Straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before

Video: The most ticklish feet you’ve ever seen

Straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before, and clearly it’s got him excited. Franco tickles Diesel’s armpits, sides and bellybutton as his stiffening cock bounces around. Diesel stares Franco in the eyes while he’s being tickled, laughing hysterically every time Franco tickles his pits with his fingers. Franco keeps Diesel guessing by varying the intensity between soft feathers and deep fingers, but that stiff cock of his won’t be ignored. Franco sucks Diesel’s cock and lets him fuck his throat before pulling his own dick out. Franco slides his thick fingers in Diesel’s ass, but it’s not until Franco shoots a huge load all over Diesel that he’s ready to cum. He fingers Diesel’s butt while Diesel jacks himself off. Finally, with a few loud moans, he unloads his junk. Franco zips up and jumps right back into the tickling, digging into Diesel’s inner thighs and making him flail around. But when Franco goes for Diesel’s size 11 feet, he freaks out. Instead of going full in, Franco pulls out the feathery wands and gently tickles Diesel’s bare feet while he sits up and watches. After that brief light tickle, Franco returns to the upper body, causing Diesel to flail and laugh like a wild hyena. Franco breaks Diesel down with some sustained pit tickling, then finishes back at his feet with more feathers. He’s got the most ticklish feet you’ve ever seen

Here’s a video preview from Tickled Hard:


Click for Diesel’s First Time

Site: Tickled Hard

Straight guy Diesel has never done anything like this before

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