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The Crux of the Matter

By Jaybird

I knocked on the lower level side door of the urban townhouse. It was opened in seconds, and I was invited in to a really cool social space with a wet bar to the right, and a comfy TV viewing area straight ahead, just past the steps leading upstairs. It had been an hour-plus drive and, I, somewhat sheepishly, asked to use the restroom and was shown the way down the short hallway just to the right of the staircase.

These initial social moments always feel awkward to me, which is why I really like to just get started right away. That bypasses the little dance of “who makes the first move.” But I didn’t have long to worry.

I was led into the TV room, then he swung the bookshelf out of the way revealing the play space. WOW. Secret door and everything. We went into a small anteroom just past the doorway that had shelves and milk crates on the wall, and I was given a simple instruction: “Take off your clothes and leave them here.”

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If You Are Brave

By Jaybird

It was almost dusk as I pulled into the long driveway. Once past the line of trees, I saw the classic farmhouse with a porch was on my left, to the right there were a couple of working metal barns. Once again I was on a business trip, and had found him on Recon, sent a cruise, got one back, and started a conversation. I immediately liked his easy going, no posturing, attitude, we could both laugh at our kinks. He offered up that he had what he called a “horse,” one of those now pretty popular pieces of bondage gear built from plywood, with a flat padded top, supports on the sides for forearms and shins, and straps – lots of straps. I told him it would be totally hot just to be strapped into that for three hours or so. He seemed to like that idea.

The fact that he insisted on talking on the phone increased my comfort level. We had a good conversation, though I remember feeling kind of awkward just because small talk isn’t something I do well. But he understood, asked a lot of good questions, and reinforced my impression that I was dealing with a basically kind, good natured guy with some compatible interests.

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Waiting For Him

By Jaybird

I miss Craigslist “casual encounters.”

My ad was simple.

It was titled: “Help me relax by hogtying me. [M4M]” That left no doubt what I was looking for, so only people who were at least mildly interested would even bother clicking through to the ad itself.

Then something like: “It’s going to be a stressful week. I’m looking for someone willing to keep me hogtied naked for a few hours one evening this week. YOU MUST HOST” with a photo if, not surprisingly, me hogtied naked. I always got some kind of response, though most were outright red flags, and most of the remaining ones finally admitted they couldn’t host.

And now and then one like this:

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First Time Tied Up

By Jaybird

Before there was a world-wide-web, or even an Internet, there were thousands of computer bulletin board systems. Each had its own phone number. You set up your terminal software, dialed the number, and if there was no busy signal, you could log in. Busy signal? Yup. Most were run by hobbyists, and had only a single line, and could handle only one connection at a time.

There were national online forums, interconnected by FIDONET, but each BBS had its own personality established by the system operator, or SYSOP.

It was a long time ago, and I honestly don’t recall how I got into a chat conversation with this particular guy. I certainly don’t recall how it turned sexual, I was happily heterosexual and had never had any kind of male-on-male encounter.

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Your Destination Is on the Right

By Jaybird

“Your destination is on the right.” I turned into the alley and followed it back to the little parking lot behind the building, noting the side door as I drove past it. My heart was racing. This is stupid, again, said one voice. But it was silenced by the anticipation. Yes, I was very cautious — to the point where I likely turned down a lot of real opportunities. Yes, we had chatted back and forth for a couple of hours last night and today. Yes, there were no red flags. But yes, I had never met him. Still, I took a deep breath and proceeded.

It was dark, the streets were deserted in this little rural town. I took everything out of my pockets and dropped them into the center console of the car, everything but the car key. Looking at my watch, I had plenty of time, about 40 minutes or so. My watch then went into the console along with the phone. Exhale. Grab the plastic grocery bag with my “stuff” in it, get out of the car and walk to the door.

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