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Read the Instructions

By Callum Buchanan (of blessed memory)

Note from Metal: I am re-posting this story after a reader contacted me about it. See below for more information about this author and where this story came from.

The boxer’s mouthpiece felt as if it had swollen to fill his whole mouth. It was three o’clock in the morning and he could neither spit it out nor even open his mouth. That thought was the least of his problems and once again he cursed himself for a fool, he should have read the instructions first!

He was fit, and did go into the gym to spar with a trainer on a regular basis. but he also had some kinks and one of them was to dress in the training kit and pretend that he could not take it off. That he was trapped and helpless in it. Unable even to open his front door and get help.

The dream though had now become reality and he was in a real fix. At the gym Bob his trainer had told him about some new extra safe sparing kit. The padding was better so was the fit. there were no laces or straps to cause problems in the ring and you did not even need to wrap or bandage your hands because the gloves were so well made. He had agreed that the stuff looked good and placed a telephone order for the kit from the makers, a local sports goods company he had never heard from before and bought 20oz gloves, a supersafe head guard and cup.

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TBT: Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters

I think in all of bondage, my favorite restraints are the “darbies-style” handcuffs and leg cuffs, shown here:

Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters


The picture above is from the website of a guy named Louis, who has a site on Tumblr dedicated to “Straitjackets, medical restraints and more.” You can click to see his blog (which has NOT been censored by Tumblr!) by clicking here.

As Louis writes on his site, these cuffs and much more were sold by Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) and his company, Fetters.

You can learn more about Jim and the history of Fetters by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out Jim’s very extensive website, featuring tons of content — including lots of stories — available here.

Oh no! Duct tape!

Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) has a whole section dedicated to duct tape on his website, Houdini Connections.

metalbondnyc_duct_tape_01 metalbondnyc_duct_tape_02 metalbondnyc_duct_tape_03


To read more about TAPE, click here.

And of you like that, you will also want to check out  “Duck T His Movie,” a short film in which a man is attacked by a roll of duct tape. Yes it really does happen. The pictures above are from this movie. Click here for the movie.

Mummification on steroids

Mummification aficionado Mumman, who has been featured on the Serious Male Bondage site many times, is part of an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary program, called Fobidden! Click the picture directly below to see a preview video for the show, which also includes Dalton and information Dalton gave them about Jim Stewart. The 60-minute show will be available on the Discovery Channel in the U.S. sometime in early 2014.


Mumman also wrote a story for the Maximum Restraint site, called “Long-Term Confinement Experiment.”


Thanks to Mark of Serious Male Bondage for this information!