Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 13

By AlphaMetal

Day 6, Early Morning – Cody on the Bondage Table

Cody, Pretty Boy, and the Colonel were lined up in front of the large, solid bondage table in the intake room, the one with rings along its top, bottom, and sides. Wrestler wasn’t there; he was still shackled to his cot in the dormitory.

The Commander told Cody to take off his clothes and lay on the table on his back, and the boy quickly pulled off his prison scrubs and underwear and climbed onto the table. The Commander handed the Colonel a small basket with four leather restraints, four large open padlocks, and four small open padlocks, and told the Colonel to restrain Cody spread-eagle to the table. Usually Alpha would have done this, Cody thought, but for some reason the Commander directed the Colonel to perform the task. There was something different about the Colonel than the other boys but Cody still couldn’t figure it out.

Cody spread his arms and the Colonel began to buckle a restraint on one of Cody’s wrists. “Make them tight,” the Commander said, and the Colonel moved the pin of the buckle to the next hole so the restraint gripped Cody’s wrist with no room to spare. The Colonel locked the restraint with one of the small padlocks and then did the same thing to Cody’s other wrist, and then he used two of the large padlocks to attach Cody’s wrist restraints to rings on opposite sides of the table.

The Colonel them moved to the bottom of the table where Cody’s bare feet were about a foot from each other. “Spread your legs,” the Colonel said to Cody in a firm voice. Cody was surprised. He had never been given an order by one of the other boys. But between the tone of the Colonel’s voice, and the fact the Commander said nothing when the Colonel gave him the order, and Alpha’s looming presence, Cody spread his feet as wide as he could. The Colonel locked restraints tightly on the boy’s ankles and padlocked them to the table.

“Hood him,” the Commander said to the Colonel, handing him a black hood which the Colonel slipped over Cody’s head. The hood had openings for Cody’s mouth, nose, and eyes but the Commander handed the Colonel a blindfold with thick leather padding that was sure to block out Cody’s vision completely. The Colonel lifted Cody’s head and fastened the blindfold around the hood using its velcro. The Colonel noticed that the blindfold the Commander gave him had velcro in the place that would sit under Cody’s head instead of a metal buckle. The Colonel admired the Commander’s choice of equipment and stored it away as a mental note.

Cody was now tightly spread-eagle on the table, hooded, and blindfolded. Cody heard the Commander’s muffled voice through the hood saying, “shave him” and within a few moments he felt water and shaving cream spread over his crotch. He didn’t know whose hands were touching him but they were small and smooth and he assumed it was probably the slaveboy.

Cody felt the small amount of stubble that had grown back on his crotch since the intake wiped clean with a razor. He thought the table-plus-hood-plus-blindfold thing was a lot of work to shave a boy’s crotch but he knew the Commander loved ritual, and his own Sir believed a boy should always be restrained for shaving, so it made sense.

Cody felt a warm towel remove the leftover shaving cream from his balls and then felt the towel wrapped around his cock to clean it; the towel going up and down felt like a hand job and he wanted the stroking to continue but it didn’t.

Cody was now freshly shaved and clean and expected to feel the restraints being removed. Instead nothing happened for a few minute, and then he felt a well-greased finger entered his hole and began to move around. It felt good and Cody let out a moan. He wanted it to continue; he wanted the finger to probe his ass and touch his prostate and hoped that soon he would feel a wet hand wrapped around his hard cock. The finger continued to play with his hole for a while, lubing it up well, and then was withdrawn. Then Cody felt a much harder pressure against his hole; something much bigger was being pressed against it, and was pressed harder and harder until Cody’s hole began to feel pain, and then more and more pain as the thing got pushed deeper inside him. Fuck, he thought. He loved getting fingered and fucked but he never liked huge toys in his ass. He wondered how big this thing was and then felt a POP as it slid fully into his hole, and he realized it was a plug.

Cody’s Sir had plugged him a few times; he told Cody it made a boy feel more submissive and obedient and Sir was right; Cody’s mindset always changed a little with a plug in his ass.

OK, now he was shaved and plugged and feeling very much like a slave, which must have been the point. The Commander really knows how to change a boy’s head, Cody thought. When they unstrapped him Cody knew he was going to feel extremely obedient in this condition.

But rather than being unstrapped Cody felt more fingers on his crotch and he felt some kind of loop placed around his cock and balls and tightened. They obviously wanted him in some kind of cock ring but there was no way a metal ring could be put on him now, with his cock this hard, so the loop made sense. He felt it tighten around his cock and balls which just made him more excited and even harder.

Cody lay there wondering was going to happen next and then felt a strong tingling sensation surge from deep inside his body to his cock and a warmth spread throughout his hole. It stopped and then he felt it again, stronger, and felt his ass clinch involuntarily. Cody felt himself pull against his restraints and lift his head off the table and felt another jolt. He realized that the plug in his ass and the loop around his balls were electrodes.

The jolts weren’t painful, just kind of weird, but also a turn-on. Cody felt his cock throb like he was being jacked off but he could tell no-one was touching him. He felt the warm pulse move through his ass and cock and laid his head back to enjoy it. Then the sensation stopped and he wondered what was happening.

Cody then heard a muffled voice through his hood saying, “Get ready, boy. TAKE IT, boy” and felt a very strong pulse strike his ass and crotch. He ass clenched and contracted tightly and had no control over the contraction. It lasted about three seconds and was painful. When the current was on, he definitely wanted it turned off.

Cody heard the muffled voice say once again “TAKE IT, BOY” but this time there was a pause before the jolt hit, and the anticipation of the jolt was awful. Cody felt completely helpless, tightly restrained spread-eagle on the table and unable to stop the jolt from coming. If they had wanted him to feel completely powerless and vulnerable, they had succeeded. And then it hit, another three seconds that he desperately wanted to end.

It did end, and he breathed again, not sure how many of these jolts he could take and knowing they could do this to him for hours and he was completely helpless.

But instead of another jolt Cody felt the blindfold removed from the hood and there was a voice, close enough to his ear that he could hear it, saying “You took that well, boy. I am proud of you. Now relax. I promise I won’t hurt you like that again. Just breath and let yourself relax; you will enjoy what happens next, I promise.”

Cody began to calm down and breathe more normally and soon he felt a wonderful gentle warmness fill his ass and tingle though his cock. It felt like he was being gently fingered and stroked at the same time and then the sensation started coming in steady and predictable waves that allowed him to relax and feel himself being pleasured. He felt more and more aroused and as the waves probed and stroke him and he felt an orgasm coming even though no-one was touching his body. He leaned his head forward and looked at his dick – this why they removed the blindfold – and saw cum explode from his dick as he let out a loud moan of pleasure and felt the cum land on his sweaty naked chest. He lay back in his restraints and bathed in the glow and felt like he could stay like that for hours.

Day 6, Late Morning – A Cocky Stud Brought Down

The boys were back in the dorm after Cody’s electro session and the Commander told them to gather around the cot where Wrestler still lay shackled, gagged, and plugged. Alpha released Wrestler from cot and the Commander told the boy to dress and put his hands behind his back.

When Wrestler was standing in his scrubs the Commander looked him in the eye and said, “Piss.”

Wrestler did nothing.

“Piss NOW,” the Commander ordered. “Right now, in your scrubs, right where you are. PISS. Let it out, boy. Right now.”

Cody saw look of genuine humiliation in Wrestler’s eyes. This was not the pride and arrogance he had seen every time Wrestler he had been ordered to strip and pulled the clothes off his stud body. This was a genuine look of humiliation, which turned to a look of surrender, and then a dark stain formed at Wrestler’s crotch, and spread down the legs of his scrubs, and then piss dripped on his feet, and in a minute his beautiful bare feet were in a puddle of urine.

Cody saw Wrestler’s look of humiliation as he stood in a pool of piss with his prison scrubs sticking to his muscular legs because of the liquid.

Wrestler was wet and humiliated but knew better than to move without permission. And, somehow, Wrestler felt he shouldn’t move without permission.

Finally, the Commander looked at Wrestler and said: “Strip and clean up that mess.” The jock removed his sticky scrubs and took a towel offered by the slaveboy and he got down on one knee and started to wipe the piss from the floor. But then Wrestler paused; he put both knees on the ground in a kneeling position and looked up at the Commander, who gave him a small smile that suggested, “good boy.”

When Wrestler was finished wiping up his piss the slave handed him a fresh set of scrubs and the Commander told him to get dressed.

After Wrestler’s piss humiliation was finished the slave told Pretty Boy to follow him back to the same room where he had been with the gardener the day before.

Pretty Boy thought the gardener had come back for more and felt a tingle of excitement, like he had been asked on a second date by a hot guy he really liked. But when they got to the room Pretty Boy did not see the hunky gardener but instead an overweight older man in a leather vest and a young guy who looked like a skater. The young guy was slim but all tendons and tight muscle. He was wearing a sleeveless metal band t-shirt and tight shorts that went to his knees and had dirty blond hair and blond fuzz on his skinny legs. He also messy tattoos on his forearm and piercings in one eyebrow and his lip. Pretty Boy thought he looked like a cross between a skater and “street trash.” The kid reminded him of one of the dirty str8 boys in “gay for pay” videos.

The older man said to Pretty Boy, “He likes to fuck, so every now and then I give him a treat.” The man’s comment did not seem to call for a reply so Pretty Boy didn’t say anything. The older man told Pretty Boy to take off his clothes, which he did, and then asked the skater, “Do you like him?”

“Oh fuck yeah sir,” the skater replied, “Hell yeah. Thank you.”

The man told Pretty Boy to bend over the table and held Pretty Boy’s wrists firmly to keep him in place. Pretty Boy felt the skater lube his hole with a very quick swipe; the boy was obviously excited and couldn’t wait to get inside him. The he felt the skater’s hands grab his hips and he felt the kid’s cock slide roughly into his hole.

“Damn, he has a big dick,” Pretty Boy thought. It was thick, so thick it caused him pain, but he could tell the skater wasn’t trying to hurt him, he was just really anxious to fuck. The skater pounded him hard for a few strokes and shot his load quickly and then got still. Pretty Boy assumed the kid was about to pull out but the skater dug his fingers even more deeply into Pretty Boy’s hips, pressed him hard against the edge of the table, and started thrusting again. In just a moment Pretty Boy could feel the skater’s cock get really large inside him and the kid shot another load.

The skater rested inside Pretty Boy for just a moment and then pulled out, but the old man did not release his grip on Pretty Boys wrists; he was still holding them firmly, keeping Pretty Boy bent over the table.

The man asked the skater, “Good for you?” and the kid replied, “Fuck yeah. Thank you. Fuck yeah.”

With that the man let go of Pretty Boy’s hands and Pretty Boy stood up. The skater slapped Pretty Boy’s ass; it felt like something the skater thought he “should do” to a boy he just fucked. Then the man and the skater walked out of the room leaving Pretty Boy dazed. The whole thing had lasted only about 15 minutes and he had two loads in his ass. But it was kinda hot, Pretty Boy thought.

Day 7, Morning – The Colonel Takes It

After their breakfast and morning clean-up the four boys were led to the intake room where they saw a leather sling hanging from the ceiling.

Alpha motioned for Cody, Wrestler, Pretty Boy, and the Colonel to line up, which they did, and Cody noticed that the slaveboy, who was always around to help out, was not present. The Commander pointed at the Colonel, and announced, “He needs to get fucked.”

That was strange way to phrase it, Cody thought — “He needs to get fucked” — but did not give it much more attention.

The Commander told the Colonel to get naked and the man removed his clothes and, as always, carefully folded his scrubs and boxer shorts and placed them on the floor. “Into the sling,” the Commander ordered, and the Colonel hoisted himself into the sling. Alpha buckled the leather restraints around the Colonel’s wrists and ankles and locked them with small padlocks. Everyone waited for a long moment and then the Commander looked at Alpha and said: “Fuck him.”

Alpha stood between the Colonel’s legs and picked up a large pump bottle of lube from the floor. He greased the Colonel’s ass, put his hard cock against the Colonel’s hole, and thrust in.

The Colonel let out sound of pain and said loudly, “No. Wait. Please.”

Cody was shocked by the Colonel’s words and expected Alpha to ignore the man’s request and continue pounding, but strangely Alpha stopped his thrust and looked over at the Commander. Cody was confused. Since when had Alpha taken instructions from any of them?

Cody was confused by the Colonel’s request as well; this man had taken a brutal flogging without making a sound but spoke up to ask Alpha to go easy on his ass. It was almost like he had never been fucked before.

Everyone in the room looked stunned as well, not only that the Colonel had dared to ask Alpha to stop, but even more that Alpha had actually stopped. They all looked at the Commander to see how he would respond.

Everyone knew that if the Commander told Alpha to pound the Colonel’s hole the bodybuilder would jackhammer it mercilessly, and Cody knew that the Commander was not one to let a boy run the show. Cody expected to hear the Commander say “Fuck him” and to see Alpha pound the Colonel, screams or not.

But instead the Commander put his hand up to indicate “stop.” He was giving the Colonel a moment to settle in. What’s going on here, Cody wondered?

Alpha stood perfectly still as ordered. In a moment the Colonel give a small nod, the Commander nodded to Alpha, and Alpha began a series of firm but slow strokes into the Colonel’s ass.

What IS the deal here, Cody wondered? The Commander had allowed the Colonel to decide when he was ready to get fucked. The Commander had deferred to the Colonel. What the hell? The Commander had treated the Colonel with respect and Cody was confused, but soon he was too excited to think about it as he watched Alpha to slide in and out.

Cody watched the Colonel’s face relax, and then take on a look of calmness, which turned into a look of pleasure. The Colonel’s soft cock even began to get hard until it was stiff against the man’s stomach. The Colonel began to breathe heavily and moan, totally absorbed in being fucked.

Alpha thrust faster and harder and the Colonel moaned more loudly, and Alpha’s body began to shake and tense up. Alpha looked to the Commander with a look that suggested “I need an answer NOW” and the Commander nodded. Alpha curled his fist around the Colonel’s rock-hard cock but before the bodybuilder could give it even one stroke the Colonel began to shoot a stream of cum onto his own chest and Alpha’s ass made a series of small jerks as he shot his load deep into the Colonel’s body.

Alpha stayed inside the Colonel just a moment and when he withdrew Cody could see the Colonel’s hairy chest was matted with sweat and cum. Alpha looked at the Commander who nodded at him again, and Alpha scooped the Colonel’s cum with his fingers and put them into the Colonel’s mouth. The Colonel closed his lips around Alpha’s fingers and began sucking his own cum.

To be continued …

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