Waiting For Him

By Jaybird

I miss Craigslist “casual encounters.”

My ad was simple.

It was titled: “Help me relax by hogtying me. [M4M]” That left no doubt what I was looking for, so only people who were at least mildly interested would even bother clicking through to the ad itself.

Then something like: “It’s going to be a stressful week. I’m looking for someone willing to keep me hogtied naked for a few hours one evening this week. YOU MUST HOST” with a photo if, not surprisingly, me hogtied naked. I always got some kind of response, though most were outright red flags, and most of the remaining ones finally admitted they couldn’t host.

And now and then one like this:

craigslist reply cb81 <cb781e058adf3e8886cc615bd88c@reply.craigslist.org>

To: nxgrd-5235787986@pers.craigslist.org

When will you be in town?

Would love to have you over for some hog tying

I’ll be arriving about 9pm Sunday (a little late to do anything that night), staying through Thursday night.

What do you have in mind?

When are you looking?

Some evening this week other than Wednesday (assuming tentative social obligation with the client then).

Just want to be hog tied and left alone?

That would be awesome – naked and blindfolded of course.

It would also be awesome if fingers wandered over my nipples to keep things really “stiff.”

What would interest you?

I’m game for anything. Just wondering what all you wanted to happen?

Simplest scenario is:

I come in, say “Hi” you show me in, say something like “So, why don’t you take off your clothes” (smile), I strip, you hogtie and blindfold me.

Or spread-eagle.

Or chair tie.

Or arms over my head if you have an overhead beam or something.

It’s all good.

At that point, you have options.

You can leave me there (hogtied is best for that) as you go about your business. I feel really naked and awkward (which is awesome).

I always appreciate fingers wandering over my nipples, guaranteed to get an intense reaction, both physical and mental. I’d love to be begging you to make me cum, but knowing you are going to touch everywhere *but* my dick.

Intermittent stimulation and left alone is hot too.

So is just being asked about fantasies / experiences / etc if you’re interested.

It’s mostly a headspace / mind-fuck thing for me.

Want to involve a friend or two as well? Fine by me. Just makes me feel that much more naked.

Sounds good to me. I can definitely make all that happen for you. So are you able to do this Tuesday night?

Yes, I could do Tuesday night (and tonight for that matter).

Can you tell me something about you?

Masc wm 5-foot-11, 190, 34

Bi with a Dom side

What else would you like to know

Actually I think we’re good as long as we have an understanding that I’m not looking for fucking. :)

How would you like to proceed?

You want me to host correct?


I’m definitely interested. I got called into work, so there will be delays in my replies.

I’m very interested and definitely want to do this. I’ve already contacted a friend to come over and participate.

I will have him come in after you are there to make it extra uncomfortable. lol

Fuck yeah. I love having others come into the scene.

Guessing on your work, I’m assuming it’s Tuesday we’re planning on.

All I’ll need is an address and work out the time.

Do you have what you need? I can bring rope, ace bandage (for blindfold)

I have some things, but bring yours also.

Be in touch soon

  1. I’ll pick up some rope too.

What time should I plan on, and roughly where?

What time can you do it. If I get called in again I won’t be home till after 10.

I’m in [xxxx] close to down town

On the early end, I can probably be there as early a bit before 6.

On the late end, I have a 6am wakeup, so generally want to get to bed by a bit after midnight at the latest.

— Next Day —

How’s your day going?

I’ll pick up some rope after work today, and ping you here. Hopefully we can get together.

Sounds good


I’ve got 50 feet of rope, tape marked into 4 lengths, am showered and ready. :)

What do you think?

Hey. I may not be off till 11. Is that too late

Hmmm. Tell you what. I’ll get some sleep now, and yeah, I think that’s do-able.

Any chance of sooner?

I don’t know. It could be sooner, but I doubt it

Too bad there’s no one who can tie me up to wait for you. *grin*

Hmmmmm. Let me work on that

Fuck yeah. ;)

I have someone who can do it. Just waiting to see when he can get there.

How soon are you looking to do this, and for how long?

I’ll say as soon as 7:30.

It will be hotter than hell being totally naked for you when you arrive.

You want to go at that time and stayed tied up till 11 ish when I get home?

Sure. I’ve done longer.

I’ve spent a night bound hands and feet.

Spent 8 hours caged and bound to the bars.

Is 8:30 ish too late?

He can be there around then

Not at all. 8:30 is fine.

I filled him in a little not sure if he will do anything till I get there or not. Other than blindfold you and tie you up?

Hey, just tying me up is fine by me. The anticipation will be intense.

He is welcome to play my nipples a bit if he/you want me *really* intensely horny when you arrive.

Do I need to give him more specific instructions?

He has tied people up before, but you may want to help him so it’s comfortable for you. If not it may be too tight

Let me confirm the time and then I’ll send you the address


He’s welcome to talk, touch, explore, or just leave me alone wondering.

As I said, the nipples are total hot buttons, and totally frustrating.

I’m good about feedback to people, I want it to be practical and effective.

I know this is semi sexual for you as far as the anticipation, the exposure etc…

Are you looking for release in the end when it is all over?

Makes no difference to me. Just wondering

Sure, if you want… but I like a lot of frustration first… like to be reduced to a non-verbal state of desperation (which happens *after* I can’t even beg for it anymore).

There is *no hurry* once you get there.



And, with logistics out of the way, I showed up and knocked on the door at precisely 8:30. I’m like that. The door opened and I was greeted by a nice looking guy, asian in appearance. We exchanged a couple of pleasantries, and he showed me to what was obviously a spare bedroom.

This was still pure logistics, though it was super hot. I took the rope and ace bandage out of my bag and laid them out, then took off my clothes as he watched. I told him I could do most of this myself, I just needed his help to finally secure my hands, and he was fine with that.

I sat up cross-legged on the bed, and lashed my ankles together with one of the ropes.

The next step was putting on the blindfold. With the ace bandage I like to do that myself so it is tight, but not too tight. Then I rolled over onto my stomach and crossed my wrists behind my back. He knew what to do… and knew what he was doing. I was tied securely, but comfortably. I was not going to get out of this on my own. Then he took a third piece of rope and looped it a few times between my wrists and the through the ankle ties, and pulled it tight, to the point where my back was arched, and tied it off.

With a bit of a struggle I managed to roll myself back onto my back and was rewarded with him straddling me and playing with my nipples as I squirmed underneath him. That was hot, and I wanted it to go on for a long time. It didn’t. With that, he left. I could sense enough that he turned out the light, and I was hogtied naked in the dark, waiting.

True to promise, wait I did. I could move around a bit, managed to flip over onto my stomach for a while, then back to face up, but I wasn’t aroused at all. Just waiting.

They say it isn’t bondage until you want out. If that is the truth, it is very rare that it is “bondage” for me in that sense. But this was one of those times. I wanted out. Of course I didn’t want out enough to say so, but neither would I have objected much if there was at least a break offered. But there wasn’t. Just the faint sound of the television from the next room, perhaps some clicking of a keyboard.

And I waited.

When I heard the car door, then the front door, then voices, I perked up in anticipation – longing for a touch or some interaction, but no, I just waited as I heard the microwave, drawers open and close, silverware clinking, faint sounds of conversation as they had dinner.

Then it came – I was stunned out of my zone with a touch, play on those nipples, and I felt an immediate erection. No hiding that from anyone. He didn’t say anything, just persisted. He pulled me closer – so he didn’t have to reach so far I suppose – now I was on my back with my head just on the edge of the bed where he was standing.

I offered up my mouth, and he accepted as I tilted my head back to take him in as best I could, his fingers never stopping their work either.

Finally I felt the warm, thick liquid in my mouth, swallowed as fast as I could and he stopped and left me… waiting.

The sweet aftertaste on my lips just ratcheted things up, reminding me more how naked I was, way beyond “no clothes.” After three hours like though, my muscles were getting sore and stiff. I struggled a bit, but the roommate had done a good job. If I could have found a knot and untied myself, I would have. But no, all I could do was wait.

I zoned again. Then the fingers returned, instantly restoring my raging erection. My patience was, at last, rewarded with a long, slow, slippery hand job. I told him, “Not too fast, make me fight for it,” and he happily did just that. When it came, when I came, all of that frustration came rushing out.

And with that, I was untied, quietly dressed – I really hate that part – gave my heartfelt thank yous and left.

I slept well that night.

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