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Randy gets caned on his bare butt at Reluctant Young Men

Randy gets corporal punishment at Reluctant Young Men

These are pictures from a few years back. Randy is a 22-year-old straight guy from the neighborhood near the Reluctant Young Men studio with a live-in girlfriend whose name is tattooed on his chest next to a fresh hickey from her. She doesn’t know that Randy agreed to make gay videos. Scott strips the young man down and uses two leather paddles on his cute, tight ass, but it wasn’t until he used his painful metal paddle the he made a real impression on the nervous Randy.

gay bondage and spanking

Naked and tied to a spanking bench, poor Randy is thrashed with a rawhide whip and cane as he writhes in agony, whimpering, gasping and sucking air. Scott is relentless in his punishment of the unfortunate young man.

caned on his bare butt

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Paolo’s sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed

At BreederFuckers, Paolo is restrained in nothing but a jock strap — and he’s secured in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be! On his back with his legs spread apart, his sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed! Beneath his gag he hyperventilates, because every second he is in a panic knowing they can plunge their cocks into his precious arsehole. They can make money whoring this prime hetero fucker out! But the resistaned bastard refuses to play along, so they need to break down his resistance. Dave takes out his cane and lashes the soles of Paolo’s feet, causing him the most excruciating pain. While he’s still thrashing about and fighting with every fibre of his being against his restraints, Dave also whips his arse cheeks till they are striped red. He strains to clamp that arsehole shut, but he can’t stop them from inserting a speculum in his anus to prise it open. They can see straight up this fucker’s hole now.

male bondage butt play


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Screaming at the top of his lungs, Leon Fox pushes through three ordeals

Here’ a look back at one of the hottest shoots from 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Chained to the wall, Leon Fox begins his first challenge as he’s warmed up with punches to his torso. Van viciously flogs the bound stud till he screams at the top of his lungs. – The Pit – After enduring his first challenge, Leon stands in the pit as he’s beaten with the crop and his chest covered with clothespins. Weights are added to Leon’s balls as the clothespins are ripped from his flesh, moving him on to his final challenge. – The Gimp Room – Locked in the stockade, Leon’s bare ass is beaten with the crop before Van let’s loose the gimp. Leon endures a ferocious fuck while tormented with electricity until he finally blows his load and receives the gimp’s cum all over his face.

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British Submissive Spanked

Check out what happens at Reluctant Young Men. Ashley is a 38-year-old, gay porn star from London, England, with a lean, defined body, a submissive who still bears the scars from his last session with another dom. Now he’s tied to the spanking bench, and he gets punished for showing up with the marks of another man. He moans, pants and whimpers, squirming and twisting in his restraints.

tied to the spanking bench


See the VIDEO at Reluctant Young Men

Title of this vid: British Submissive Spanked

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The Party – Part 01

By findingmyself1986

You agreed to this last month, and once you locked the chastity belt on there was no turning back. Of course you could just decide not to show up for the party, but why do that? First off that would mean no main attraction, and second you will likely never see the keys to that belt again.

While most guests will be getting ready after work, your part preparation starts Wednesday night after your last solid meal. You decide to make it a light one as you know what lays ahead. Thursday morning finds you preparing jello and broth for your liquid diet and drinking the colon prep you snuck from the hospital. The cramps are hell but necessary for tomorrow morning.

Friday morning finds your nerves at their peak as you power on. Hopefully by Monday morning your dick will be free of its steel prison. You make the drive to the party location and upon arrival, strip and strap yourself standing spread eagle, blindfolded, outside in the fenced backyard as you wait for the doms to arrive. Your only hope is that UPS or Fedex does not show up with a package to leave out back.

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Patrick gets spanked on the plank

At Spanking Straight Boys, Patrick is strapped to the plank. Tom uses his hand, a leather riding crop, red wooden paddle, cane and a rubber paddle/slapper on Patrick’s round, white butt. Patrick has a very hard time with this spanking. He struggles against the belts and wrist restraints while he groans and winces. It’s hard enough that he bites down on his right bicep a few times and begins crying at one point. It’s a hard session.

Patrick is strapped to the plank

VIDEO available at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this shoot: Patrick Spanked on the Plank

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Male BDSM: Patrick on the Spanking Bench

Patrick is a hot, muscular 23-year-old straight guy. In this video, Tom straps him to the spanking bench and goes at him with his hand, a leather strap, wooden spoon, electric paddle and a cane. Patrick has a particularly hard time with the cane, which he describes as the worst ever. He kicks and jerks about throughout this spanking, but being strapped to the spanking bench limits his movement.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Patrick on the Spanking Bench

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The Speed Trap – Part 03

By Rubrpig

My brother and I stood in our cells watching as the leather troopers dragged our Sir from his cell. He shuffled along at the end of the heavy leash they hooked to his collar. He was still locked in the steel bondage helmet so he had very little vision so shuffled slowly depending on the leash to guide him. They took him through the back door of the cells which appeared to be the one I saw them use that morning.

We shuffled over to the cots and sat down taking the pressure off of our necks and backs as the chains we wore forced us to stoop a little to take the pressure off of our bodies. We looked at each other and I asked him what should we do next. We really had no options available to us as we were both padlocked into heavy 5 point chains and locked in a jail cell.

Really no way to escape unless we could figure out a way to overpower the troopers and get the keys to our chains. We both looked at each other and discounted that option as the wrist shackles had short chains so we did not have much movement for our hands and arms so that seemed like a faint hope.

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