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stories by CREUSSI’ve been serving in the foreign legion for years now…

Good time, bad time… depends…

No regrets…

No pain, no gain, said the enlisted Englishmen… it was right here too…

I was to change of regiment. I was due to get to the new one, next week, on Tuesday… I did not have my “Feuille de Route”, but we always get it at the latest minute.

As we were Friday only, I was expecting having a 72 (a leave for 72 hours – 3 days). Sure it was not signed yet, but I was almost sure I would be free tonight….

In order to move quickly, all my belongings where ready by the middle of the day, and I was just waiting the documents to be signed to get dressed in “tenue de sortie”, and go…

I went to the “ordinaire” (the place where troopers eat) for lunch, and had a nice lunch.

Then I went for the regular haircut, in order to look perfect when I get to the new place.

I was not to be involved in the training this afternoon.

Back to the barracks room, I was waiting for the duty NCO to come and give me my documents.

He came shortly after lunch. I was lying on my bed.

I stood up, saluted and stood at attention.

Behind him, was the PM, the Military Police. Two huge legionnaires, dedicated to this special job…

I was not expecting them to be here, but may be they would lead me to the station with my stuff…

The duty NCO told them I was the one.

They came to me, and without a word, they caught my arms, and bent me with a key to my arm. If resisting, I would have had a broken arm…

The duty NCO told me I was not getting a leave that weekend, as I was required to be “used” by the PM.

I had no idea what it was about.

He added to the PM with a grin, that now I was theirs.

The two men were still holding me firmly, and I’ve been handcuffed immediately.

They forced me to open my mouth, and pushed a dirty rag inside, before they covered my face with a respirator. They tightened the straps to be right well situated. They tested how airtight it was, one had sealing the air admission. No air through, it was airtight. I was unable to push the gag back, nor to protest or ask what it was all about….

They explained me I was to get naked now, but they will free me for this, but to stay cautious I was not to misbehave or they would beat me.

So did I, folding my dress on the bed. I was ordered to pack it with the rest of my belongings.

Then I went back “at ease”, to know what they were expecting from me.

I was cuffed back, hands in my back.

They ordered me not to moan, and if I was OK, they would remove the gag from my mouth. I nodded yes, and so they did.

They checked back how airtight was the respirator.

I get some earplugs, and immediately the sound went down.

They took some adhesive tape then, and they started to wrap the respirator on my head. They covered it all, and sealed it tight enough to avoid it to move at all…

When it ended, my head was totally wrapped, and I was soundproof, lightproof, and airtight.

They grabbed me by the arms and shoulders, and forced me to walk away. I tried to follow their step but it was not easy to do so, as they ignore my difficulties and made their way back to the PM building.

We probably crossed some fellow mates, but I was unable to detect anybody around. I did not know on the spot, but I was rock hard….

When we get to their place, I was unable to know what they were expecting from me…

They dropped me in a cell, still handcuffed in the back.

I did not dare moving, not knowing if I was alone or not, nor supervised.

A couple of hours later, they came back.

They handled me to get to the place they wanted me.

They removed my cuffs, but immediately tie my hands above my head, and my legs apart, so I looked like a big X.

I had to stay there for a while, waiting.

The position was not nice, but it could have been worse. I was suspecting I would have to keep it long…

Later they came back, and I felt they were cutting my hairs with clippers. They stopped when all my hairs had gone, and they washed my body.

They let me dry for a while.

I felt somebody checking every inch of my body. It was odd, unusual.

When, it ended, I was wondering what it was all about…

I felt they where putting a chain round my neck. Quite tight.

They also grabbed my cock and my balls, and tied them up tight too.

They pulled my neck up locking my collar to a chain above my head, when they were pulling my balls down, anchoring them toward the floor.

It was not easy, but I was still rock hard, but of course not conscious of this….

They let me this way for a while.

Later, I felt some people were around me. No idea how much, but quite a few. I was unable to understand what they were saying, but I felt I was the topic.

To confirm it quickly, one pinched my tits with his fingers. I react more by surprise than pain, but the result was they spread my legs and arms wider, when they adjusted my neck chain and my balls.

I had to start concentrating on my breathing, as my neck was tight now.

Then, one clamped something on my tits. They uncovered the head of my cock, and they inserted something inside my cock. They clamped my cock too. They also wrapped some rope around my ball sack, and they left me for a while.

I felt them back, more than I heard them.

I was pretty sure they were surrounding me.

Suddenly it hurt like hell. The pain in my cock and balls was extreme. But it did not last.

Soon after, another shock.

It took me quite a while before I was able to understand they were electroshocks, and the clamps and tie I had just before where electrodes actually.

The shocks were commented, but I could not understand what they explained. The intensity was always changing, as the duration of the shock. It looked as if they were experimenting on my body.

Shocks went to my tits, later. But with a mobile electrode, they also reached my armpits, my knees, etc.

The feeling was different, but my cock and balls were the most sensitive.

Anyway, each shock made me jump, and shout in my mask. They totally ignore it, and they did what they wanted. It looked as if I was not human, but just a toy for the exhibit.

It seems the operators changed several times, and they were exploring my reactions after the shock duration or the intensity. Sometimes they were laughing loud.

I was in agony.

They eventually stopped, and left me behind, but they did not remove the electrodes.

It seemed to last for hours. I was unable to sleep, after the position, and the tension on my body.

They came back in the morning.

They warmed me up with more electroshocks, but it did not last long. I was frightened.

They removed the electrodes but the torment was beating this morning. They alternate hitting me with a truncheon and a tonfa, to show the difference of the impact. I was not aware of that, of course, but I have been told later.

Shortly, there were bruises on my back, and my tights.

They decided to free my hands, that was quite pleasant, but it was for them to be cuffed in my back. I was now just maintained by my neck and my ankles. I had to work on my balance.

I felt my breathing cut at once, without any warning, and felt a pain in my stomach. I was folding out, but my neck prevented me from leaning, and was pulling it tighter.

One had just been kicking me in the abdomen. Took me ages to recover. But I managed.

They repeated the action several times, as if they all tried it at least once. Some were kicking me higher or lower on my stomach. It all hurt, but not as much as the one I had in my balls that were still bound.

The latest kick was a general one, as within two or three seconds more than a dozen kicks hit me from all around.

I almost felt unconscious.

But within seconds they were unlocking the chain holding my collar, and I was falling on the floor. They did not stop kicking me for a while, and when I almost stopped reacting, they left me for a while.

I had impacts all over my body.

I probably spent the rest of the day trying to recover, just on the floor, legs still anchored wide apart, my hands cuffed in my back, cock and balls still tied up….

It was not easy, but after the kicking session, it felt almost comfortable, as I was freer than I ever was for a while.

It was now Sunday morning. I was not aware of the time, but I was almost quite precise.

They decided to change my shackles. I was still masked, but they removed all links to hogtie me instead. It was quite well done and the hogtied was not allowing me much possibility to move my body.

They left me for a while to accommodate the new position. Then they came back. They screwed something on the air admission of the respirator. But it was not air-restricted for the moment.

I lay on the floor for a while before the cartridge added on my respirator sprayed some teargas inside the mask. It was burning like hell. Within a second, my eyes, my nose, my mouth, throat and lungs where hurting. I rolled on myself several times, but it changed nothing to the effects.

I was crying and shouting inside my respirator, and I was in agony again…

A few seconds later, a second blow of teargas came, and I rolled again on myself.

I stood there for hours. My eyes were burning, and my lungs too.

Nothing else happened before a few hours, but I did get gassed three times within the day…

It probably took half a day before I did get back to normal, and in the evening, I felt they removed the gas canister.

By the same time, they handled me, and I was put in a small cell. I could feel all sides as my knees, head and shoulder were in contact with walls. It was more like a box than a cell…

They kept me there for a while… the position was painful after a while, and the restriction on movement was quite difficult. I was exhausted…

Later, probably the following morning, they came at me and extracted me.

They took me to the central room of the PM department, and started to remove all restrains I was still wearing. They did end with the respirator, and the earplugs. It was odd to find the light back, but I manage to get to normal quite quickly. My whole body was sore, and I was exhausted. I was thirsty, and hungry too.

I eventually watched around me, and almost all PM were here, in the room, watching me naked.

Most of them were grinning or even smiling. It took me some time to realise they were looking at my rock hard cock.

I felt quite embarrassed, but did not care, they would have been too happy with my reaction.

The Officer in charge talked to me:

You are welcome in the Police Militaire… We are all delighted you enjoyed you arrival party, you are one of ours from now, and we are sure you will enjoy your new job with us…


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  1. If i were in better shape and younger, i would have enjoyed being put through this experience with some sex included. Awesome story!

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