We are going for the world handcuff record

Hey guys, this is important, listen up!  We’re going to go for some sort of handcuff world record. That’s right fuckers, I want one Metalbond reader to get in the Guinness Book. I am totally fucking serious about this.

This endeavor was inspired by longtime Metalbond reader and contributor Chuck:

handcuffs workd record

… and it is being instigated by none other than Mikeintightpants.

Mikeintightpants writes:

Well done Chuck, that’s a great pic and it undoubtedly gave you a “hard” time when that lot was locked on – I’ve counted 20 pairs.

No, there’s nothing in the Guinness book of records to show the most handcuffs worn at one time, the nearest they get to it is to record the largest handcuff collection, but the collection that’s featured is no longer in existence as it’s had to be sold as the owner got into trouble and no doubt found himself wearing cuffs involuntarily, together with a spell in prison.

However, the UK publication “The Book of Alternative Records” deals with a number of records set for the most people handcuffed together – not quite what was meant by the question posed but it’s still an interesting theme.

In January 2007, 305 Metropolitan police officers and Special Constables were handcuffed together (with their own cuffs, of course) in London. In May 2009, 430 police recruits locked themselves together in Scotland and their record was beaten in February 2010 when 562 Mounties were locked together in Saskatchewan, Canada. All the above events were organized for the benefit of various charities.

Following a recent meeting with a couple of my cuff buddies (and with the approval of Metal) it’s my intention to claim (informally on this site) a new world record for a handcuffing experience — don’t worry Chuck, I’m not planning to challenge your record (yet!), mine is something a bit different.

Hopefully Metal will agree to post my claim as a separate current thread on the new site?


You got it. Mikeintightpants! Let’s see what you got buddy!


Meanwhile, I want every reader to start brainstorming ideas NOW on how at least one of us can get into the Guinness book for some sort of handcuffs record.

This is a serious challenge, and it is an order!

Get to it, prisoners!

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2 thoughts on “We are going for the world handcuff record”

  1. I’m probably not the only one with this idea, but how about a record in long-term wearing? Behind the back? :-)

  2. The only suggestions I’ve thought of deal with custom-made cuffs, largest and/or heaviest.

    Longest have been done — according to something I read, the people who assisted John Wilkes Booth in his assassination of Lincoln were kept in cuffs locked on to the wrists of their outstretched arms while they were waiting to be hung. Those cuffs had to be at least 5 feet long.

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