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SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3 into an Academy bondage chair

This is Part-2 of a series of videos featuring a wooden bondage chair called the Academy Chair. Back around 2006 a group of guys produced a number of VHS videos featuring heavy bondage scenes at their famous Academy Training Center. These videos were quite popular and were sold worldwide. During the Academy’s heyday they built all kinds of cool bondage equipment to use in their videos. The wooden chair in this video was one of three different chairs they built. In this video, SFDom and Wired4Fun secure BDSMBondage3 in the chair.

SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3

Video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: WOODEN ACADEMY CHAIR – PART 2

SFDom and Wired4Fun lock BDSMBondage3

Rainbow pride mummification

Today’s mummification pictures are perfect for Pride Month! These are part of a recent update at Serious Male Bondage featuring HotHardHat — a kinkster who loves heavy rubber, hazmat suits, gas masks, multiple layer cocooning, and being stuck in hot and sweaty bondage. The mummification is by Wired4Fun, using VetRap.

Wired4Fun bondage top


See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of update: HOT HARD HAT AND FRIENDS – PART 1 AND 2

NOTE: VetRap is available from Mr S by clicking here.

PLUS: HotHardHat has also appeared in videos on MenInChains — as Dakota Duke!

gay bondage videos

Wired4fun gets locked in a cell

And kept there. For four days.



This guy has written an extensive account of his confinement at Rawk Correctional Institution. His article is titled “A Prison Bondage Experience,” and you can read this and see many more pictures over at the Serious Bondage site.

Click here.


Metal would like to thank Mark of Serious Male Bondage for passing along a link to this article.