Unchained prisoner

By rts

Is anyone out there able to help me? I am stuck here, all my clothing has been taken and I have been left wearing this tight rubber catsuit which I can’t remove, as the entry zipper which runs from the top of the attached hood down my back and thru my crotch can’t be un-zipped past the posture collar that is locked around my neck nor past the thick rubber corset which is also locked around my waist.

I have been trapped in this suit for two days now and the tight rubber has become very uncomfortable and rank with my sweat (fortunately I can at least un-zip my crotch to relieve myself all though I am wearing a locked steel chastity belt shaped to fit around my waist under the catsuit ) I have been living on bread and water and liquid protein which I can just slowly work into my mouth through the small mouth opening in the hood, the stiff posture collar and tight heavy corset make my movements painful and breathing labored.

The attached gloves and rubber boots squish with the accumulated sweat. there is nothing in this room I can use to cut off this suit and it would be impossible to cut thru the thick collar and corset anyway. “He” warned me not to damage the suit in such an attempt or he would never unlock the chastity belt. Leaving me here in this small room two days ago “He” left thru the unlocked door. (“Where would you go dressed like that and without any money, it’s miles back to your place,” He laughed, “you would probably get the crap beat out of you by the local street punks before you got to the end of the block, and if that happened and your suit got damaged you can forget about ever getting out of that chastity belt, boi.”)

This room looks to have been an old garage, cement floor and and walls, an old iron cot for me to sleep on, a bucket to crap in, a dirty sink and a bar fridge containing protein drinks and a table containing this computer by the end of the cot which I am sitting on as I write this. Last night I waited until late to go outside, it was so difficult to see as this hood has dark plastic lenses. I stumbled around in what seemed like a back alley it was very cold and my sweaty suit soon chilled me and the lenses fogged over. I panicked and thrashed about trying to find the door falling over some trash cans before I finally got back inside. “He” was right, where can I go dressed like this, it’s one thing to jump out of a car and into a friendly rubber bar geared up like this, but I just don’t have the guts to face the humiliation of making any attempt of walking thru the streets of this city and there is no way that I could travel the several miles back to my place, and what would be the point, I still couldn’t get myself out of the suit without damaging it and I could never get the steel chastity belt off without the key. I don’t know when “He” will return (I don’t even know his name). I was hitchhiking three days ago when “He” picked me up, my eyes fixed directly on the black rubber T-shirt “He” was wearing looking hot. It didn’t take long before our mutual interest in all things rubber led us to his place and some exploration of his great rubber collection. “He” and I are about the same size and build so sharing his gear we played around for a few hours.

Then he produced this fantastic stainless steel chastity belt which he had made custom fitted. The shaped waist band had a steel strap which ran thru the crotch with a opening for bung hole access attached to a steel cup fully inclosing the cock and balls. “He” ordered me to strip and placed the belt around my waist, sliding my cock into a chamber separated from my balls and pointing downwards, my cock growing rapidly as he continued to lock the belt closed on me. my engorged cock now painfully compressed inside it”s chamber. “He” smiled at me and had me do some squats. At that time the belt felt fantastic, heavy and incredibly restrictive, my cock completely inaccessible and pleasurable crammed inside the steel.In my excitement when “He” asked how long I could take it I said as long as “He” wanted if some rubber gear were added. “He” laughed and said” my plans exactly. Here is a nice heavy full catsuit for you, let’s get you into it”.

At that moment I was in heaven, the suit was heavily coated inside with lube, so it slid on me without too much effort despite it’s tightness. “He” pulled it up my legs my feet slid into the attached boots, then up over my chastity belted waist over my torso, I forced my arms down the tight sleeves my hands filling the gloves and finally the hood pulled snugly over my head and the zipper pulled down from the top of my head down my back and up thru my crotch the suit then sealed tightly around my body. “He” had me move around stretching seating the rubber on my arms and legs, my steel trapped raging hardon making movement painful. “Are you ready to spend some serious time in that gear” “He” had asked, again I unthinkingly replied as long as you wish SIR. “He” laughed as I felt him place a stiff high collar around my neck forcing me to hold my head upright, I heard the click of a lock.

“He” then began to place something around my waist, a heavy stiff rubber corset which he proceeded to tighten making my breathing more difficult, when I complained “He” told me to shut up and continued locking it closed around my torso. Movement was then more restrictive and clumsy and I became more concerned with his change of attitude toward me realizing how helpless I now was in all this heavy gear. “He” ordered me to walk around and when I didn’t respond fast enough he booted me in the ass and I stumbled around . “He”kept me moving around working up a good sweat so that the dark lenses in my hood fogged up and I kept crashing into things. It was then that “He” told me that I was now his unchained prisoner and that any damage I did to the suit in an attempt to remove it would result in a lifetime locked into the chastity belt. I was now his boi and any pleading or attempt to get out of the suit would result in a further extension of my “wear time” I was to shut up and endure and enjoy the experience.

I was already feeling very uncomfortable and frustrated by the impossibility to reach my cock and the heavyness of all the rubber gear. “He” then led me outside to his car and opening the trunk he ordered me to climb in, slammed the lid closed and proceeded to drive me around for a long time. I was on the edge of panic bouncing around in that confined space. We finally arrived here at this old garage where he left me telling me “will find out how serious a rubber boi you are, have a great rubber time” and that he would be back in a few days.

It has now been two days and I don’t know how much longer I can stand wearing all this gear, the posture collar is a torture, this damn tight corset is restricing my movement and my breathing, the heavy rubber suit is itching and binding, and the steel crotch band of the belt is digging into me. I don’t know when “He” will be back, I am afraid of what else he has in mind for me, what the hell can I do?




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