A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 06

By R8080

Note: This is a continuation of a story from a while back. To start at Part 1, click here.

Alex’s world had been reduced to the two small portholes of his vision. The gas mask squeezed against his face with each breath he took. The smell of rubber was his entire world, the smell rich and filling his nose.

He had tried tugging at the restraints on the padded bed. The cuffs on his arms held tight. Eventually he had given up and fallen into a half-sleep after the mornings tiring workout.

The world beyond his rubbered skin had been anything but silent though. Every now and then he’d hear banging or scraping and his cock would twitch at the thought of what his Master was up to. He would be drifting off and then wake with a start, sure that someone had been watching him. If only he could lift his head to see.


Alex woke, a primal urge screaming at him. He couldn’t breathe. His arms pulled at the cuffs but they wouldn’t give. He kicked impotently. His entire body was wracked with fear.

The pipe! The pipe from his gas mask must have caught on something or got blocked or…

He looked and saw him. The shadow of his Master, standing at the top of the padded table.

As soon as they made eye contact, Alex’s air returned. He could feel the oxygen race back into his bloodstream. He still twitched and jerked but the conscious part of his brain told him to relax. The pipe made a heavy whistling at his laboured breath.

“Deep boi, breathe deep.” His Master’s voice was gentle, his mouth right beside Alex’s rubber covered ear.

“Breathe deep boi.”

Alex let his breathing settle and, just when he thought he had recovered, his air was cut off again. This time his Master put a heavy hand on his chest, forcing his boi’s chest to remain hard against the table as Alex bucked.

More air, Alex relaxed, and then nothing again.

Each time, his Master’s hand moved lower. Alex had stopped bucking. He put everything into conserving oxygen when he could, focusing only on the electric touch of the strong fingers against rubber skin.

He felt the squeeze on his cock. In his oxygen-deprived state, it felt like his cock was a flagpole, a hundred feet high and his Master’s fingers; they felt like a giants, gripping him tighter than steel. Alex had never felt so erect in his life.

His hips went wild. He bucked, up and down, up and down. His Master didn’t even move his hand. Alex bit his lips beneath the gas mask, dug his fingers into the padding of the table, let his back arch so tightly it felt like his spine was breaking.

And then he could breathe, the giant’s hand removed from his flagpole. He was so close. So absolutely on the very edge and he tried wildly to find that last ounce of release.

But it was gone, evaporated.

As he was left alone once more, Alex couldn’t help but let out a cry. He sobbed beneath the gas mask. Not out of pain or fear, but sheer gratitude. He had never felt so alive, so desperate to explode. From within his rubber prison, he whispered a silent “thank you” and fell back into the deepest sleep he’d ever had.


“Rise and shine.”

Alex rolled onto his side. And was instantly awake! His arms were free. He touched his wrists, and realised he was bare, naked. The gas mask, the rubber suit, all of it was gone!

His Master chuckled.

“You were out like a light boi. I was worried I’d driven you too hard in the paddock this morning and then the breath play…”

The Master stopped speaking. Alex had leapt from the table, wrapping his arms around his Master and kissing him as if He were the only source of oxygen left in the universe.

Eventually they separated, Alex’s arms still encircling his Master. He sheepishly looked down.

“Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to…”

His Master kissed him back, a leather-gloved hand holding the back of Alex’s head.

“Who would have thought a city boi could kiss so well?” He said.

Alex smiled and dropped to his knees. His Master was still wearing leather breeches and Alex fumbled to undo the zipper. A gloved hand stopped him though.

“Not yet.”

Alex nodded dumbly, his fingers stopping their work. He went to rise, but the hand pushed him back down.


Dehner boots walked away as Alex stared at the floor. He heard the opening of cupboards, things piled on the table, and then the boots returned.

“Look at me boi.” He was standing before Alex. “Last night, I picked up an unruly city-boi. He lacked discipline. Lacked… purpose. Now, I wasn’t 100% certain about this boi. He was inexperienced, needed an awful lot of training.”

Alex hung his head in shame.

“I offered this boi a chance to grow. Did he want to be trained?”

“Yes Master! Please Master.”

“Please what boi?”

“Please train me to be the perfect rubberboi Master.”


Alex bit his lip. He felt so vulnerable, naked without even the rubber to protect him. He hadn’t realised how much he needed his true skin.

“Because it’s the only way I can serve you Master.”

“Yes boi.” Gloved fingers lifted Alex’s chin. “I offered you a collar last night. Do you remember?”

Alex nodded.

“And do you remember what I said?”

He nodded again. “You said it would signify the start of my training Sir.”

“It did.” The Master reached across to the table and picked up the heavy collar. “You’ve had a chance to see what training can be like. It was hard. I was hard on you today boi. I have no time for sissies who think they want it, but then wimp out when the going gets tough. So I’m going to give you a choice, the first of two.”

The Master held out the collar.

“Buckle this on yourself and you commit to your training. There will be no more chances to reconsider. If you agree to this, I will promise you one thing.”

Alex felt his cock getting hard with each word. He sat, knelt on the floor, his eyes transfixed on the heavy leather of the collar before him. He didn’t dare let his hands touch his penis.

“If you agree boi, I will mould you into the perfect rubberboi. You will crave rubber. Need rubber. Every hole will be filled. Every hour you are here, you will learn how to serve a true Rubber Master.”

Alex gulped and nodded along.

“And you will earn your keep. It will not be easy. It will not be fair. But I will not let you fail boi.”

“Thank you Master,” Alex said.

“Last chance then boi.” The collar shook in His hands. “Do you really, truly, wish to be trained.”

The hesitation was only for a second. Thoughts of what Alex was getting himself into. The pain, the fear, that might come with agreeing. But it was gone before he could even finish worrying.

Alex gently took the proffered collar. His Master did not let go straight away, instead looking into his boi’s eyes.

“Be sure,” he said.

Alex nodded, and placed the collar around his neck. It snapped shut with a satisfying finality. His body shuddered.

“And now the second part.”

Alex looked up, his fingers still on the leather collar. His Master turned to the table once more and ran His fingers over something Alex couldn’t see.

“No doubt you’ve been thinking of me as your Master these past 24 hours boi. But Master implies something different. As your trainer, I will get your body ready. Your mind will change, trivial thoughts will be wiped. But it will end. Eventually you will be all that you can be. As a trainer, I will control your present. But as a Master, I will own your future.”

The room suddenly felt much smaller. Goosebumps stuck out on Alex’s arms. His mouth opened ever so slightly and his Master put a single leather-covered finger on the very tip of Alex’s lips.

“Sshh. This isn’t like training. There’s no second chance with this. I don’t want you to answer now, but you need to know the price.”

He reached onto the table and grabbed what he had been playing with before. It was a chastity device. Black plastic, solid and very small.

“I will take away your ability to choose when and where you find release. You will find pleasure only in pleasing me.”

“Yes Master.”

“You will not decide now. Any answer you could give would be tainted by… other thoughts,” He said, using the toe of His Dehners to press against Alex’s exposed cock. “For now, let’s get you ready for tonight. I hope you got some good sleep, you’re going to need it.”

Alex tilted his head, suddenly feeling nervous.

“You’re young, fit. Cycling has given you endurance. It’s time we put that to the test.” The Master motioned with his finger. “Kiss the ground, ass in the air.”

Alex scrambled around, his forehead touching the floor and his exposed asshole pointing to the sky.

“This,” his Master said from behind him, “is a rather shocking little device.”

Alex heard the chuckle in his Master’s voice. The buttplug was indeed shocking, it felt like a fist slowly working itself inside of him. He groaned, his forehead pushing against the floor with a squeak.

“To demonstrate…”

If the buttplug was like a fist, the electric shock it delivered was like been punched in the gut. Alex screamed, collapsing in a heap.

“Like I said, shocking. That was level 7, just to give you some idea. We won’t start that high, don’t worry.”

Alex was still quivering on the floor, his hands clapped across his ass. He could feel tears in his eyes.

“Stand up.”

It took a moment for the words to register in Alex’s ears. He slowly starting unentangling himself.


The table was covered in a mess of rubber, the chastity cage amongst the items.

“We don’t need that for tonight,” his Master said, sweeping the plastic device aside. “Start with the plug harness.”

Alex picked up the leather jock, stepping into it quickly. His cock passed through a small hole, with the rear strap ensuring the electro-plug would not be getting free anytime soon.

“The rubber suit.”

His Master was standing back, watching as Alex quickly performed all the tasks. The suit was still slick with his sweat and it went on quickly.

Alex felt the relief of been back in rubber. He ran his hands down the surface, smoothing out any creases. He tucked the neck beneath his collar.

“The worksuit.”

Gulping, Alex looked at the big white suit on the table. It was the same one he’d worn when he first arrived. A heavy double layer of rubber, with the thick mitts and hood still attached.

The plug in his butt suddenly jolted Alex. It wasn’t as bad as before, but it was still enough to make Alex grip the table for support.

“You’re keeping your Master waiting boi.”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.”

Alex picked up the suit and began working his feet in. All the sweat and water from the previous night pooled around his toes. Putting his arms into the mitts, Alex turned to his Master for the final touches.

His Master stepped forward, pulling the zip up the front and patting down a thick flap to hide it. From the table, he picked up a small padlock and used it to lock the zip to the neck of the suit.

“Turn around for me.”

Alex began a slow pirouette. The attached boots squeaked on the floor, the soles thick and heavy. The crotch knocked against the plug harness, driving it deeper. His hands were lost in the white gloves, just blobs that wouldn’t be able to open the flap much less tug at the zipper.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“You’re not done yet.”

A gas mask lay on the table. It was similar to the one Alex had worn earlier, only this one was white like the suit and had ports for two tubes.

Alex tried to pick it up, but his Master just chuckled. Picking it up instead, his Master secured it firmly to Alex’s face, tightening each of the straps in turn. Alex’s world was reduced to the two small holes of vision once again. Without pause, his Master raised the hood of the suit like the night before. The collar of the hood fit perfectly against the gas mask.

“Like Christmas morn,” his Master said.

Alex looked at himself in the mirror. A perfect white mass of rubber, no flesh visible.

“Last step.”

The cupboard was one Alex hadn’t seen inside of yet. His Master opened it a crack and reached in. As he turned round, Alex had no idea what he was seeing.

It was a backpack. A thick white case with a web of straps. By the way his Master was holding it, it was heavy.

“Turn around,” he said again.

Alex put his arms through the straps, taking the weight on his back. His Master pulled the shoulder straps tight. Then a chest strap. And finally, two smaller straps that went between his legs.

He grabbed two tubes that exited the top of the pack and fed them through two loops on the top of the shoulder straps. For the moment he let them rest on Alex’s chest.

“All set.” He stood back, looking at Alex. “Boi, you will go downstairs and wait for me by the fireplace. I expect you to be kneeling ready. I want you to think of a punishment, the consequences of failing a challenge I am about to set you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then go. I will be down shortly.”

And with that, Alex slipped down the hallway in his rubber boots, thinking of just what was in store for him tonight.

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