A Day on the Market

By Cutieboy90

All they needed was for someone to hold the sign for the flower stall at the Sunday market.

But it’s never that simple, not with Master Skylar involved.

Mitch sniffed in mild discomfort as the cool morning air and flower pollen tickled his nose. He’d grab a tissue, and maybe some Claritin, but his hands were tied. Literally.

Locked in a bulky wooden yoke, Mitch couldn’t move his hands within two feet of his head. As if that wasn’t enough, his hands had also been locked into thickly padded leather mitts before being placed in the yoke. The mitts couldn’t even be accessed unless the yoke was removed, and of course the only person with the key to unlock the yoke was… Master Skylar.

“It’s for publicity,” Skylar had said. “Just stand on the corner for a few hours, get people’s attention, and they’ll come buy flowers.”

Attached to the front and back of the yoke were two large signs with the flower stall’s name and location number. From the ends were strung baskets of flowers. Hanging to mid-thigh, the signs and bellflowers mostly covered the fact that Mitch was wearing nothing else but a jockstrap. A daisy chain collar of asters and coneflowers encircled his neck and also concealed the gag cleaving his mouth.

Mitch paced along the corner to entertain himself. The pavement was gritty under his feet. So far few shoppers were out yet, and a couple vendors were still setting up. It was still pretty early; the market had only opened an hour before.

“So why have I been trussed up like this for two hours!?” Mitch fumed. “Fuckin’ Skylar.” He sniffed and circled back toward a stretch of sidewalk now in the sun. It wasn’t much warmer, but Mitch found himself breaking a sweat. “Fuckin’ signs are heavy as hell…” Or perhaps it was the thick wooden yoke he was trapped in? Solid oak, heavy duty stainless steel hardware, probably weighed-

“Hey!” It was Skylar. “Hey, Josh says you’re too far from the stall.”

“Hmmph!?” Mitch grunted as Skylar grabbed the side of the yoke and dragged him across the market to the flower stall.

“I know, I know boy,” Skylar cooed. “I like seeing you parade yourself in public too, you exhibitionist bondage slut! But Josh is in charge here today, and wants you for business purposes…”

Mitch rolled his eyes and hurried to keep pace. The bottom edge of heavy sign boards scraped against his legs with each step, both the front and the sensitive back. Loose gravel and sand on the pavement dug into his feet as they passed the numerous vendors with tents of flowers, crafts, pumpkins, and other seasonal produce.

“Ah good, you found him!” Josh called from the tent as they approached. “Here boy,” Josh clipped a leash to an eyebolt on the back of the yoke. It was attached to one of the tent’s legs. Josh also refilled the flower buckets with water, a little more than necessary, adding yet more weight for Mitch to carry. Mitch grunted his discomfort, but was unheeded.

“Perfect.” Skylar sat down at the back of the tent, content to watch Josh and Luke scurry about trying to sell flowers.

Being near the tent was triggering Mitch’s allergies, so he quickly wandered away. The leash didn’t let him get too far; only past the tents on either side, and about halfway to the tent directly across. It was shady at this end of the market, making his pierced nipples hard and causing his trapped balls to pull in tightly. Their quest for warmth was stopped by the ever-familiar cold metal ring of the chastity cage.

“MMmm…” Mitch groaned inwardly. His hard perky nipples kept brushing against the wooden sign. Mitch tried leaning his shoulders forward to prevent the irritation, but it was too awkward to maintain. He’d just have to suffer.

The sun eventually rose above the trees that lined the street, finally bringing out the vibrant colors of the flower stall. Mitch was reined in closer as foot traffic began to pick up. His bulky sign and yoke were now an obstruction, so he soon joined Skylar in the back of the tent where the heavy equipment was lifted from his aching shoulders. His hands were retied behind his back and Skylar rigged up a chest harness to put Mitch’s goods on better display.

“There we go,” Skylar purred as he traced his fingertips over Mitch’s ink. “Much better, yes?” He had Mitch kneel and serve as a footrest. Skylar took a soda out of a cooler, giving his captive a few quick sips.

“Hey!” Josh called over his shoulder. “You said your boy would work!”

“Oh he is, believe me he is!” Skylar shifted more weight onto Mitch’s shoulders. Mitch glared, baring his teeth over the gag. “But alright, point made…”

Josh shook his head and grabbed himself a water bottle out of the cooler.

“Come on up here, boy….” Skylar manhandled Mitch face down onto the table. Skylar frogtied Mitch’s legs and secured his knees to the corners of the table forcing his thighs apart. Mitch grunted in protest as his balls were tied tightly to his toes, exposing his caged cock to the public!

“MMMph mphh!”

“Quiet,” Skylar warned. He was fiddling with the ropes binding Mitch to the table.


“Very well, you brought it upon yourself…”

Mitch regretted his defiance as his chest was brought up off the table by the rope harness. Weighted nipple clamps now bit into his pierced nips, and a nosehook pulled his head up. Forced into the tightest, most unpleasant hogtie he’d ever been subjected to, Mitch had no choice but to keep quiet and still.

But Skylar wasn’t done. The sadistic bastard grabbed a bulbous blown glass vase off the shelf, filled it with a bunch of dahlias, and wedged the fat end into Mitch’s exposed hole! He secured it in place with a few lengths of string.

“For display only,” Skylar announced with a grin.

Mitch glared out of the corner of his eye. Every movement he made yanked his balls, threatened to tear his nostrils, and set the nipple clamps swinging. The heavy vase squeezed his prostate and stretched his ass. Leaves from the flowers brushed his bare soles, causing them to twitch ticklishly and perpetuating the movement/pain cycle Mitch was now trapped in.

“Fresh cut flowers! Custom bouquets! Local grown!” Skylar called out impassionately at the market goers.

“Shut up,” Luke scolded him. “We won’t sell anything like that.”

“No…” Skylar shrugged. “We need a draw. Luckily, we already have one!” Skylar grabbed the table Mitch was bound to, and dragged it out in front of the tent.

“Hmmmmmph…!” Mitch whined pathetically, blinking in the bright sunlight.

“There we go!” Skylar donned his sunglasses and settled into a chair, propping his feet up on Mitch’s back. Almost instantly, a crowd gathered with interest around the little flower stall.

Luke and Josh shook their heads, but quickly warmed up as the cash register began to fill up.

Mitch growled uselessly as unknown hands stroked and petted his tattooed muscular body. He was groped, brushed, pinched, and rubbed all over. The vase lodged in his ass got emptied and refilled, constantly sending vibrations through the glass to his prostate. After nine months in chastity, the targeted attention proved too much. Mitch came in his cage, his long-awaited load oozing out on the table in a slow, unsatisfying dribble that no one else even noticed. Yet the unintended stimulation continued, drawing the prostate milking out over the next several hours.

By the time the market was closing, Mitch was a sore, sweaty, horny, allergic mess. All the pollen made his hooked nose run down his face. The gag made him drool. Frustration made him teary-eyed. Worst of all, his prostate was empty yet his balls were still full and aching for a proper release.

“All in a good day’s work!” Skylar said cheerily waving a thick wad of cash. “A real success. You’ll have to help out every Sunday from now on.”

Mitch didn’t respond. His body was wracked with pain and he was too exhausted to care.

Skylar smirked. He began to untie Mitch, taking his sweet time with the bindings to help prevent cramps. Mitch’s hands were left tied behind him, and the gag was kept in place.

“Let’s get you home and cleaned up.” Skylar guided Mitch to his SUV in a nearby parking lot. “Been quite the year for you. We’ve had a lot of fun, haven’t we?”

Mitch sighed as he sat against the cool leather seat of Skylar’s SUV. Skylar fastened the seatbelt for him.

“Tell you what,” Skylar said once he climbed in. “You deserve a vacation. Come to Whistler with us again. It’ll be fun.”

Mitch nodded wearily.

Sure, why not?

The End.

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  1. I knew there was a series of stories with Mitch and Skylar but I realized just now that the titles match.
    Once again a very good story by Cutieboy90.

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