Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 04

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Early Morning – Flogging

Morning light was already flooding through the windows of the dormitory but the four boys were still fast asleep, worn out from the previous day’s intake, which for most of them took place after a long drive to the campground.

Alpha entered the dormitory and banged a police baton on the metal cover of a trash can, waking the boys. Behind Alpha was the barefoot slave, again wearing shorts and his white tank top with the small chain padlocked around his neck. The slave pushed a cart of trays down the aisle of the dormitory and gave each boy a tray with a mug of hot black coffee, a glass of orange juice, a bottle of water, and two protein bars. The slave spoke to the boys gently – “You have 15 minutes to eat breakfast” – and then Alpha and the slave left the dormitory.

Each boy sat up, with one ankle still shackled to the corner of his cot, and silently ate his breakfast. In 15 minutes Alpha and the slave returned and Alpha unlocked each boy’s ankle restraint.

The slave pushed his cart down the dormitory aisle and gave each boy a tray with a small disposable tooth brush, a tiny tube of toothpaste, a small bar of used soap, a small towel, a disposable razor, and a travel-sized can of shaving cream. The slave explained that the boys had 20 minutes and motioned for them to follow him to the bathroom. It was a large room from the days when the dormitory accommodated 40 boy scouts. There was a line of 10 sinks against one wall, 10 urinals against another wall, and five toilets against the third wall, open to the room with no dividers.

“You may brush your teeth and wash up in the sink,” the slave said to the boys, “and you will each shave your face. You may use the toilet if you need to. You have 20 minutes.”

All four boys walked quickly to the urinals and used them, then each pulled off his blue scrub top, hung it on a hook near the sinks, and began to brush his teeth, wash his face and armpits, and shave his face.

When they finished they put their tops back on and the Colonel walked back into the dormitory and stood at “parade rest” at the foot of his cot. The other boys followed his lead and did the same.

After a few minutes Alpha and the slave came back and Alpha motioned, “follow me.”

Alpha led the group outside to an open area with a large wooden frame which Cody instantly knew was used for flogging or other punishments.

The Commander, his partner, and the boys’ four masters were waiting for them and watched the boys line up about 20 feet away from the wooden frame. The Commander and Alpha walked up to Wrestler, stood in front of him, and the Commander said one word: “Strip.”

Wrestler pulled of his top, then his pants, and then his white boxer shorts, and followed Alpha as he walked toward the punishment frame, feeling the dirt of the yard under his bare feet.

Alpha stretched his arms in front of him as an indication of what Wrestler should do. Wrestler imitated the motion and held out his arms and Alpha buckled locking leather restraints on each wrist and padlocked them, while the slaveboy kneeled and attached similar restraints to Wrestler’s ankles.

Alpha went to the frame and spread his arms and legs as an example of what Wrestler was expected to do and Wrestler complied. Alpha attached Wrestler’s restraints to eye-bolts in the frame with short lengths of chain, with a padlock attaching each chain to the frame, and another padlock attaching each chain to one of Wrestler’s restraints.

Cody looked at Wrestler stretched out and was amazed. The boy’s body was unbelievable and that position accentuated how wide his shoulders were and the V-shape his back made as it narrowed to his small waist. Wrestler’s ass was solid muscle and Cody’s mind was once again overloaded as he simultaneously imagined sliding his cock into that smooth beautiful hole and having Wrestler using his strong ass to thrust his cock into Cody. As Cody stared at Wrestler spread out on the flogging frame his cock grew hard and made a very obvious bulge in the bottom of his prison scrubs. Cody could see the Commander and some of the other men look at the bulge in his pants but none of them seemed to mind and they turned their attention back to Wrestler on the flogging frame.

Alpha swung a large flogger and it struck Wrestler across the top of his back with a thud. Wrestler pulled against the restraints and his body tensed and he let out a small grunt.

Alpha swung the flogger again and Wrestler had the same reaction.

And again.

Wrestler paused to allow the redness to emerge on the clear skin of Wrestler’s back and then swung the flogger again. This time Wrestler grunted loudly.

Cody watched Wrestler wriggle his body left and right to get some relief and as he did that Alpha’s flogger struck him again, causing him to grunt even more loudly.

Alpha shifted on his feet, re-adjusting his stance and spreading his boots to give himself more stability, and swung the flogger ever harder than before. Wrestler cried out again, not a grunt this time but a loud scream that sounded like “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Wrestler’s back was now solidly red. Alpha steadied himself again and swung the flogger hard and Wrestler let out a scream of pain.

Alpha looked toward the Commander, who nodded, and Alpha struck Wrestler once again. Wrestler screamed and his body seemed to go slack like he was hanging from his wrist restraints. Alpha looked at the Commander, the Commander nodded again, and Alpha struck Wrestler’s back again.

And then again.

Wrestler hung from his restraints. Alpha adjusted his stance once more to steady himself, but then he noticed the Commander take a step forward and so Alpha put his hands behind his back, holding the flogger.

Wrestler had taken only ten lashes but they were hard blows, with all of Alpha’s immense strength behind them. Alpha nodded to acknowledge the Commander’s order to stop and handed the flogger to the slave. The slave handed Alpha a ring of keys and Alpha walked to the frame and released the padlocks from Wrestler’s restraints, leaving the four short lengths of chain padlocked to the corners of the frame. Wrestler stood up straight, and with pain but as much dignity as he could muster walked back to his place in the line, where his prison scrubs and underwear were still lying in a heap in the dirt. The Commander said “get dressed” and he did.

The Commander then moved to the Colonel and said, “Strip.” The Colonel removed his prison scrubs and underwear, folded each piece neatly and placed them on the ground, and walked toward the frame and stood with his arms stretched like he had seen Wrestler do. The restraints were attached and Alpha padlocked him to the frame.

The flogging proceeded as it had with Wrestler but at no point did the Colonel grunt or let out any sound at all. After ten lashes the Colonel was still standing strong. He was not hanging from the restraints the way Wrestler had. His back was bright red but he was solid as a stone and completely silent.

Alpha swung again.

And again.

After three more strokes the Colonel was still standing strong. He shifted his body as much as he could in the restraints to give himself some relief but had still not uttered a sound.

Alpha swung the flogger five more times and the Colonel began to let out air after each blow but it was not a cry of pain, it was more the sound a weightlifter makes when he presses the barbell above his chest and his spotter tells him to “blow it up, bro.”

The Colonel had now taken 20 lashes and was still standing strong.

Alpha looked at the Commander, who looked at the slave boy, and the slave boy handed Alpha with a different flogger. This strands of this new flogger were much thinner than the wide leather straps of the the first one and Cody knew that this flogger would sting rather than thud.

Alpha adjusted his stance once again and swung the new flogger at the Colonel’s back. The very first lash brought the Colonel’s first real reaction. He was still silent but he tensed noticeably as the sting radiated throughout his body. Cody could see that his arms and legs were trembling.

Alpha struck him again and Cody watched the Colonel’s arms and legs tremble and vibrate.

Another stroke.

Then another.

Cody had enjoyed watching Wrestler and the Colonel get flogged but now he started feeling queasy and wondered if things were going too far.

Cody glanced at Pretty Boy, who looked looked like he was going to throw up; Pretty Boy involuntarily bowed his head down and back up a few times and Cody wondered if the next time he would bend all the way over and throw up in the dirt.

Alpha struck the Colonel again. The Colonel’s legs were trembling almost uncontrollably but still he did not scream; he just let out a large grunt after each stroke.

Cody was ready to say something. He was going to speak up. This was too much. But he looked at the Colonel’s flaming red back and at the massively muscled Alpha, who would clearly do anything the Commander ordered, and Cody knew that Alpha could drag him over to that frame no matter how hard he kicked and struggled. If the Colonel needed this to stop, Cody thought to himself, the Colonel should say something.

Cody was still lost in this thought when he realized the flogging has stopped. Alpha released the Colonel who walked unsteadily back to his place in the line. “Get dressed,” the Commander ordered, and the Colonel put on his boxer shorts and prison bottoms, and then gently pulled his prison top over his head.

The Commander moved in front of Pretty Boy, who now looked not only sick but terrified, and said “Strip.”

Pretty Boy stood there frozen. The Commander glared at him. Alpha walked over and stood just a few feet from Pretty Boy.

“STRIP!” the Commander ordered, loud enough to be heard in the next county.

Still Pretty Boy hesitated.

Trembling, Pretty Boy finally pulled off his prison top and slipped down his bottoms, but as he lifted one foot to take off the pants his legs trembled and Alpha grabbed him to steady him. With Alpha supporting him Pretty Boy slipped off the pants and pulled down his boxer shorts and stood naked. He was shaking.

The Commander shook his head with disappointment and announced to the group, “Back to the dormitory.” Alpha led the way with Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel in their blue scrubs and Pretty Boy walking naked.

The group entered the dormitory and each boy stood at the foot of his cot. Alpha motioned for Pretty Boy to lay on his back on his cot and soon the slave appeared with four sets of shackles. Alpha shackled Pretty Boy spread-eagle on his back to the cot and left the room.

To be continued …

This story is copyright © 2020 by and is used here with permission.


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  1. Some of the detail in this instalment adds to the feeling of “being there” – and there’s more suspense!

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