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David Stein: Writer, editor, activist and publisher

I learned with great sadness last night that David Stein, also known as slave david stein, has died. I do not know any of the details.


David was an author and publisher of BDSM-themed books, both fiction and nonfiction. His most popular works included “Carried Away: An SM Romance,” an erotic novel; and “Ask the Man Who Owns Him: The Real Lives of Gay Masters and Slaves,” a non-fiction book in which a number of real-life Master/slave couples share their stories. David self-published his books — along with many more by other authors — via his publishing company, Perfectbound Press. His fiction and non-fiction writing was also published in Drummer, DungeonMaster, Mach and many other gay underground magazines back in the day.

David was one of the founders of GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists), which was a New York City-based organization of gay men dedicated to “safe, sane, consensual s/m.” As an officer of GMSMA and longtime volunteer and editor of NewsLink, the organization’s newsletter, David helped educate countless others on safety and technique. He wrote a column on safety for Bound & Gagged magazine, called “Bond+Aid.” Over the years he was a volunteer, speaker and presenter at many leather and SM events, including numerous International MAsT (Masters and Slaves Together) weekends, the Leather Leadership Conference, the Master/slave Conference, South Plains Leatherfest, and Leather Pride Night.

He was also an active on many online discussion groups over the years, including FetLife.

His most recent project was “Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships From Ancient Times to the 21st Century,” a non-fiction anthology edited by Peter Tupper, which he published under Perfectbound Press. His books are also available on Amazon.

According to his profile on FetLife, David was in service to Sir Brian. He is also survived by many former Masters and fellow slaves, as well as countless friends. He will be greatly missed.

Farewell to a friend who left this world far too soon

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of a kind and gentle soul recently.


I knew Ray for many years as a play partner and friend. He was a member of the Delta Brotherhood and of Chicago Hellfire. Always an adventurous kinkster, he let me take pictures of him for the Metalbond site on numerous occasions over the years. He was loved by family and friends and is dearly missed.

The passing of Tieguy7001

With great sadness, I wanted to pass along the news that Robert — better known as Tieguy7001 by many of us bondage guys — died unexpectedly recently after having a heat attack in his sleep.

As the men who had the opportunity to play with him or watch him at work can tell you, he was a skilled rope master. More importantly, he was a kind and generous man who was loved by many.

Condolences to his family, and to his many friends.

He will be missed.


Cole Tucker has died

Legendary porn star Cole Tucker died earlier this month.


You can read more about him here and here.  Memorial contributions can be made to the Desert AIDS Project.


I was interviewed once by Cole Tucker, while I was boot blacking one year at IML, for a documentary they were doing. This would have been in 1998 or maybe in 1999. I never managed to see the actual IML documentary, but it was fun to have my 45 seconds with this hot man. I remember him as being immensely hot, very friendly — and totally “alpha” in every way.

Cole, I salute you, Sir!


Photo Credit: TitanMen.com


In Memoriam: PFC Pflege

I learned today from Master Jack the sad news that PFC Pflege died recently. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but I did communicate with him via email a few times, and I also devoured his many true-life stories that he shared over the years.

A former Marine, Dan was a lifelong bondage fanatic whose passion for adventurous play was well documented over at Master Jack’s website, Bondagezine. He was described as a fun-loving, gregarious fellow who was kind and generous.

“Dan came to me for many scenes until his health wouldn’t permit,” said Master Jack in an email. “We talked all the time, and he sent us huge bouquets of flowers each Thanksgiving and Christmas. He was a warm and wonderful man. I will miss him.”

For a link to Dan’s self-described apogee of his bondage scenes, posted at Bondagezine, click here.

And for Dan’s author page in the Metalbond Prison Library, click here.


Metal would like to express sincere condolences to Master Jack on the loss of his longtime friend.

Also, thank you, Master Jack, for sharing this information, and for allowing so many of Dan’s stories to be reposted here.