Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 12

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Evening – Cody Is Released

Cody had dozed in his straightjacket but woke as he felt the hood pulled off his head. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light he saw the Commander smiling, which was not something Cody had seen before. “You have been here for twelve hours,” the Commander said. “I am proud of you.”

Cody felt proud of himself as well. And he knew the Commander would tell Sir and that Sir would be proud of him also.

Cody felt Alpha unbuckle the straps of the straightjacket but he didn’t want to be released; he felt hugged, held, and protected and didn’t want the feeling to end. But Alpha released the straps and gently removed the rubber straightjacket from Cody’s sweat-covered body, and then handed him a large soft towel so he could dry himself off.

Alpha was holding Cody’s underwear and prison uniform but did not hand them back to Cody, who remained naked next to the chair. The door of the small building opened and Cody’s Sir walked in. Cody was filled with joy. “I am proud of you, boy,” Sir said. “You didn’t know I was here but I watched you most of the time you were in that straightjacket.”

Sir looked at his boy’s strong naked body with love and admiration and then wrapped his arms around Cody and hugged him. “I have to leave now but I am proud of you.” And then Sir turned to the Commander and said, “Thank you.”

After Sir walked out Alpha handed the boy his clothes and the Commander and Alpha led him back to the dormitory building and into the shower room, where he saw the barefoot slaveboy in his white tank top and shorts. Cody was expecting to be told to strip so he could be hosed down but instead the Commander and Alpha left the room and the slave said sweetly, “Go ahead and take a warm shower. I’m told you earned it.”

Cody removed his clothes and turned on one of the showerheads and adjusted the water to a perfect temperature and stood under the water as it poured wonderfully over his body. The slave handed him a fresh bar of soap and Cody began to wash himself. “Take your time,” the slave said, “there is no rush.”

As Cody enjoyed the warm water he saw the slaveboy looking at his wet body. He didn’t mind. Actually it was kind of hot. The slave was enjoying his body and that made Cody feel good. And, Cody realized, as if for the first time, that the slave was really cute. Cody imagined the slave coming up and kneeling and taking his cock in his mouth and he got hard.

But the slave didn’t move, he just continued to look at Cody’s body and especially at his hard and beautiful cock. Cody was sure the slave wanted to service him so he began to stroke his cock as the slave watched, thinking it would let the boy know it was OK and lure him over, but the slave looked down and gently shook his head “no.” Cody figured it must be against the rules – he was sure the slave wanted his cock – so he turned around and put his hands on the wall and just allowed the warm water to pour over him and it felt wonderful.

Cody eventually turned off the faucets and the slaveboy handed him a large towel and he dried himself off. The slave handed him a folded set of clean prison scrubs and clean white boxers and Cody got dressed and followed the slave back to the dormitory, where Pretty Boy and Wrestler were shackled to their cots.

Cody was still turned-on from his shower so he went over to Pretty Boy, pulled down the bottoms of his scrubs, and put his dick in the boy’s face. Pretty Boy took Cody’s cock in his mouth and started working. Pretty Boy’s mouth felt wonderful – warm and soft – but Cody found himself thinking about the slaveboy and imagining that he was back in the shower with the slave on his knees taking care of him. He was feeling strangely sweet on the slave all of a sudden – maybe Sir would like to add him to the family? – and in his mind’s eye he saw the slave’s face and lips as he shot in Pretty Boy’s mouth.


While Cody was still taking his shower the Commander and Alpha went to check on the Colonel. Naturally the man was just as they left him — lying in his restraints with his neck chained to the ring in the floor — but they saw a pool of pool of urine around Colonel’s waist and legs. It was obvious the Colonel had realized it did not make sense to hold it until he was released and let himself piss on the floor where he lay. The Commander looked at the puddle and smiled; the Colonel had gotten the message.

The Colonel did not try to look up when they entered but because of the skylight in the cell he knew it was now dark. He had been chained to the floor for at least 12 hours.

Day 5, Morning – What a Cocky Stud Needs

The Colonel heard the cell door open and woke to see sunlight on the concrete floor near his face. He realized it was the next morning. He had been chained to the floor for 24 hours.

From his position on the floor he could see a pair of large black boots and the bare feet of several boys, and when he twisted his neck he saw Cody, Wrestler, and Pretty Boy in their prison scrubs next to Alpha and the slaveboy.

It was morning and the Colonel needed to piss, but he guessed he was not going to be released any time soon so he just let the piss flow out his dick and felt the warm liquid pool around him. He knew the boys were watching but the relief of emptying his bladder was greater than the shame of lying in his own piss.

After he pissed the slave put a water bottle to the Colonel’s lips and he drank deeply. Then the slave put a protein bar in his mouth and he chewed and swallowed it hungrily. As he chewed the food he realized he was going to be on the floor a lot longer.


While the Colonel lay chained to the floor the Commander was in his trailer thinking about Wrestler. The Commander had seen that Wrestler was obedient; the jock did what he was told without pause or delay. The Commander remembered how he held out his arms to be restrained to the flogging frame without the slightest hesitation and he had observed Wrestler over the video system allowing himself to get sucked by Gray Beard; the jock stood like a statue motionless and without the slightest resistance while an old bottom with a beer-belly kneeled and sucked him. The Commander had been impressed.

But the Commander had also observed that even when Wrestler was obeying there was an arrogance in his eyes and body language. Even when he was being sucked by Gray Beard, with his hands locked behind his head in a pose of submission, his stance still projected a sense of superiority as if his body were announcing, “I’m the real man here.”

That look of arrogance would make Wrestler very attractive to a lot of boys if he were a Dom. But he wasn’t. He was a 26-year-old sub. And the Commander needed to remind him. Maybe 24-hours chained to a cot would change the boy’s frame of mind. So he gave the order to Alpha.


As Wrestler lay naked on his back, with his wrists and ankles cuffed to the four corners of the cot, Cody stood over the boy’s body and looked at him.

Cody no longer worried or cared if Wrestler would judge him for staring, or think he wasn’t “cool.” Cody didn’t give a damn what the jock thought anymore, and as he looked over every inch of Wrestler’s muscled but helpless body he didn’t care that Wrestler could see the lust in his eyes.

Cody stared at Wrestler’s ankles in the shackles and at his large and perfectly-formed feet. He looked at the soft skin on Wrestler’s soles – there wasn’t a callous or blemish of any kind – and he kneeled down put his face flat up against the bottom of one of those beautiful feet, sniffed it deeply, and then started to lick. He ran his tongue flat against the arch, then up to the toes, then between the toes, and he sucked Wrestler’s big toe like he was giving it a blow job. Cody stroked his own cock while he licked and sucked Wrestler’s feet and didn’t give a damn what Wrestler thought of him. He was just thrilled that the jock was shackled and helpless.

Cody moved his face between the jock’s legs and put his tongue under his smoothly shaved balls and stuck the tip of his tongue against the boy’s clean hole. Wrestler may have been angry but the feeling of Cody’s warm wet tongue flicking on his hole made him hard and Cody moved to Wrestler’s cock and took it deep in his mouth.

Pretty Boy came up to the cot and began rubbing his hands on the jock’s pecs and six-pack as Cody sucked Wrestler’s cock. Cody thought Pretty Boy deserved to play with Wrestler’s cock, and he had already started thinking of the jock’s feet again so he moved back to the boy’s feet and licked.

Through the corner of his eye Cody saw Pretty Boy pull off his scrubs and climb onto the cot straddling Wrestler. Cody positioned himself so he could lick Wrestler’s feet and watch Pretty Boy straddle the shackled athlete and he saw Pretty Boy lower himself onto Wrestler’s cock and raise himself up and down, using Wrestler’s cock in his ass like it was a sex toy.

Cody had to stop stroking himself or he would have shot his load because he was so excited by the taste of Wrestler’s feet in his mouth and by the way Pretty Boy was using the arrogant jock like he was just an object.

Wrestler was pulling against his shackles and getting close to orgasm whether he wanted one or not. Wrestler’s body tensed as he started to cum in Pretty Boy’s ass and Pretty Boy grabbed his own cock and shot his boy-load onto the jock’s chest.

Pretty Boy sat for a moment enjoying the hardness and warmth in his ass and and then leaned forward and licked the large pools of his cum from Wrestler’s chest. But rather than swallow it he put his mouth against Wrestler’s lips and spit his own cum onto the jock’s mouth. Wrestler could lick it off or leave it there, Pretty Boy didn’t care; he figured the jock would be humiliated either way.

The Commander and Alpha walked into the room and saw Pretty Boy straddling Wrestler’s cock. The Commander was not displeased to see the jock used that way. It had been a hard few days for Cody and Pretty Boy and the Commander was glad they were having some fun; they had been good boys and earned the right to enjoy Wrestler’s body for a while. But the Commander needed to establish his authority so he snapped his fingers loudly and Pretty Boy raised himself off Wrestler. Pretty Boy enjoyed hearing Wrestler moan as his still-sensitive cock slid out of his hole.

The Commander enjoyed what the boys had done to Wrestler without any planning on his part but he knew it would just make the jock even more conceited to know much Cody and Pretty Boy wanted his body. Wrestler would never let Cody know it, but from the first day he saw Cody naked he had admired him; Cody was almost as much of a jock as Wrestler and Wrestler loved that another hot jock wanted him so badly. The Commander knew exactly what Wrestler was thinking and it just confirmed his decision that the boy needed an attitude adjustment.

So the Commander gave a hand signal to Alpha, who held a large gag in front of Wrestler as he lay shackled to the cot. “Open your mouth,” the Commander ordered, and the first time the Commander saw the jock hesitate: this was not an order that would make him feel like a man.

The Commander had figured out how the jock’s mind worked. When Wrestler had allowed himself to be chained to the flogging post he did not feel humiliated by the spread-eagle position, or by the thought of being whipped in public; he felt tough showing the small crowd that he was not afraid to take the lash. And while many men feel humiliated when they are ordered to strip in front of other men the Commander knew that wasn’t Wrestler’s reaction at all; each time Wrestler had been ordered to strip he thought about how good his body looked naked and how every man in the crowd was looking at him with desire… or jealousy…. or both.

The Commander knew Wrestler’s attitude would not be adjusted with more floggings or strip searches; they would only make the problem worse. So the Commander said once again, in an even firmer voice, “OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH.”

Wrestler knew he wouldn’t feel tough or manly with the gag in his mouth; he would feel like an object. But he saw Alpha ready to pull his jaws apart if the Commander flicked a finger so he opened his mouth despite the shame.

The Commander let Wrestler stay with his mouth open for a long moment to increase his humiliation, knowing that everyone in the room was looking at him. The longer the pause lasted the more embarrassed Wrestler felt with his mouth open. He thought about slamming it shut to show everyone he wasn’t afraid of whatever pain the Commander might inflict on him but something inside him was already feeling just humbled enough to keep his mouth open.

Alpha inserted the gag and buckled it behind Wrestler’s head. The gag had a large hole in the middle so Wrestler could breathe through his mouth as well as his nose but it pressed the boy’s jaws open wide and in the first few seconds Wrestler knew he would have to struggle just to swallow his own spit. He felt violated and he imagined what he must look like with the gag in his mouth. It wasn’t a masculine picture.

But the Commander wasn’t finished with him yet. Wrestler felt one of Alpha’s large fingers slide inside his asshole to lube it up and then Alpha pressed the point of a large cone-shape butt plug against the hole.

Alpha pressed the butt plug until it entered the boy with a painful pop. Wrestler felt even more violated by the plug than by the gag; he felt less and less like a stud from the gym, and more and more like a slave.

Then Alpha wrapped a thin leather cord around the top of Wrestler’s ball sac and pulled it to the foot of the cot, stretching his balls, and tied the cord to the end of the cot. As Wrestler lay shackled on his back, with a gag in his mouth, a plug in his ass, and his balls stretched tight, he heard the Commander say to Alpha: “Twenty-four hours.”

Day 5, Afternoon – Release, Comfort, and Sex

The Colonel was roused by the sound of Alpha’s police baton banging the bars of the cell to get his attention. Alpha opened the cell door, bent down, and released the padlock that attached the Colonel’s chain collar to the steel ring in the floor.

The Colonel could barely move after more than 24 hours on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back. Alpha allowed the Colonel to stretch a bit for a few minutes and then pushed him with his boot. It was not painful, and it was not even a kick, it was just a message that the Colonel needed to stand up.

The Colonel brought himself painfully to a kneeling position – the hard concrete floor causing a brand new pain to his knees – and tried to stand but couldn’t. The Colonel was afraid of Alpha’s boots and his wooden police baton but he physically could not rise to his feet and looked up at Alpha with eyes that communicated surrender.

But instead of kicking him or striking him with the baton Alpha gently held the Colonel and helped him to his feet, and then supported him for a few moments until he got his balance. The Colonel was confused. He had expected to be struck by this giant monster who just the day before had chained his face to a concrete floor, but instead Alpha seemed to be treating him with…. kindness?

The Colonel finally signaled that he could stand on his own and took a few steps to show Alpha that he could walk. Alpha nodded at him in way that seemed to be a gesture of…. respect?

Alpha then released the Colonel’s leg shackles so it would be easier for him to walk, looped them over the handcuffs so the man wouldn’t trip on them, and led the Colonel back toward the dormitory. As they walked Alpha did not stand behind the Colonel, ready to shove him if he paused, but walked next to him.

The Commander was waiting in the dormitory when the Colonel and Alpha walked in. The other three boys were laying on their cots in their blue prison scrubs but the Commander barked “On your feet!” when the Colonel walked in the door.

Alpha released the Colonel from the handcuffs and the belly chain and motioned that he could lay on his cot. About an hour later the slaveboy walked into the dormitory and approached the Colonel. “Come with me, please,” the slave said. “It’s nothing bad.”

The Colonel stretched his aching body and stood up and the slave led him to the shower room where he saw that a low massage table had been placed along the wall opposite the shower heads. “Would you like a back rub?” the slave asked sweetly, and the Colonel pulled of his scrub top and climbed onto the massage table face down.

The Colonel felt the slave’s small hands gently rub oil on his shoulders and back and then the slave began a deep and strong massage that began to release the pain of the past 24 hours. The Colonel was amazed at how strongly this small boy was able to massage his back. There was surprising power in the boy’s thin arms and he had clearly been trained to provide a very professional massage. The Colonel imagined that his Master probably enjoyed massages like this frequently, maybe even daily. The Colonel closed his eyes and felt his pain melt away.

After a while the slaveboy bent close to the Colonel’s ear and said softly, “I have to leave and do something but you are free to lay here as long as you like. Whenever you are ready you may take a warm shower; I have left a fresh bar of soap, clean towels, and a clean prison uniform for you. Don’t worry, you will be alone; Alpha will not disturb you. You may stay in this room for the next several hours, so there is no rush; relax and take your time.”

The Colonel watched the slaveboy walk away, thinking how pretty his small ass looked in his shorts and thinking that the boy looked even prettier because he was so sweet.


The slave returned to the dormitory, went up to Pretty Boy, and said “follow me.” The slave led Pretty Boy into the room next to the dormitory and Pretty Boy saw the gardener casually leaning against the table, looking as sexy as ever in his dirty jeans and baseball cap. The slave left the two of them alone.

“I noticed you the other night,” the Gardener said. “And again when you were digging that ditch. You looked good.”

“I noticed you too,” Pretty Boy replied.

“That ditch looked like hard work.”

“Yeah but it was OK.”

After a few moments of silence the gardener said quietly, “So they told me what your other job is here.”

“Yeah,” Pretty Boy replied. He had already guessed why the gardener was here.

“You doing OK with it?” the gardener asked.

“Oh yeah. I’m OK.”


“Very really,” smiled Pretty Boy.

The gardener smiled back with a sparkle in his eye, but not in a lecherous way; it looked more like he was genuinely relieved that Pretty Boy was OK with the situation.

Wow, Pretty Boy thought. Not only is this guy sexy as fuck but he seems nice too.

It was obvious to Pretty Boy why the gardener was there but he hadn’t ordered him around, or told him to strip, or talked to him like some piece of meat. He hadn’t even touched him. He was just talking to him.

“By the way, I think you look really hot with that buzzed hair. Do you always keep your hair like that?”

Pretty Boy smiled. “No.”

“Well it looks great. I can really see your lips. You have great lips.”

And with that Pretty Boy knew exactly what the man wanted. But still, it felt almost like the gardener was… flirting. The man could have ordered Pretty Boy to get on his knees and suck and they both knew it, but instead they were talking, almost like they were at a bar. Pretty Boy even had a sense that if he asked the gardener to leave, he would. But Pretty Boy didn’t want the gardener to leave.

“Anyway,” the sweet redneck said, “this is one of the perks of the job.”

“I’m OK with it,” Pretty Boy replied. “Very OK with it.”

The gardener started to rub the crotch of his jeans and then undid his belt, opened the buttons of his fly, and pulled down his jeans. Pretty Boy got on his knees and began to lick the head of the gardener’s cock and then licked down the shaft and heard the gardener moan as he leaned back against the table. Pretty Boy took the man’s long cock in his mouth and swallowed it all the way down, letting it hit the very back of his throat, and began to move his head back and forth.

Pretty Boy felt the gardener’s hands on his head but not in a rough way; the gardener was not moving the boy’s head the way some men do, he was just running his hands gently over the stubble of his buzz cut; it was obvious he really did like Pretty Boy’s hair like that and it made the boy happy.

Pretty Boy loved the feeling of the gardener’s hands stroking his head and he loved the smell coming from the hard-working man’s hairy crotch; he breathed it deeply through his nose as he kept his mouth tightly sealed on the man’s cock. Pretty Boy was totally into the job he was doing and wanted this guy to have the best experience of his life. He used one of his hands to play with the gardener’s balls, wrapped his tongue around the guy’s cock inside his mouth, and began using his other hand to stroke the man’s cock as it went in and out of his mouth.

Pretty Boy sincerely wanted to give this man the best blowjob of his life and when he felt the gardener’s strong hands tighten their grip on his head to keep his cock buried in the boy’s throat as he shot his load, he knew he had succeeded.

To be continued …

This story is copyright © 2020 by and is posted to the Metalbond Prison Library with permission.


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5 thoughts on “Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 12”

  1. A good chapter touching on each of the slaves and their individual need for being there. 24 hours on the concrete for the Colonel is my type of long term bondage and slow punishment. He ends up just being an object left alone to stew and cope. Plugging one hole and keeping the other hole open on Wrestler is a good way to demonstrate he is also meant to be just an object. I look forward to more of the story and hopefully some interaction between Wrestler and Cody since they like each other. There’s great character development happening.

  2. Very hot story! The kind of situation any sub like me would like to be get into. I’m always looking forward to the next part.

    1. @ slavebladeboi: Think about what Wrestler needs. (What is his “problem” and how does it need to be addressed?)

      @Socalbnd: You totally get it about the Colonel’s time chained to the concrete (and that doesn’t surprise me at all!). And thanks for the kind words about the character development. That was an important part of the writing for me, and why this is a “novel” instead of a series of short stories.

      @Sub morroi: So glad you are enjoying it and looking forward to more.

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