Dirk Praga

Dirk Prage second lifeI learned with great sadness recently of the passing of Dirk Praga.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures that do Dirk justice, but trust me, Dirk was one of HOTTEST men in Second Life. He was also one of the nicest. Even better, he was SERIOUS about metal bondage. He sure knew how to make the locks inescapable, the predicaments challenging, and the dungeon accommodations secure and uncompromising. He was always willing to teach a “noob” the ropes, and he was generous by sharing his living accommodations and his prison facilities. He also protected many others. That’s right, despite his quite intimidating looks — often in full leather and mirrored sunglasses — he was also incredibly friendly.

Dirk PragaHe is greatly missed by his many friends, including Rio Naidoo, Gimpsub Crazyboi, Steel Vlodovic — and many, many more.

Second Life will never be the same, nor nearly as exciting, without Dirk Praga.

Dirk, I salute you.

You are greatly missed.

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  1. Very nice tribute to Dirk Praga, Metalbond. And I agree with all you said about him. He was a real gent, as well as being “evil and seductive”. He is missed.

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