way too long. He looked up and saw that the Commander had been watching him and taking it all in.

When the Commander saw that Cody had come back to earth he barked “Move out” and pointed to a door. Alpha started walking toward the door and the boys followed.

When they entered the room the first thing Cody saw was a large wooden chair in the center that looked like an old electric chair, very solid and square and with restraints on the arms and legs. In one corner of the room he noticed a medical exam table with stirrups and against the wall was a large wooden table with metal rings running along all four sides.

Facing the “electric chair” were six steel poles running from the floor to the ceiling like support beams. Each pole had series of metal rings attached to it; one ring at the floor and another every two feet or so up the pole.

“Up against the poles with your backs to the poles,” the Commander ordered, and the boys obeyed. Alpha padlocked Pretty Boy’s handcuffs to an eye-bolt so he was facing the “electric chair” and then did the same to the Colonel and Wrestler but not Cody.

Alpha put his hand gently on the back of Cody’s neck and guided him toward the chair. It was strange how gentle Alpha was, Cody thought, considering his size and strength and how scary he was. Maybe Alpha didn’t need to be rough because he looked so intimidating. Or maybe this was his way of communicating a carrot and stick message: comply and I will be gentle, disobey and I won’t be.

Cody sat in the chair and Alpha fastened the leather restraints around Cody’s ankles, and then buckled a strap around Cody’s chest holding him firmly to the chair. Cody looked at Wrestler, the Colonel, and Pretty Boy on their posts and saw that the three of them were watching him closely.

When Cody saw Alpha walk toward him with electric clippers in his hand it was clear what was going to happen. Alpha expertly ran the clippers up the back of Cody’s head, around the top, and over the ears. This was clearly not the first time Alpha had done this and in just a few moments Cody was left with nothing but a #1 buzz cut on his head.

Cody didn’t mind the haircut at all. He knew he looked hot with his hair like that and wanted to see what he looked like in a mirror, but he realized that probably wasn’t going to happen so he looked to see the reaction of the other boys. Cody was hoping to see Wrestler look at him like he thought he looked hot, but Wrestler was just taking it all in and the Colonel also has no particular expression, so Cody looked over at Pretty Boy to see his face. Cody was sure the bottom would be turned on by how tough Cody looked with his hair cut like a young Marine.

But there was no lust on Pretty Boy’s face, only a confused mixture of shock, fear, misery, and sadness. Pretty Boy looked like he was about to say something but couldn’t get it out. The Commander just had given that little speech about not thinking but Pretty Boy was doing nothing but thinking right now, and Cody realized he was thinking about his beautiful long hair coming off in just a few minutes when he was strapped to that chair. Pretty Boy wasn’t crying, but it was the closest thing to crying that Cody had ever seen without actual tears on a guy’s cheeks.

Cody felt Alpha unbuckle the leather straps and when he was released he walked over to a pole for Alpha to padlock him to it. Cody wasn’t thinking about Pretty Boy anymore; he was looking forward to watching Wrestler get his buzz cut since Cody’s position facing the chair would give him a chance to stare at the jock’s body.

The Colonel was up next and when Cody watched him walk to the chair he began to realize what a hot man he was. His body was great for his age, solid and strong, and his hairy chest screamed “daddy.” In other circumstances Cody would bottom for this man happily. With a few deft strokes Alpha removed the man’s hair and within a minute or two he was cuffed to his pole again.

Then it was Wrestler’s turn. He walked over to the chair confidently with his strong legs carrying him like an athlete. Alpha strapped him in and all too quickly – from Cody’s point of view – his hair was gone and he was led back to his pole.

From his position cuffed to the pole Cody couldn’t see Pretty Boy’s face but he wondered what he it looked like when Alpha unlocked the padlock that held him to the pole. Cody watched Pretty Boy’s ass as he walked to the chair and waited for him to turn around so he could see his face. When he did, Cody saw that the boy was even more disturbed than before. This buzz cut was clearly something that had never occurred to Pretty Boy until he was chained to that pole and saw Alpha walk out with the clippers.

This boy must love his hair, Cody thought. It must have taken years to grow that long and he must know how pretty he looks with it. Guys must look at it, comment on it, and run their hands through it all the time. And now Alpha was buckling leather straps around the boy’s ankles to hold him to a chair where, in less than a minute, all that would be gone.

Pretty Boy’s face was a mess of fear, anger, doubt, and sadness. He didn’t say anything but he seemed to be shaking his head “no” as Alpha buckled the final the strap across his chest.

Pretty Boy’s eyes were moving left and right looking around the room until finally saw the Commander in the corner and their eyes locked. Pretty Boy opened his mouth slightly but no words came. Finally, after a moment that seemed like forever, with Pretty Boy’s mouth half-open but no words coming out, the boy looked at the Commander and began to squeak out, “Sir…”

The Commander cut off the rest of the sentence by saying in a stern voice, “ALPHA.” And with that Alpha grabbed a handful of Pretty Boy’s hair, held it high over his head, and slowly began running the clippers from the back of the boy’s neck until the hair came off his hand. Then he grabbed anther fistful of hair and buzzed that off as well. He worked the clippers around the rest of the boy’s head until there was nothing left. Cody looked at the boy and saw tears slide down his cheeks. Actual tears.

Alpha unbuckled Pretty Boy and the kid walked unsteadily back to his pole and Alpha his cuffed hands to one of the rings.

The Commander walked by the four boys and looked at each one’s naked body and freshly buzzed hair like he was inspecting a line of troops. Alpha then returned with a long spreader bar with leather restraints at each end. He kneeled down in front of Pretty Boy and fastened the spreader bar to the boy’s ankles, holding his legs wide apart so his crotch was open and exposed.

A moment later a short, thin boy – maybe 20 years old? – walked into the room wearing shorts and a tight white tank-top, and with a small chain padlocked around his neck. He was barefoot.

Cody did not know who the boy was but he was clearly someone’s slave. And from the submissive but confident way he carried himself, he was clearly a very well-trained slave despite his young years.

The slaveboy was carrying a tray with a small hair clippers, four disposable razors, a can of shaving cream, a few towels, and a large metal bowl of water. Cody looked at the tray, and at the spreader bar holding Pretty Boy’s legs apart, and it was obvious what was about to happen.

The slaveboy ran his hands over Pretty Boy’s chest and realized there wasn’t really any hair, but applied shaving cream anyway and shaved the boy’s chest.

Then the slaveboy then kneeled in front of Pretty Boy’s exposed crotch and removed his pubic hair with the clippers, carefully scooping the fallen hair from the floor with his hands and placing the cuttings on the tray. He splashed water on Pretty Boy’s crotch, applied shaving cream and shaved his crotch and balls clean, and then dried the boy’s crotch with a small towel.

The slaveboy remained on his knees near the boy’s shaved crotch and looked up at the Commander who had been watching the process. The Commander shook his head “no” and indicated that the slave should move to the next prisoner, and the slave nodded back respectfully and moved over to the Colonel handcuffed to the next pole.

Alpha removed the spreader bar from Pretty Boy’s ankles and put in on the Colonel, who spread his legs apart in a manly, confidant way, knowing what was expected and not needing – or perhaps not wanting? – to be given an order.

Alpha restrained the Colonel’s ankles to the spreader back and stepped back. The slave boy stood in front of the Colonel’s masculine, hairy chest and looked at the Commander. The Commander paused a moment and then shook his head “no.” The slave nodded respectfully and got on his knees and removed the hair from the Colonel’s crotch, leaving his chest hair untouched.

The slave remained on his knees in front of the man’s cock and looked up at the Commander who paused, shook his head “no,” and moved his head to indicate that the slave should go over to Wrestler at the next pole.

There wasn’t a hair on Wrestler’s broad smooth chest but the slave shaved it anyway and then the slave kneeled and waited while Alpha attached the spreader bar to Wrestler’s ankles. The slave used the clippers and razor to remove all the hair from Wrestler’s crotch.

Wrestler’s large cock looked even larger without any hair, and feeling the slaveboy’s hands had made him hard. The slave looked to the Commander, who paused for a moment and then nodded “yes.”

The slave moved his mouth to Wrestler’s cock and wrapped his lips around the head. Wrestler let out a small moan and the slave took his full shaft deep in his throat and began to move his head back and forth on the athlete’s cock.

Wrestler’s triceps flexed. If his hands hadn’t been cuffed behind his back he would have wrapped them around the boy’s head to fuck his throat. Wrestler’s desire – his instinct – to grab the slave’s head was so strong that his arms flexed as if he were trying to reach the boy’s head despite the handcuffs.

The boy worked Wrestler’s cock with his soft mouth and Wrestler moaned and flexed.

Cody stared at the scene and his cock became hard and stood up against his stomach. Cody couldn’t decide whether he wanted to feel the slave’s mouth on his own cock, or if he wanted to be on his knees with Wrestler’s cock in his mouth instead of the slave’s. Cody wanted both at the same time. The thought confused him and his mind was overloaded; both images struggled with each other in his head.

It was painful for Cody to watch the slaveboy give Wrestler so much pleasure with his young warm mouth and Cody’s arms flexed as he thought about jacking his dick but his hands were firmly cuffed behind him. Cody felt he would cum if someone even touched him with a finger but no-one did, and Cody just ached without relief.

Cody watched the slave work Wrestler’s huge cock with his mouth and then saw Wrestler press his head back against the pole and close his eyes. Wrestler’s body tensed so tightly that every muscle and striation of the jock’s body was outlined and then Wrestler let out a scream and bucked against his restraints and shot his load into the slaveboy’s mouth. The slave kept his mouth on Wrestler’s cock for a long moment, not moving, then began sucking again and Wrestler made a grunting sound like an animal and shook his head back and forth violently.

The slave slowly removed his mouth from Wrestler’s crotch and the still-hard cock slid out slowly. The slave turned to the Commander and opened his mouth wide to prove that he had swallowed all the jock’s cum. The Commander nodded approvingly and motioned the slave to move over to Cody on the last pole.

Alpha put Cody’s ankles into the spreader bar and the slave shaved Cody’s chest and then his crotch. Cody’s hard-on made it easier for the slave to shave all the hair from the shaft, and it was easy to shave Cody’s low-hanging balls with his cock hard up against his stomach and out of the way. The feeling of the slave’s hands against his balls made Cody wild with desire for the slave’s mouth and his cock vibrated with hardness.

After the slave shaved Cody’s crotch he looked up at the Commander, as he had after shaving Wrestler. But instead of ordering him to suck Cody the Commander motioned for the slave to leave the room. The slave picked up his tray, bowed his head respectfully to the Commander, and walked out. Cody watched the cute young slave’s ass as he walked away and felt his cock throb and imagined how wonderful the slave’s mouth would have felt.

The Commander walked up and down the line examining each boy closely. Cody wondered if Pretty Boy’s eyes were still wet with tears. And he wondered what the Commander must be thinking as he looked at the Colonel; it was hard to imagine a masculine hairy-chested man like the Colonel naked and cuffed to a steel pole next to a bunch of 20-year-olds, but there he was. Then Cody saw the Commander inspecting Wrestler and thought — with a little jealousy — that the man must be looking at his jock body in admiration. Finally, the Commander stood in front of Cody and he felt the man’s eyes wander over his naked body and still hard cock. Then the Commander and Alpha walked out of the room, leaving the four boys handcuffed to the steel poles.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, AlphaMetal, for this story, which is copyright © 2020 by and is used here with permission. You can contact the author directly at or find him on Recon under screen name AlphaMetal.


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5 thoughts on “Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 02”

  1. Another good chapter! Intake process as it should be for slaves.

    Now, where is this camp in reality for this slave? Ready to submit for a week or more.

  2. I wish some enterprising Top would set up a resort like this where we could pay to be treated as most of us have spent so many years yearning for. It could be self financing as the visitors could be set to work building the resort for future visitors.

  3. The scene was set in the first instalment and now we’re hearing some of the details. The guys are still in cuffs, most of them have been shaved thoroughly and there’s been some sucking. So we’re left wondering why they haven’t all been treated in exactly the same way?

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