Vintage artwork by Micro


There is a lot going on in this work. A fit young guy is about to be manhandled into a very severe bondage sack with lots of straps, which also involves some sort of mouth plug. Apparently there are at least two others who have been similarly trussed up, and they are bolted down underfoot, with their necks locked into head stocks of some sort. Something tells me this new prisoner is going to be kept in storage for quite some time along with the others.

4 thoughts on “Vintage artwork by Micro”

  1. I have seen this before and I agree that it is hot. The head stocks in the floor is what always gets my attention. Thanks for sharing.

    1. David,
      I though this was a Leo Ravenswood drawing when I first saw.

      Ever since I originally saw this drawing, I’ve wanted to experience something similar. I think I’ve been carrying this fantasy around with me for 15 years or more.

  2. It also looks like the hole he’s about to be put into is being filled with water. There’s a bit of splash above the hole and what looks to be a water spigot above it. The drawing looks like it’s cut off on the right edge.

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