Roger – Part 4

By David Sellers

Part 4

Five minutes later—maybe less—I heard the deadbolt click and the door to the storeroom open.

I groaned, unhappily, and pushed against the straps. I wanted the ballcrusher off. I wanted the gag removed. I wanted out.

“I know, honey,” my husband said, patting my chest, “it hurts, all of it. It’s supposed to. Ten more minutes. Maybe fifteen. Unless you moan and groan—do that and I’ll leave you here.”

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Roger – Part 3

By David Sellers

Part 3

“Pick one.”

Roger was sitting on a small stool near the head of the bondage board. He was fully dressed in his work clothes, smiling broadly, and holding two used condoms over my head. He had one in each hand. One was from last night’s fuck, he told me, one was from this morning’s fuck. And one was going about to be emptied into my mouth. My choice would determine whether I got this morning’s load — still warm, Roger said — or last night’s cold, congealed load.

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Jim Stewart

I learned today that Jim (Maurice) Stewart has passed away.

JimStewart_01Jim, who was a writer, playwright and producer, founded Fetters in London in 1976, which is now an internationally known source of efficient physical restraint equipment and other erotic fetish gear. Fetters was inspired by Jim’s profound interest in Harry Houdini and escapology. Jim had a website, called Houdini Connections.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim when he came to present at GMSMA in New York City in the mid 1990s. Since then, we had been regular correspondents via email over the years.

He will be missed.

JimStewart_02 JimStewart_03 JimStewart_04


New high security cuffs

Hey guys, check out the brand new high-security handcuffs, high security leg irons and high security belly chain that a Metalbond reader sent to me recently as a gift:

MetalbondNYC gay bondage blogMetalbondNYC gay bondage blogMetalbondNYC gay bondage blogMetalbondNYC gay bondage blogI have been blogging now for three years, and this is the first time that anyone has sent such a nice gift to me. I am thrilled. I would like to thank the very special reader of this blog who sent these items to me … it was VERY NICE and very much appreciated.

I promise they will be put to good use.

MetalbondNYC gay bondage blogMetalbondNYC gay bondage blogMetalbondNYC gay bondage blog

Also thanks to my local friend who graciously agreed to model these restraints. What I really like about these is the unique keys that came with each set. Once THESE are locked on and the keys are taken away, there is NO GETTING OUT.