Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 08

By AlphaMetal

Day 2, Evening – Pretty Boy’s Fate, Part 2

Pretty Boy stood before the Master inside the trailer with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

The Master looked at his boy and said, “You fucked up, boy.”

Pretty Boy looked sad and said, “I know, Sir,”

They looked at each other for a long moment and then the Master gave the handcuffed boy a warm and supportive hug. “Let me take those cuffs off, son,” the Master said, and he removed the handcuffs.

“Are you scared, son?” the Master asked.

“Very much,” Pretty Boy replied honestly.

“I know. It’s OK. Don’t worry, boy. Sit down.”

“I have spoken with the Commander and you won’t be hurt,” the Master said.

Pretty Boy was so overwhelmed with relief that it flooded through him like tears. The boy was so grateful he didn’t know what to say so he just kneeled in front of his Master and opened his mouth slightly.

“Thank you, boy, but sit down. We will do that later. I have missed that but we need to chat.”

“Yes, Sir,” the boy said.

“First of all, this is your one pass this week. If you hesitate or disobey again I have given them permission to punish you, and you will not get to see me or talk to me before it happens. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“OK. Now, listen, I know you don’t like pain, boy. I thought it might be good for you to experience at least a little pain this week, but I had arranged that it wouldn’t be anything serious. If you had been flogged yesterday it would have been very mild, nothing like what you saw happen to the other two. You could easily have taken it. But never mind. Maybe we can try that some other time, maybe not. In any case I have arranged that you will not have any pain play this week.”

Pretty Boy was so relieved he wanted to get on his knees again and offer his mouth but he remained seated.

“But remember that while you are exempt from any kind of pain play, you are not exempt from punishment. Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“As long as you do whatever you are told without hesitation, you will not be hurt this week.”

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much, Sir.”

“But in return you will be expected to do other things this week,” the Master continued. “You will be used for sex.”

Pretty Boy looked at his Master and nodded his acceptance of that arrangement.

“Hey, you must be hungry,” the Master said. Come over to the table and let’s have some supper.

Pretty Boy had not even noticed the smell of the food simmering on the stove because he had been so distracted — first by fear, and then by relief — that he had not paid attention to much else, but he suddenly smelled the food cooking and was surprised he had been totally unware of the smell before. His mind had really been overloaded, he realized.

The Master and his boy sat at the table and dug into the hot dinner almost like they were back home. The boy kicked off his flip-flops and felt totally relaxed.

As they finished the meal the Master looked at Pretty Boy and said, “You know, I think you look beautiful with that buzz cut.”

Pretty Boy was astounded. First, because he had totally forgotten that his hair was gone; he had been so overwhelmed by other emotions that he had not thought about his hair for hours. But also because he had felt so ugly without his beautiful long hair and was surprised by his Master’s compliment.

“I think you look incredibly hot like that,” the Master said. “I have always wanted you to buzz your head.”

Pretty Boy looked at his Master with a surprised smile.

“You have such a pretty face and that long hair just hid it. Without all that hair everyone can see just how pretty your face really is.”

Pretty Boy beamed.

“You know I think you are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life, and I think that every time I see you. And now you look even more beautiful.”

Pretty Boy was overwhelmed. His Master got up from the chair and kissed his boy deeply on the mouth. He reached for the boy’s hand and led him to the bedroom of the trailer.

The Master pulled off the boy’s clothes and pushed him gently toward the bed and watched Pretty Boy lay back naked while the Master took off his own clothes. Pretty Boy looked up at his Master’s fit chest and spread his legs. The Master climbed on top of his boy, with his hairy chest pressing against the boy’s smooth skin, and felt the boy’s legs wrap around his back.

Pretty Boy felt his Master’s hard cock press against his hole and he suddenly realized with a smile why he had been cleaned and lubed. But he soon forgot that as he felt himself filled by the man he loved.


It was dark outside the trailer when Pretty Boy felt his Master kissing his forehead and heard him say, “You need to wake up, son.”

Pretty Boy had fallen asleep with his Master’s cock inside him, and the Master knew he needed the rest after everything he had been through. But the Master also knew the boy needed to be back at the dormitory to spend the night and he did not want it to get too late, so he woke him gently to let him know it was time to go.

“Freshen up in the bathroom and get dressed, boy. I will let them know they can come and get you.”

As Pretty Boy washed up he heard his Master on the phone saying, “You can pick him up now.”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door; the Master opened the door and Alpha was standing respectfully.

Pretty Boy was back in his blue prison scrubs with the flip-flops on his feet but the Master had not cuffed his hands. The Master gave the handcuffs to Alpha and said, “No cuffs for the walk back, OK?” Alpha nodded, the boy stepped out of the trailer, and Alpha and the boy walked back to the dormitory.

It was dark when they got there and the three other boys were already asleep, each with one ankle shackled to his cot. Pretty Boy’s cot still had four shackles attached to each corner and as Pretty Boy lay down on the cot he wondered if he was going to be spread-eagle again. But Alpha locked just one shackle around his ankle and walked out of the room. Pretty Boy pulled the thin sheet over his body and in just a moment he was asleep, remembering the warm feeling of his Master’s cock deep inside him.

To be continued …

Are you enjoying this story? If so be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below! The author is also on Recon under the same screen name, AlphaMetal. This story is copyright © 2020 by and is posted to the Metalbond Prison Library with permission.


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  1. loving this series and can’t wait for more! i find myself checking the website for updates several times a day!

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