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Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

Both this muzzle and the blindfold coverings are bucked to the sides and top of the hood when you want to isolate your captive completely. When not using these two covers, you have open eyes so your prisoner can see what you’re going to do to him or an open mouth so he can get down and take care of your cock.

Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

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Leather bondage gear: Asylum Muzzle

Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 04

By Sang Freud

Note: This is the continuation of a story. To start at the very beginning, click for Part 00.

Tom was utterly dependent on the two orderlies as they led him out of the exam room and into the corridor. His eyes searched in vain for even the smallest bit of light or shadow in the VR helmet, and the straitjacket held his arms tight against his body. Somehow, though, the earplugs were the most terrifying. True to Brian’s word, Tom could hear absolutely nothing, not even his own blood circulating. He tried to ask Joe and Mike where they were taking him, but he didn’t even hear his own voice. Only a warning from the nerve interface told him that he had in fact made any noise at all.

When the helmet allowed his vision and hearing to return, Tom was standing in front of a solid panel of steel with a giant C painted on the door. No food slot, no observation window, not even a handle or a keyhole. Just an LCD timer and a red or green light indicating whether the cell was occupied. Like a bank vault, it was thick, heavy, and lined with an airtight gasket.

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True Potential – Part 01

By BootDeputy

Logan parked his beat-up car in a slot at the end of the lot of the apartment building. Sixteen stories of glass and balconies towering over him. He pulled out his phone and checked the messages describing his instructions.

Logan put one hand underneath his shirt and pulled the rubber layer away from his arm pit to adjust its fit. It was only his second time wearing it, and still getting used to it. Though it gripped his body nicely and he liked how it looked over his developing muscles. He had to switch to XL shirts two months ago. After he had met Officer Rick.

Officer Rick was an older, well-built Man that Logan met at an auto shop. Logan was trying to find parts for his water pump that needed to be replaced, and after about 20 minutes staring at the same shelf, Rick walked over to him and helped him out. He was getting cleaning supplies for his motorcycle Rick told Logan.

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