Wired4fun gets locked in a cell

And kept there. For four days.



This guy has written an extensive account of his confinement at Rawk Correctional Institution. His article is titled “A Prison Bondage Experience,” and you can read this and see many more pictures over at the Serious Bondage site.

Click here.


Metal would like to thank Mark of Serious Male Bondage for passing along a link to this article.


2 thoughts on “Wired4fun gets locked in a cell”

  1. Mark of Serious Bondage told me he gave Metal the link to the article I wrote. I am “wired4fun” on Fetlife and “wired4fun1” on Recon if anyone cares to ask me questions.

  2. I’d like to know if Rawk Correctional Institution sill exists in December 2017? If so how much does i cost to get locked up there and is it for only four days? Where is it located in California? O’d luv to experience the serious Bondage sessions there as a prisoner.
    Thank You !
    Bob Shaw

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