7 Days in Berlin – Part 03

By Takeo

Day 1 – Tuesday – Awaiting Sir’s arrival

Time passes slowly, blind in a cell. I have no temporal reference, it is the absolute silence in the apartment, I perceive only the noise of the chains when I move.

Already, I feel a tension in my arms, pulled horizontally. My fists closed in the mitts are also sore, and the chain which pulls on the top of my head is also rather tense. I try to move a little to lean my back on the wall and relieve myself, impossible, the chains are too tense. Even if I am not in a bondage that prevents me from moving completely, I feel a growing tension and constraint in the muscles.

I don’t know how long I’m going to hold on like this – or how long I’m supposed to hold on…

I replay the last events in my head, from leaving home in my gym clothes to being stuck here in my uniform alone in a cell. I can’t believe what’s happening to me. I’ve already gone beyond many of my limits, including willingly submitting to strangers. But this time, unlike my previous encounters with Florian, I really want to go further to satisfy him, to do whatever he asks me to do without reluctance and to really be in my role as a slave seeking nothing more than to satisfy him. My cock is hard in my cage as my imagination wanders and I think of the multiple possibilities of bondage and games that I will be able to experiment during these few days.

But will I be able to make it? I know that at some point I will want to drop the bonds and snuggle up to Flo for comfort. Will my willpower be strong enough not to give up? I’m not sure…

I am brought out of my thoughts by the sound of a key in a lock. I want to look good so that my Sir has a good impression of me when he arrives and sees me ready to receive him. I straighten my back and direct my gaze – albeit masked – straight ahead.

The door opens and someone enters. No words.

I hear the lock on the cell door click, then the door opens. I shudder at the thought of physical contact with Florian, immediately making an impression on my cock. I imagine him stroking the back of my head, face, or torso, possibly playing with my nipples a bit or running his hand down my crotch.

“So how are you doing boy?”

I gasp. That’s not Florian’s voice.

“Are you comfortable?”. I then recognize the voice of Franz who got me ready and tied up earlier. I grunt into my gag, out of disappointment at not having my Sir in front of me, but also because no, I’m not comfortable!

“How long do you think you’ve been here?”

Even though I know that with this big gag filling my mouth I can’t answer, I try to guess. I know from experience that time doesn’t flow in a linear manner when you’re tied up, let alone deprived of your senses. Usually for me, the first few hours of a long bondage go by very slowly, until the mind switches and gets caught up in the situation, allowing time to pass more quickly. I know I am not in that state yet, I am still too aware of my situation. I estimate that I have been here for 3 hours, but knowing this fact, I resolve to think it has been 2 hours, while hoping for more.

“30 minutes?”

I shake my head. Of course it’s been much more than 30 minutes.

“An hour?”

Still no.

“An hour and a half?”

I don’t think so.

“Two hours?”

I nod, moving my head up and down

“Are you sure?”

Of course not… I don’t know, but I think that’s pretty realistic.

“Well boy, it’s going to be a long week… You’ve been here for exactly one hour.”

Oh my God! Only one hour? That doesn’t seem possible, all my muscles are sore, and it would only be one hour? At the same time, I have no way of knowing if Franz is telling me the truth anyway. But in the end it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that he unties me now, this position is really starting to become painful and I can’t wait to meet my Sir.

“After thinking about it, I thought that it was not nice to leave you all alone like that. Your journey has already been hard enough and full of surprises, you deserve better than this.”

He moves closer to me and in a rather abrupt move removes my blindfold. I struggle to adjust to the light and squint. He is now also wearing military pants and rangers. Well-cut, tight-fitting pants that mold to perfection his two muscular buttocks that I see when he turns around to put something on the shelf.

He is wearing a thick leather bulldog harness on his bare torso, leather wristbands and a military cap. His body is perfectly defined, with prominent muscles, six-pack and strong arms, without being overdone. I’m really not attracted to guys who pump up, but this is perfect.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys. My release is coming and my limbs are already looking forward to it. Even though I’m a little worried that Florian is still not here and that I’m still in the hands of a stranger, as sexy as he is.

First he opens the lock that connects the end of the chain on my left hand to the wall. But instead of leaving the chain free, he pulls it a little more and closes the lock again.

I don’t understand what’s going on. I moan into my gag and look at him with concern. He looks down at me and just replies with a small smile. It is the smile of a charmer, but it has a touch of authority and sadism. He does not hide his pleasure to read the frustration on my face and to see me pulling on my chains.

He repeats the operation with the chain on my right hand. As he opens the lock, I pull violently on the chain, tearing it from his hand. I move my hand in all directions – for what purpose I don’t really know, maybe at that moment I had the impression that I could free myself, which was obviously excluded – but Franz quickly grabs the chain and pulls it sharply. With an expert gesture, he then fixes it to the wall, even more tightly than before.

He then rushes in front of me and grabs my muzzle in his muscular hand and squeezes it vigorously.

“Where do you think you are, boy? What did you think you were doing by doing this, that you’d get away with it, right?”

His face is inches from mine and I perceive all his masculine power and it is the first time I realize how much I am at his mercy. Immediately, I regret my action.

At this point, Franz begins to snicker.

“I like bad boys, don’t worry. For me it is important that bondage is inescapable, so I can’t blame submissives who try to break free from their bondage, it shows that they still need to be tamed.”

As he speaks, he proceeds in the same manner with the chains holding my ankles and the muzzle, each time shortening the length of the chains, forcing my feet further apart and opening my legs, and forcing my head up.

“You will be punished for your impertinence, but not right away, we have time for that. Now it’s time to secure you some more.”

He turns around and takes behind him a rather short chain, but with big links… He walks over to me and crouches down to put it around my neck, over the collar of the muzzle. The chain is not very tight, but not loose either. He locks it with a big padlock on the front. I immediately feel his weight on my tense shoulders. He then takes two similar chains and slings them diagonally across my shoulders, forming a sort of harness around my torso. The chains are locked with padlocks, and connected to the collar on the sides.

These chains are even larger than the ones securing me to the walls, and I can feel their weight and tension.

“It looks like you’re still a little too mobile, let’s fix that.”

He grabs behind him two more chains. The small one is secured with a padlock where the chains cross at my back and then is attached to the wall behind me, pulling me back slightly, increasing the tension on my arms. The second is similarly secured but in front of me, and Franz locks it to the bars of the cell. The tension pulls on the chains around my torso and applies pressure to my shoulders. I really can’t move. Lateral movements were already prevented by the chains to my mitts, but now I can’t even vary the position slightly, being constrained in the other direction as well.

I moan through my gag. I’ve been in this position for an hour already, and instead of being freed from it, the restraint increases.

“To entertain you over until your Sir arrives, I have a little surprise. I know how difficult it can be to be tied up without knowing when you will be released. But the reverse is also true, knowing how long your torment will last while being aware that nothing will stop it is also particularly perverse.”

I groan in anticipation of what might happen to me.

“Here is a small device.” He points to a small white device with an LED screen sitting on the shelf in front of me. “It’s a timer that tells you how much time you have left in this position.”

The device says 00:00:00. Franz must not have set it yet.

“Here’s the deal my boy. Florian has put you at my disposal until he arrives at 3 pm. As I know that for you it’s something new to be at the disposal of an unknown guy, I prefer not to go too hard at the beginning. So you’re going to stay in this position until your Sir arrives, in five hours.”

Five hours? I start to struggle in my bonds, it is way too long, I already know I’m not going to make it.

“But it will be too long for you to hold this position like this.”

Phew, that makes me feel better, Franz seems to be realistic.

“To help you pass the time, I connected your vibrating plug to the timer. Every 30 seconds, you will have the right to a small vibration. Every 5 minutes, you’ll get a stronger, longer vibration. And every hour, you’ll get a 5 minute special incremental program. Remember that you are not allowed to cum.”

At this point I pull on my bonds and beg him with my eyes to let me go.

“Oh yes I forgot.” He squats in front of me and shows me the blindfold. “You don’t really think you need to see what’s going on”. With a sure hand, he attaches the blindfold to the muzzle, cutting off all light and plunging me into darkness. “The timer beeps once a second. To know how far along you are, you only have to count the beeps”.

At that moment I perceive that he presses the button and the timer starts. Beep… beep… beep…

I hear him leave the cell and lock the door. As the door closes, I feel a vibration inside me. Considering my position, the plug is well inserted in me, I am almost like sitting on it. The vibration is not unpleasant, on the contrary, it gives me a pleasure that goes away too quickly. Then I hear the main door open and close again.

I try to pull on my bonds but my movements are really restricted. Besides the tension in my muscles, I feel the exciting weight and oppression of the chains around my neck and torso. My hands are starting to feel numb from being fisted in the mitts.

I listen carefully to the beeps of the device and try to count the number in my head. Sometimes I get it wrong and the vibrations of the plug surprise me. But allow me to set my count again. At 5 minutes the vibration is really stronger, although still pleasant. It lasts indeed longer, 5 seconds if I refer to the number of beeps. My cock stiffens in the cage and for the first time since I left home, I want to cum.

But the vibration stops long before that.

I start to calculate in my head: In 5 hours, that’s 60 big vibrations, 500 small ones. My god I don’t know if my hole will resist that.

I try to keep track, but I don’t really know where I stand anymore. I’m not sure how many big vibrations there are, and therefore how many five-minute periods. Eight? Maybe nine?

Just when I thought I had reached 50 minutes, I feel something unusual. Several small pulses spaced quite far apart, which become longer and longer and stronger. I must have reached one hour and the special program that Franz mentioned. The vibrations vary in duration and intensity and quickly cause a lot of excitement. I try to concentrate on the beeps – it seems to me that he had mentioned a duration of 5 minutes – but soon my head is spinning with the excitement of the vibrations in my hole and I can’t hold back from cumming in my cage.

As I cum, my body tenses and I pull on my restraints, but I can barely move, I can only hear the sound of the chains being tightened.

After several days without having cum, I spurt several times, probably a fairly large amount.

I sweat with excitement and a feeling of relief comes over me. Which fades quickly when I feel that the vibrations do not stop and when I realize that I am still constrained. I must have come well before the 5 minutes of the program duration since it takes some time for the vibrations to stop.

I’m out of breath, both happy to have cum but also frustrated that I can’t get out. The horniness is gone, I only want to stop here. To get rid of my ties, to be taken in the arms by the guy who did this to me and to have a chat while debriefing the experience.

But none of that. My restraints are still as strict as ever, I still can’t move and soon the little vibrations start again. At first I feel pain, my hole being sore, but quickly the excitement rises and I find myself as before, on the verge of orgasm during the big vibrations that mark the 5 minute periods.

I have no idea of the time anymore. I just know that I am between 1 and 2 hours.

And suddenly I feel the special program start again. And again my excitement rises. And again I cum in a torrent of emotions, this time a little later than the first.

My head is spinning, my arms, neck and legs are stiff, I feel as if my body does not belong to me anymore. In spite of the repeated beeps and the vibration markers, I lose all notion of time, I am no longer able to concentrate and count the sound pulses of the timer.

And again, the program restarts and makes me cum, and the cycle starts again.

My mind wanders, alternating between extreme concentration on the beeps to try to follow the progression of my torment and a state of absolute detachment, almost a trance. It is this feeling that I love in bondage, the feeling of abandonment to one’s destiny, the acceptance of not being able to fight against the bonds that keep me immobile, despite an irascible desire to extricate myself.

I feel like I am flying. Despite the constraint, I feel free, as if in another world. Reality comes back to me when I feel the special program of my plug starting again. The last one if I counted correctly. Suddenly I find myself back in my state of a boy tied up for 6 hours in this strict position, becoming aware of every muscle in his body. The growing vibrations in my hole push my cock to fill its cage and I quickly enter a state of extreme excitement. I can feel the release approaching, the ecstasy is at its peak.

But this time the vibrations stop just before I reach orgasm. I go crazy in my bondage and try hard to move as much as possible to try to rub my cock against his cage so that I can release my sexual energy, I squirm in my restraints, scream through my gag, but to no avail. Nothing makes it and I resolve to accept my frustration.

That’s when I realize: the beeping has stopped. The vibrations too. The timer must have run out.

I hear the door open, then the cell. My head is being rubbed tenderly. I am still hard in my cage and my senses are still alert from my state of arousal. Two hands wander over my body and caress my arms, my thighs, linger a little on my crotch. I begin to moan through my gag, torn apart between the tension of my muscles due to the prolonged bondage and the pleasure to be tenderly caressed.

The caresses cease and I feel that the chains which bind me to the walls are gradually removed. One by one, my shackles are released, and the hands of the guy standing in front of me support me to make sure I don’t fall, my body being numb from the bondage.

I sit on the leather bench, soothed and relaxed. Nothing happens, the guy doesn’t move, neither do I. I slowly come to my senses. I only realize now that I have been gagged for six hours, and my jaw muscles are aching.

“Come on boy, get up and follow me”.

I recognize Franz’s voice again.

Somehow I get on my legs. I am still blind and sore, Franz holds my arm firmly to prevent me from falling. He guides me out of the cell.

“Pull down your pants”.

I try as best I can to take off my pants, but with the mitts on my wrists, I can’t do it, the snap resists. The pants being well adjusted, I can’t get them off without opening them. Desperate, I give up.

“You look like someone who doesn’t know how to undress… Come on..”

He quickly opens my pants and pulls them down to my feet. I feel humiliation again, losing the protection my outfit offered me.

“On all four!”

I comply. I try to get the position Franz taught me this morning right. I get on all fours, legs a little spread, leaning on my elbows, back arched to get my ass out well. The position is painful after the soreness of bondage.

“After a few hours, you’ve already disobeyed five times. You are lucky, I don’t have time to punish you now. But don’t worry, I’ll keep that in mind for the next few days.”

I don’t understand what I did wrong, and I try to remember the rules he taught me. And indeed, I do get it. I wasn’t supposed to cum without asking permission. Yet I couldn’t ask for permission, it’s not very fair.

Franz gives me a few good slaps on the buttocks that surprise me. Hard enough for me to feel the adrenaline of spanking, but not unpleasant either.

He caresses my buttocks and presses from time to time on my plug, making me moan. I feel him grabbing it and pulling on it. My hole hurts, inflamed by the duration and repeated vibrations. I feel a fairly strong pain and then relief. The plug is out.

Franz takes off my mitts and the blindfold. I can finally extend my fingers and it takes me a few seconds to get the feeling back.

“Take off your jacket and t- shirt, go to the bathroom, wash up and come back”.

I comply. As I enter the bathroom I see my reflection in a mirror for the first time, and I admit I like the look of this muzzle. I’m starting to have trouble with the gag and try to undo the straps, but they are all padlocked. I relieve myself – I’ve been needing to pee for a while, and I understand from the material I’m wearing that I need to wash my insides again.

When I’m done, I pull up my pants and come out of the bathroom. I don’t know what to do, Franz is not there. I decide to apply what Franz taught me in the morning and take the waiting position in front of the bathroom door.

Franz arrives with a bowl that he puts on the floor and a glass of water. He goes behind me and removes one by one the locks of the muzzle and frees me from the device. My jaws are relieved to be free to move, and I dare a “Thank you Sir”.

“You’re not supposed to talk! Drink and eat.”

Not sure how I’m supposed to do this, I comply by getting on my knees. I drink the water first – the thirst had been building for some time – and take the bowl in my hands.

“Do you really think you have the right to do this?”

I freeze and try to remember the set of rules I had to learn this morning, and other than the fact that I shouldn’t eat at the table, I can’t think of anything that prevents me from doing this. But I understand Franz’s intentions, so I put the bowl down and get on all fours to eat. There are some kinds of energy bars, a bit dry but not bad. It feels good to eat, and I feel the energy coming back in me.

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do when I’m done, so I move to a kneeling position, thinking that it’s certainly a good position to wait for further instructions.

Franz comes back from the adjacent spot with plenty of gear in his hands. First he places a leather harness on my chest, tightly fitted, which he tightens just enough so that I feel a little constrained. Then comes a big rigid metal collar, quite thick and high. And heavy. Then some metal handcuffs, also big and heavy and tightly fitted, and the same thing at the ankles, all connected by chains, a bit like for prisoner transport, but behind me: hands behind my back.

The chain between my wrists and ankles is very short, preventing me from standing up. The one that goes up to the collar is also well adjusted, preventing me from leaning forward.

So here I am, shirtless, leather harness on my torso, in military pants and rangers, the chastity belt sticking out at the waist, on my knees sitting on heels with my hands tied behind my back.

Franz stands in front of me and admires his work with a satisfied look. He approaches and caresses my face and hair. He has fun slapping my face. Apart from a bit of spanking, I’m not a big fan of smacking, but here I find it very exciting. His fingers drag at my lips and finally he pushes a finger, then two, into my mouth. I try to lick them as best I can. He seems to like it.

He takes my head with both hands and forces it down to his crotch. I feel his hard cock through the military fabric. I’m not comfortable being this close to a stranger, and the idea of the game getting more sexual scares me and draws me in at the same time.

“Do you feel like it boy?”

“Yes Sir,” I answer automatically. I’m not sure I want it, but my condition makes it the only possible answer.

He plays with his cock through the fabric and brings it close to my head several times to make me lick it. He opens his pants and I discover that he is wearing white briefs that mold his cock well. Again he approaches it and forces me to lick it through the fabric. Despite my apprehension, my cock swells in his cage.

Just as I thought he was going to grab his briefs to pull them down, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ball gag that he puts on me in one quick, sure motion. I hear the click of the lock closing.

I find myself frustrated at being gagged whereas seconds before I was licking his cock through his underwear, but on the other hand I feel protected too, and relieved that I didn’t have to go too far.

Franz reappears in front of me.

“Your Sir will come anytime, time to say goodbye. But I have a last gift for you”. With these words, he places two clamps on my nipples.

My nipples are very sensitive. They are quite resistant to pain but are directly connected to my cock. Sometimes I came only by playing with them. The placement of the clamps reinforces the erection that hadn’t come down since Franz teased me with his cock in front of me.

He then returns with a canvas hood that he places over my head. Everything goes black. I feel him get behind me and lace the cords of the hood so that it tightens around my head.

“Good bye boy, have fun! Dont’ worry, we well meet again this week, you stll owe me a punishment, and I already have plenty of ideas”.

I hear him walk away and the door closes. And being locked.

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  1. That bondage is the best. His expectations are certainly going to be exceeded. Love the slow build up and the promise of punishment to come.

  2. Great story!
    I love the nighttrains and will Think about your story next time travelling through Lausanne.
    Hope there will come more parts

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