Upon Arrival


I can’t stop imagining walking across your threshold for our initial visit. You meeting me at your door with a warm smile, dressed comfortably and welcoming me inside. Looking me over from head to toe, you smile as you notice my bare feet in leather flip flops. I am happy to respond to your offer to kick them off and leave them beside the umbrella stand in your entry. I love to go barefoot inside, and it will be my pleasure to experience the tactile feel of your floors on the bottom of my feet as we walk inside.

Inviting me to follow you to your comfortable den, you ask me to stand in the center of the room as you sit down, saying you just want to look at me. Your smile is genuine, but my awkwardness is evident. You are quick to issue your first instruction, this one designed to help me relax. Happily, I step my feet a bit apart, just outside my hips, and lock the fingers of my hands together behind my head. You appear to notice my expression of trust, and I can tell that you are impressed with how I hold my elbows up and back, putting my chest on upright erect display. And your eyes are drawn to the tenting of the front of my thin polyester running shorts. I blush as you offer compliments on the view that you behold.

As I hold my elbows at tension, high and back, the effect is to draw you up from your chair and to stand before me. I smile as you accept my invitation to come close and watch your eyes surveying the landscape before you. For a moment you pause, undecided on the placement of your first touch. The anticipation makes it hard for me to remain immobile. As you place your right hand over my heart, I am relieved that this threshold has been crossed. Satisfied with the feel of my heart pounding through the thin polyester of my moisture-wicking tee, you lower your hand while raising your left hand, both to the bottom hem of my shirt and slowly lift it. I tremble like a shock has gone down my spine and my breathing goes deep as we reach that moment of exposure.

Up my belly and over my chest, you tell me to stand still as you lift the front of the shirt over my head, exposing my full chest to your gaze. I relish the deep breath you take. Stepping behind me, you lift the shirt up my back and I know that I will soon be free of this, and hope kicks in that you will be pleased with the naked torso you so gently expose. Quickly you reach into an armpit and slide the shirt over one elbow that is locked in place, and over my forearm it goes. Repeating on the other side – it drops to the floor and together we are free.

Your hands begin on my chest, down my flanks and around to my back. You prod and poke and pound a bit, pressing deep into the muscle. I can tell you are pleased as you explore every inch, and it’s work for me to stand motionless and keep my elbows and shoulders tensioned to stick my pose. I want to do this for you. Your palms slide over my back, painting the area you will soon decorate with your whips, then fingers reach around from behind and tweak nipples as you whisper into my ear, “what plans I have for these.” My cock aches to pop out of my shorts and you trace the elastic waistband around 360 degrees with your index finger saying, “soon we will reveal the delights concealed here.”

Abruptly you push me gently backwards by means of your index finger into my sternum where my pecs come together. “Step back to the door frame and spread your feet apart,” your voice becoming one of authority I haven’t yet heard. “Reach up and grab the top of the frame, spread your hands wide and pull yourself tight.” I know it is time for our encounter to ratchet up to the next level. You turn away, saying “I’ll be back” and I know this is a test of commitment to hold my position under the stress that has been added. The stretch on my arms and shoulders, chest and back and legs feels good. My heart pounds as my cock inflates. I am comfortable with my feeling of being desired. All of this feels good.

As you return, I notice the black leather gloves on your hands and this surprises me – I’ve dreamed of the feel of your touch directly on my naked flesh, and haven’t figured out yet that you have many surprises in store. Your smile tells me you are pleased with the man your eyes behold and the stretch of my musculature is pleasing to you. As you approach you turn your palms toward me and I see the spikes – Vampire Gloves! My hips rock as the cockjolt is amazing and I know this exploration of me will soon begin our intimate journey together. Slowly and with almost no pressure, your spiked fingers slide down my flanks and I am yours.

Metal would like to thank OKLASH for this story!

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