10 Days in Detention – Part 26

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I woke when I heard the stable gate open. Shirtless guard walked in. It was the only way I knew him and each of the three guards always were dressed the same as if it was their personal uniform to either be shirtless, in a tank or tee. I think shirtless guard took pride in his ability to humiliate me or at least try to.

He walked with purpose towards me and commanded me on my knees. I complied. He took out a set of keys and removed one of the handcuffs from in front of me before securing my wrists behind my back.

“It’s feeding time, pig,” he scowled at me. He used one of his boots to clear away a portion of the hay and dust from the concrete floor. He then left the stable and disappeared for a moment in the barn. When he returned he had a plastic container in his hands. He lowered it within my eyesight for me to look at. It was some type of beans with other unidentifiable ingredients in a thick sauce. I looked at the food and then up at him. He had that smirk on his face again that I’ve determined is never good. He took the container and tipped it upside down so the food fell out and landed in the open space on the floor he made with his boot. He made sure to tap the plastic container on the floor so all the food came out.

“Pigs eat from the floor,” he said. I just continued to kneel looking at him and then the food on the floor and back again.

“You…will… eat… pig,” he said slowly emphasizing each word and especially the word “will” as he looked down at me.

“Perhaps you think it needs seasoning?” he questioned. He bent over and undid the waist band on the camo pants I was wearing. He pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. He took his hand and spit on it and then stroked me some more using the spit as lube. I was starting to get hard but not fast enough, I suppose. He moved around behind me and used one hand to stroke me and the other to gently massage my right nipple. That made me hard instantly and within a minute or two I climaxed with my cock pointing at the food so the spunk landed all over it. He then reached over and buttoned the waist band back together.

“Eat, now,” was the command.

I hesitated and he pushed me over so my face landed in the food. He took his hand and mashed my head through the food getting it all over my face.

“You. Will. Eat. Pig.”

I continued to resist.

He pulled a padlock from his pocket and pulled my legs up and used the chain between the shackles to clip to the wrist chain putting me in a hogtie. He stepped outside the stable and returned with a small leather slapper.

“Argh,” I shouted as he used the slapper to strike the bottom of my feet. He continued and I yelled in pain from the abuse.

“This will continue until you eat, pig. Do you understand?”

Slap after slap made direct contact on the soles of my feet. The pain was intense and I was trying to fight through it moving as I could but he grabbed a hold of me and there was no escape. I couldn’t take any more and opened my mouth and started to lick the concoction from the floor. He continued to slap my feet for a few more whacks as I started in on the food. It was tasteless for the most part and then I would hit some cum shot and its saltiness.

“You will eat every bite and then lick the floor clean.”

He stood over me while I ate and licked. It was disgusting to endure having to eat from a dirty floor food that was tasteless other than my own cum shot. The pain from the bastinado motivated me to do as he said. He must have been satisfied that I was finished when he stepped behind me and rocked me onto my knees since I was still hogtied, as such.

He looked down at me and said, “We will have to do something about that mess on your face,” referring to the food all over it when he initially pushed my face into it. He unbuttoned his bdu’s and took out his cock and aimed it at me. The steady stream of piss started and he pointed it directly at my face. I closed my eyes as the warm liquid hit me and he used it to clean me off in his own way. This went on for a lot longer than I thought it should have so he must have been saving up his need to piss for me. When the flow stopped I opened my eyes. Droplets of his piss were running down all parts of my face as it started to dry. He smiled at me as be buttoned his pants happy with his work. He took his boot and pushed me over on my side still hogtied. He walked out of the stable and locked the door.

About an hour later the stable door was unlocked and Dan walked in with tank top guard. They undid the hogtie and released the chain from the collar. The collar was also removed. They dragged me onto my feet. No words were spoken. I was walked out of the barn and across the compound to the far side. They stopped at a pile of bricks. There must have been a couple of hundred bricks piled there.

Daniel spoke. “Prisoners, even pigs, earn their keep around here. This pile of bricks has two problems. It’s not neatly stacked and it’s not in the right place. It belongs over there by the side of the barn,” he pointed to a spot clear on the other side of the compound.

“You will move these bricks one by one and stack them neatly over there, prisoner. Make sure he does a good job. Use any encouragement necessary,” Daniel said to the guard. With that Daniel walked away.

The guard took out a set of keys and recuffed my wrists in front of me.

“Get to it, pig,” he said.

I bent over and grabbed a brick with each hand. The guard stopped me.

“One at a time was the direction, pig. Don’t forget that.”

I let one drop and then held a single brick with both hands and started to walk across the compound. It was slow going with the ankle shackles on. When I got to the side of the barn I placed the brick down neatly. I turned around and walked back across retrieving another brick and making the walk across the compound. After about fifty bricks I had a nice even first and second level as they were starting to stack up. It was going to be a neat and orderly job.

The guard was watching me and not saying anything. The time was dragging on and on. This was tedious and boring. Just before dusk the final brick was stacked and I dropped to my knees in front of them. Daniel walked up with the guard and inspected the work. He looked closely at the pile and then at me. The other two guards walked up at the same time.

“What do you think?” Daniel asked them.

The guard wearing the full tee looked at the stack and said, “It looks like an amateur did it. Not good quality.” Daniel laughed.

“I agree,” Daniel said and he took his boot and kicked them all over in front of me.

He looked at me. “I kind of liked them over where they were to begin with. Move them back. Neat and orderly stacked.”

I looked up at him and I so wanted to say something but I knew it would probably earn me some time of painful punishment.

“Yes, sir,” is all that came out of my mouth. I stood, picked up a brick and started the process of walking back and forth again. They all laughed at me.

About half way through shirtless guard was watching me again and stopped me in my tracks. He took his hand and grabbed my chin so I was looking directly at him.

“You are such a pig. Taking what we throw at you. So fucking compliant. I enjoy humiliating pigs like you. You still reek of piss even through the sweat on your body. I bet you would like to see me in your place, wouldn’t you? Yeah, you want to get even. I see it in your eyes. Keep wishing pig.” With that he released me and I continued my chore.

When it was done I knelt again in front of the neatly stacked bricks. The guards and Daniel all approached again.

“I think this works,” Daniel said. “Perhaps some rest has been earned for the prisoner. Would you like to stretch out and sleep, boy?”

Without thinking I said, “Yes, sir.”

“Well then I think we can arrange that,” Daniel said.

Two of them picked me up onto my feet while the other two followed. We walked to the center of the yard and they had me kneel. The shackles were removed from my wrists and ankles and then I was grabbed by each arm and leg and forced on my back onto the hard dirt. The two guards holding my wrists wrapped rope around them and then they took a wooden stake from their pockets. A mallet was handy nearby and they each used it to hammer the stake in the ground and then tied off my wrists. When that was done shirtless guard undid my pants and pulled them off so I was naked. Daniel and one of the other guards then staked out my ankles so I was spread eagle on my back.

“How may stakes and coils of rope are left,” Daniel asked. One of the guards replied there were four stakes and plenty of rope available. Daniel asked for one of each. He took the rope and tied it around my balls. Another stake was driven in the ground between the ankles and the rope from the balls was tied off tightly. I was in a five way stretch, naked, vulnerable and hard with my throbbing cock in mid air.

“I think he likes this,” shirtless guard chuckled.

“I think you like it, too,” Daniel said to him noticing his pants were tenting in the front.

“A few stakes left and plenty of rope, right,” Daniel asked. “Perhaps you need to join him out here for the night,” Daniel said as he and the other two guards grabbed shirtless guard and forced him down on the ground next to me. He was no match for the other three as they worked to secure his wrists first using the stake my left wrist was tied to for his right wrist and then hammering another one in the ground for his left wrist.   They made quick work of stripping off his boots, socks and bdu’s so he was as naked as me. They finished off with his predicament also making sure he was in a five way stretch.

Daniel knelt over him and spoke. “You take a lot of pride in making others squirm. We decided it was time for you to experience the other side. From this point on there are two pigs in this prison camp. No safeword. No out. No mercy for you, pig #2.” Shirtless guard, now pig #2, didn’t say anything. He just struggled against the ropes of which there was no relief.

“They stay this way until sometime tomorrow. We will take shifts watching over them again tonight,” Daniel said. He nodded to tee shirt guard who stayed while Daniel and the other two guards walked away. The guard on duty took one last look at us and headed for the barn. He pulled a chair out and sat down. He was yards away from us. It was close enough to keep an eye on our situation but not hear him as he talked on his phone to someone.

It was early evening. The sun had only been down for an hour or more. Sunrise was at least eight hours away.

I tested the ropes every now and again pulling on them. They were quite secure. Pig #2 was doing the same thing from time to time and grunting. I looked over at him and made eye contact.

He looked over at me, gave me a half smile and said, “Sorry.”

“What for?” I asked.

“I’ve been shitty to you. Daniel is right. I take it too far at times and get too sadistic. It cost me.”

I continued to look over at him. He sort of sighed and looked up towards the sky and again tested the ropes to no avail.

“Hey, I wouldn’t have expected any less,” I said. “I didn’t come here to be coddled or to be on a nice vacation. I came here to be put through some minor hell by all of you. It sucked when you made me eat from that dirty floor but that’s what happens for real in these situations. It’s just safe here. I mean I know it will end in a few days. I just need to get through it.”

He looked over at me. “I’m Matt, by the way.”

“I’m Dave. Nice to meet you Matt.”

We both kind of chuckled.

“We’re going to be here a while, aren’t we?” I asked.

Matt answered, “Yeah, at least all night and probably for a few hours after the sun comes up. It’s up to Daniel. He wanted to make sure you got the real experience.” Matt paused for a few moments and then turned over to look at me.

“He likes you by the way – a lot.” Matt said.

“Yeah, I know. We’ve talked about it. He’s pretty special.”

“The other guys are good people, too. They take pride in SM play and especially what is possible here with what Dan has built. They’re safe but will push us,” Matt said. “Being staked out like this won’t be easy as the hours pass.”

I looked over at him and said, “I’m already feeling it in the shoulders. The pain is starting to be bad. My balls aren’t too happy either being pulled away from me.”

“They did a good job with these ties,” Matt said. “The circulation is good but we are pretty much screwed stretched out like this. By the way, now that I’m just another pig like you, they will play us off each other. You should know I respect you after what you’ve endured so far. I’ll take whatever they throw at me if it means preventing you from being tortured.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Just be prepared,” Matt started. “With two prisoners they will put us in positions where one will be given choices that will affect the other or into bondage situations where we will essentially cause the other to suffer.”

“Got it,” I said.

“If you can sleep at all, we should try to doze off for a while,” Matt suggested.

I nodded my head in agreement and looked straight up at the evening sky. It was a nice night out. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a fitful sleep.

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