True Potential – Part 03

By BootDeputy

“Keep it up, almost done.” A stern voice called from above Logan. He had been pissing in the funnel for what felt like three minutes now. It was mostly beer piss which went down the easiest for Logan, like drinking out of a warm water bottle.

When he finally finished, Logan mentally tallied his sixth load of urine being soaked up in his stomach.

Like pipework. Just like a real urinal, he thought to himself.

The Man had left the bathroom. He was only the second person to communicate something at Logan, making it feel a bit more intimate. The other four just simply walked in, pissed and left, which made Logan feel pulled toward a mindset that he could only describe as powerful and omnipresent in his own mind.

The door opened again, more bootsteps echoing toward Logan. He prepared himself to take a seventh load, but instead felt himself rise.

“Need to drain the tank, object?” Officer Rick asked.

Logan hadn’t even noticed the strain in his bladder. It was surprising how much a person can disconnect their minds from their bodies. He nodded his head as a yes.

“Hold on a minute,” Officer Rick then started to manipulate Logans locked cock and balls. Something slipped around and behind the base ring and pulled it downward, “Alright, now clear out those pipes.” Officer Rick commanded.

Taking a few seconds to relax the bladder, Logan emptied himself.

Pipeworks, just like a real urinal. A real object. Logan repeated this to himself like a mantra giving him a clear mind.

“Nice! Almost got the bucket half full there. Time to close the cycle. Keep at attention.” Officer Rick demanded and removed the bucket from Logan’s balls. Then He flooded Logan’s mouth with second-hand piss.


Officer Rick poured half of it into the urinal’s funnel then dumped the rest in the shower drain. No use in making him have to piss during his second shift.

He then took off the funnel and thick hood, making sure that Logan was still looking down and he was. Officer Rick smiled. He lowered Logan to the ground and got him out of the suspension harness. He started to remove the straitjacket, “Ready for the next role ashtray? I’m gonna put it in a chair for this round of service. Keep it simple.” Officer Rick looked into the mirror and saw the chastity cage stiffen a bit as He pulled the jacket off Logan.

“Stand behind me and put one hand on my shoulder. Keep eyes down so object doesn’t trip, and don’t let them wander to any of the Men in the room. It doesn’t need to know who is using it, just that it is being used.” Logan nodded his head in confirmation.

Officer Rick stood in front of Logan and when He felt a hand appear on His shoulder, He walked out of the bathroom and towards the Smoking room He set up for hot-boxing the room. This was the reason he had the ventilation system installed. It quickly cycled the air in this room out and replaced with fresh air without it flowing into the rest of the apartment. As it was getting installed he opted to have that option for the main area and his bedroom as well.

It was the largest room after the master bedroom. Walls painted black, low recessed lighting, and a circular poker table on one side. A cage was fixed underneath it and Nicks’ biker sub was locked inside. He was stripped of the leather suit, now just in the boots, muzzle, and mits locked around his wrists were added. He watched intensely as Officer Rick led Logan into a wooden chair that was sitting low on a platform with wheels. Thick leather straps draped over the entire chair.

He turned to Logan and snapped the rubber blindfold into the hood, and cautiously guided Logan into the chair.

“Show hands,” He ordered, and Logan extended them out from the armrests. Officer Rick stuffed them inside a pair of rubber fist-mits. He brought out the hand pump again and inflated the mits, containing Logan’s hands in a way that forced him to grab the stiff balls of air between rubber layers.

He started putting on the straps. There were fifteen in all, and then there was the head immobilizer. But before Officer Rick put those in place, He took out the ashtray gag.


“Open wide,” Logan did as commanded and Officer Rick put the bite into his mouth and adjusted the head strap to keep it more stable, “That’s the ashtray. If one of the Men decides to rest their cigar in there, biting down will help keep it up. I don’t expect object to mentally exhaust itself so gonna keep its head locked forward. Press against the headrest.” Officer Rick strapped it into place and took a step back to admire his work.

Logan tested the straps. Watching him struggle, Officer Rick started to rub at his cock. The muscle sub in the kennel huffed audibly. He looked down and saw him humping the air desperately, cock hard and erect.

Officer Rick loved these moments. Surrounded by subs that were dependent upon him without any of the complications of unsureness or quarrel. God, he wanted to thank the person who started to provide gags to the public. He walked behind the chair that Logan was strapped in and pushed it toward the side wall between Nick’s St. Andrew’s Cross that he kept here, and two armchairs for lounging.

“I think an ashtray has the best opportunity for use here.” He pulled out a cigar and watched Logan continue to test the straps, “It does wonders to me to see it struggle.”

Officer Rick raised and placed the tread of his boot on the chastity cage and punched the cap of the cigar. Pulling a small torch out of his breast pocket, he set the foot of the cigar ablaze, pressing down on the chastity cage. Logan moaned and pulled against the straps. He exhaled in Logan’s rubberized face.


The smell of tobacco was strong again and the gag weighed down forward. Logan tightened his lower jaw to compensate for the burning cigar that was placed in it. There was conversation scattered around him, the closest being to his immediate right. On the left he was able to hear muffled yelling and the impact of leather against skin. Someone on few yards a head of him said, “…good boy…”.

Scattered laughter, creaking leather, and heavy breathing whispered into Logan’s ears beyond the rubber hood that has been his head for hours now.

There was so much passion and intimacy around Logan, and he felt a world away from it all under the rubber. The closest he got was when the smoke snaked its way into the nose holes, or when a cigar was placed in the tray,

I’m the ashtray, I have a purpose. He thought.

There was some conflict of desire that Logan was going through. The desire to interact with the Men that were in the room and savoring the fact that it wasn’t even an option for him. He had been so isolated from the community and intimacy for so long. The desire was making him want to fidget, but he also didn’t want to drop a Man’s cigar or even come across as unavailable for the ashtray that he was.

That’s what I am right now. Ashtray.

Part of the conflict was that the gag was the first piece of gear that didn’t feel comfortable around his mouth. He could feel the edges of the plastic straps dig into the skin a bit. Even more so when he had to clench his jaw to support the cigar like he was doing now.

It must be the Man who was doing the flogging. He hadn’t touched it for almost five minutes, or maybe it was three. It was getting harder for Logan to estimate the passing of time the longer he was blindfolded and still. There were so much muffled stimuli in the room too, his mind felt spread thin.

It wasn’t long until Logan’s lower jaw started to quiver somewhat. The last thing he wants to do is drop this Man’s cigar and disappoint anyone.

So please pick up the cigar now, please. He willed the Man to hear his thoughts.

He was surprised in the next moment when it was gone from the tray. Logan relaxed his jaw, irritation becoming more noticeable. He felt the straps keeping his head in place release, as well as the gags.

“Saw it could use a break from that. Will have to find one with a better design eventually. Take a breather for a minute. We adapt to situations here, so instead of an object, you’ll be our gimp for the rest of the night. What do you say, gimp.” Officer Rick ordered.

“Thank YOU, MASTER!” Logan response was passionate but not loud giving it a more meaningful flare.

The word came out so naturally for him, he didn’t give it a second thought. Now a wave of anxiety started to bloom inside of him but was quickly released when he heard Officer Rick say, “Honored to hear the gimp say it. Open wide.”

Logan opened his mouth, and a familiar rubber ballon was inserted into his mouth and snapped into place. The rubber feels cool against the mild irritation. It slowly inflated, taking away his ability to communicate verbally, and he loved every moment of it. Then another familiar feeling. A rubber seal formed around his face concentrating his airflow through the filter of the gas mask that was put on him.

“Going to feed you some smoke now,” Officer Rick spoke softly, presumably to the men on Logan’s right as He strapped the head back into place, “A great honor for many sub.” He spoke with stern intent and energy.

Logan smelled the tobacco climbing its way up the hose and felt it when he breathed it in against the rubber vacuum in the mask. He coughed at first and squeezed his eyes shut. It wasn’t overpowering and Logan adjusted to it easily enough, and when he did there was a slight buzz. He moaned in pleasure through the gag and gasmask. He even started to hump what little he could against the straps, the cage never felt more like a prison.

“You can see it really enjoys it,” Officer Rick produced a small laugh, “Here grab the tube for a minute.” Logan assumed He was talking to one of the guest nearby.

Logan felt hands squeezing both his knees with excessive pressure on the sides. A strange sensation, like static after hitting the funny bone started to build up. Logan was caught off guard by it.

“A little trick I learned. Not something everyone reacts to but helps with this at least.” Officer Rick removed the chastity cage swiftly with precision. Logan’s head spun at the chain of sensations he just went through but finishing it off with the chastity removed was almost overwhelming.

“You strain too much in that cage and you will get even more irritation. So might as well release it while we play with you. But again, no contact. Your purpose is entertainment for us. Struggle and moan all you can, because at least you can help some real MEN get off.”

“-Fank oo, -aser!” Logan replied as clearly as he could through all the gear.

“That’s my good fucking gimp.” Officer replied.

Logan moaned holding on to that possessive Officer Rick used: my. Quickly, Logan’s cock grew erect again.


Officer Rick watched as the Men around His gimp toyed with Logan’s air and feed him smoke. Hand around His own cock stroking at the sight of it. The way he struggled and moaned, desperately trying to hump the air for some release. All the rubber encasing him. A true piece of property for Him.

“Fuck, Nick need to use your subs mouth. I can’t hold on to this load any longer.” Nick smiled from across the table and released His sub from the cage, the muzzle had come off a while ago so he could worship the poker players boots, and now it had another purpose.

“Crawl over to him, and don’t disappoint me.” Nick told him sternly. The sub gave him a vulnerable gaze and nodded his head.

Officer Rick turned His chair as the sub approached. The sub positioned himself between the legs with arms behind his back. Officer Rick reached behind the sub and locked them together with His handcuffs. He then sat back and gripped the sub’s head with his gloved hands, “Let me guide you boy.”

Officer Rick pulled the subs head to the head of His thick cock. A metal ring around the base bunched up the balls and made them look huge.

“Come on, open up.” The subs mouth opened, and Officer Rick put half of it inside. He felt the textured walls of the mouth press and slide against the head and the shaft. It started to swell filling up the subs mouth as he pushed it further inside. There was some struggle as he got to the base, trying not to gag, but that was something that Officer Rick was used to.

“Fucking worship it, come on.” He ordered and brought the cigar to his mouth. Officer rick opened His shirt exposing His chest, and working the nipples with his hands, “Faster pace with softer contact.” The sub adjusted his rhythm. Officer Rick looked back over to His property, moaning and struggling in the chair.

He couldn’t wait to transform Him into a pile of clay that He can shape and use every day in any way that He wanted. Looked like a rubber statue while hanging in the bathroom as His urinal. Put the chastity back on him after tonight for another-

He shot inside the subs mouth, putting one hand on the back of his head to keep him in place as He drained His balls into him, “Don’t swallow until I say you can.”

Once fully empty, Officer Rick pulled the sub’s head back lifting his chin to force eye contact. He studied the sub, a serious and stern expression on His face. The sub shrank into himself while Officer Rick watched him, “Now swallow.”

Without breaking eye contact, the muscle sub swallowed and replied, “Thank You Officer Rick.”

“That’s a good boy.”

“Can I ask if I did a good job?” He replied clearly concerned about his performance.

“A bit more practice doesn’t hurt anyone, but I came didn’t I? You got a lot to learn from us still.” He patted the sub on the back and stood up out of the chair, zipping up His pants.

The muscle sub crawled over to Nick with his head low. Nick reached down and rubbed his bald head, “Coming from Him, that was a compliment.”

The sub looked up to Nick, not quite convinced then hugged Nick’s boots again. Nick didn’t have the heart to tell him that that was what Officer Rick said to everyone who sucked His cock.

‘If they take it seriously, the next time they do better. Life’s too short for shitty head Nick,’ was what Rick told Nick when he picked up on it. He couldn’t argue with that logic.

Another two hours pass when the guys start cleaning up and leaving. Officer Rick released Logan from the chair, gasmask, and the hood once there were only a couple people left. He introduced Logan to part of his family.

“Pleasure to get to use you tonight.” Nick told Logan while they shook hands.

“You looked hot! Was hard in my cage the whole time when I looked at you!” Nick’s sub, Alex, introduced himself with a lot of energy. Nick gave Alex an expectant look and said, “Sorry, Alpha, acting on impulses again.”

“Well that’s why we use muzzles, which goes on once we’re inside the car.” Nick gripped the back of Alex’s neck, who in return lowered himself and rested his head on Nick’s shoulder, “Good boy, let’s get going.” They walked out the door together, closing it behind them.

Officer Rick and Logan stood in the kitchen alone, together. Officer Rick was studying Logan, the piercing eyes had a hint of curiosity in them.

“How was it for you?” He asked Logan while clearing out the cooler.

“It was… exactly what I was looking for and more. To be honest it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I appreciate Your time, and effort to make it happen, Sir.”

“Sir? I thought I was your Master.” Officer Rick asked and a smile spready slowly across his face.

Seeing it cause Logan to smile himself and replied, “You are a great and kind Man, one I’m honored to be able to provide some use and entertainment for, Sir.”

Officer Rick walked over to Logan and pulled him into an embrace, “We will stick with Officer Rick and Sir for now, at least in a casual setting,” Logan hesitantly raised his arms to match Ricks embrace, “Let’s finish up cleaning and we will see what we can do for sleeping arrangements.”

Logan looked up at Officer Rick, not sure how to tell Him that he was still recovering from the overstimulation and transition of headspace while telling the Men goodbye.

Rick, still smiling looked at Logan directly, “Nothing extreme. I want you in bed with me tonight actually. Maybe chained to the bed at least.”

“Thank You Officer Rick. I’d like that a lot.”

End of Part 3

To be continued in a new story.

NOTE: If you liked this story, be sure to also read Object Permanence, which is by the same author.

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