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Suck my cock

I love tying up a hot guy, getting him on his knees and then telling him he is just a mouth. Turning his oral receptacle into a cumdump.

Cocksucker hood 01Cocksucker hood 01 02Cocksucker hood 03

If you like your cocksucker to be hooded as I do, you can’t go wrong with an Open Mouth Spandex Hood like this one, available from Mr S. I already have the black one, but I just ordered one in gray. Click through to the Mr S site to see a short VIDEO of this hood being used on a guy.

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Trained to suck with an electro shock nut cuff

At BreederFuckers, Chris has moved from the venomously enraged phase to the self-pitying phase! All his life he’s had it easy: privileged, handsome and athletic. Now he’s been turned into a cocksucking whore, and it’s made him snivel and feel sorry for himself. He is stripped down stark naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. His rippling muscular body is on fine display along with his big pendulous dick and massive balls. This is a fine straight specimen, but his job from now on is servicing dick, and he needs to learn how to pleasure men. He’s give a hard lesson in going down on cock with punishment of a firm grip around his neck or an electro shock to his nuts if he doesn’t do it properly. When he’s learned how to really wrap his lips around dick, Dave surprises the blindfolded fool by ramming his cock up his arsehole. Dave simultaneously fucks Chris from behind while he continues to give head. Now he knows what it means to take multiple anonymous cocks. Watch Chris being humbled and trained in how to be a desperate slutty bitch!

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Hard cop dick down the throat

See below for a free video preview from Daddy’s Bondage Boys.

In this shoot, Draven Torres the perp needs to learn how to respect the badge, and nothing accomplishes that more than a hard cop dick down the throat. The cop uses his nightstick to encourage a deeper face fuck. It works.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 10

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Under the boot of Jared

Here’s another update from Dream Boy Bondage — scroll below the pictures and description for a video clip:

Jared orders his whipping boy to get down on his knees. After hours of torture, Matie is broken. He knows he must suck this man’s cock and pleasure him. But first he must suffer some more. “Lie down on your stomach!” Jared orders. He stomps the captive’s back wounds with his boots and sprays them with alcohol. Matie’s screams get Jared hard inside his jeans. “Back on you knees!” he commands, whipping out his erect cock and grabbing the prisoner’s hair. “Suck it!” he demands, pushing his encouraged cock deep down Matie’s throat. He fucks the stud’s mouth for 15 minutes then spews a huge load of cum all over the whip scars on his chest. Matie hopes against hope that he now will be released. But Jared’s lust is not sated. An ass like Matie’s must be beaten even harder.

Here is a video preview:


Title of this shoot: Matie – Whipping Boy – Part 9

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