A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 08

By R8080

Alex came to slowly. His world was dark and restrictive. His jaw ached from having worn the gas mask for so long but he couldn’t open his mouth even a little. Every part of his body felt like it was stuffed, squeezed or trapped. And in his ass was the unmistakeable presence of the electro-plug.

He was still in rubber. Alex felt the sweat building up. He could feel heavy straps across his legs, chest and arms. But there was more, it felt like he was enveloped inside an airbag.

His head was locked in place by blocks to either side. A large gag had been inflated in his mouth, pushing his cheeks out until they met resistance from both within and without. Two tubes entered his nose and seemed to be his only source of air.

His entire world was at once both suffocatingly small and larger than the universe. He could feel the thick straps tug against his chest with each laboured breath, and then in the same instant his mind raced forward to think of every possible future that may lie in store. It was hell and it was nirvana and, while his brain struggled with the duality, his cock knew exactly how it felt.

Alex had just started to relax and accept his position when he felt it.

The plug.

It started vibrating at first. A tiny jolt just to remind him it was there, buried deep in his ass. He tried to buck his hips, push it out of him before it was too late, but it was no use.

It jolted again a few seconds or an hour later, he couldn’t tell.

Alex pushed, strained, pulled against the restraints.

He knew what was coming.

The first wave of true shocks made him groan into the gag. His entire body fought against its own involuntary spasms. He was terrified, knowing exactly what was coming but powerless to stop it. But more so, he was loving it, knowing it was exactly what he had agreed to when he asked his Master to decide on his punishment.

His Master.

Alex felt his dick harden at the thought of his Master a moment before the plug shocked him again.

He loved his Master. He wanted to please him so badly, wanted to explore just how much he could take. Even when Alex had been on the cusp of giving up at the fence boundary his Master had been there.

Watching him.

Loving him.

The next wave felt like fire spreading from his ass to the very tips of his fingers. His breath caught, the tubes in his nose felt like he was sucking for his life through tiny straws.

Alex wept, the tears hot beneath the blindfold that pushed against his eyelids. He cried in ecstasy. This was the hardest thing he had ever endured in his life; trapped in a black void of heat and pain, unable to move a muscle, with his world wracked by agony and the terror before the next shock. And yet he was loving it, as evidenced by his cock, slowly pushing against the layers of rubber.

Alex had absolute faith in his Master. He knew he was safe. That he was pleasing his Master. He cried because he knew he would never be able to feel this amazing ever again.

Alex waited for the next shock. The one that would send him over the edge. That would cause his mind to shut down, his breathing to stop, and his cock to explode. He waited, his entire body tensed, poised, ready.

He waited and waited, but the shock never came. He cried out against the gag, begging his unseen tormentor for that last release.

There was no exact point at which Alex felt himself stop screaming for the shocks to resume before succumbing to sleep. Such distinctions had lost all meaning. He simply existed and then didn’t exist. Waiting for his Master to use him again. Sleep came swiftly and deeply.


“Don’t move.”

The words were muffled.

Alex tried to tilt his head, but he was still trapped. The pressure against his chest was gone now though, or at least reduced. He could feel the straps, but the feeling of being squished beneath an airbag was gone.

He blinked his eyes against the natural light as the blindfold was unclipped from his face. His Master was there, backlit by the light of the main room.

“Just relax,” He said.

Alex saw he was inside of a large box. The lid and all the sides were padded with inflatable rubber panels. As the cool air rushed in, he felt himself shiver in his rubbersuit.

“It’s morning.”

The straps were unlocked from across his legs, then his arms. Alex went to rub his wrists, but felt a heavy hand hold them down.

“Stay,” was the only command.

Two thick blocks of padding were removed from either side of his head. More straps were undone; chest, neck, forehead.

“Hug me.”

It was an unusual command, but Alex gripped his arms around his Master’s neck and felt himself been pulled upright. He wondered why a moment before he felt his legs go weak. He began to stumble, but his Master was there, supporting him.

Alex wanted to kiss him. Their mouths were so close, but he still had the monstrous gag in his mouth. He settled for resting his chin on his Master’s shoulder.

He felt the heavy leather glove pat the back of his head.

“I’m proud of you boi,” his Master said. Alex’s cock jumped. “You very nearly made it back to the house.”

Alex was lifted out of the box, and deposited on the couch. His Master sat next to him and reached over with one hand, touching Alex’s cock lightly. He slowly ran His finger up and down Alex’s exposed shaft.

“Covering yourself in mud was a very mischievous idea. I almost didn’t see you.” Alex tried to plead with his eyes, but his Master was smiling. “I liked it though. It showed you were trying.”

Alex nodded, his chin touching the collar around his neck.

“But you did make an awful mess.” The Master’s finger flicked against Alex’s cock. “And dirty bois must clean up their mess.”

Alex nodded again. His arms remained firmly by his side, but he had balled his hands into fists as he winced at the pain his Master tormented upon his sensitive member.

“I’m going to ungag you now. You will not say a word. In the mudroom you will find both worksuits. Both, very muddy, very dirty, worksuits. You will clean them boi, and when I inspect them I had better find them perfect. Do you understand?”

Alex hadn’t stopped nodding it felt like. His mind was on his cock, feeling his Master’s fingers, the fine leather, the very stitching, playing with his cock.

“You have an hour before breakfast.”

The gag plopped out with a wet smack, and Alex bit down the urge to thank his Master. Instead he ran for the mudroom beside the entrance.

The two suits were there. One splattered up to the knees. The other covered from head to toe. Alex sighed and took down the dirtier of the two and set to work.


The inspection was over quickly. His Master found three tiny specks of dirt, but was otherwise satisfied. Alex spent the whole time with his forehead pressed to the tile floor.

“Acceptable boi. Stand up.”

Alex stood, arms by his side, chin down against his collar.


He hesitated for a moment before sliding out of his suit. The smell was pungent. Alex stood naked before his Master, shivering on the cold floor. All he wore now was the thick collar.

“Arms out.”

The Master reached for the small water gun that Alex had been using earlier to clean the suits, and knew what was coming next. The water was cold but at least wiped away the grime.

“Turn around.”

More soaking. Alex wiped at his skin, helping to clean himself off. Finally the spray finished and Alex stood shivering before his Master.

“Bend over.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Alex tried to touch his toes, ass pointed at his Master, and felt the terrifying intruder finally pulled free.

“Kiss it.”

Alex slowly pursed kissed the buttplug that his Master held out with trembling lips. It wasn’t the taste or where it had been. It was what it represented; what it had done to him over the last twelve hours. The thing was a monster and yet he still revered it.

“Kiss me.”

Alex stepped towards his Master, but found his progress blocked by a gloved hand against his chest.

“Not there.”

His Master unzipped his breeches. Alex was kneeling before His cock was even free. He planted a kiss on the tip of his Master’s magnificent meat. Then he worked his way along the shaft, kissing every inch.

“Good boi.”

Alex kissed like his life depended on it. He was shivering uncontrollably now. His Master placed two gloved hands against Alex’s cheeks and pulled him away.


They moved quickly through the house. Alex tried to get what little warmth he could from the fireplace as they moved past. Upstairs they headed not for the playroom, but instead his Master’s bedroom. The room was warm and the carpet thick under foot.

A tray of toast, bacon, and other sundries lay on one of the bedside tables.

“Sunday breakfast is a proper meal boi.”

“Yes Sir.”

“And you acted like a proper slave last night.”

Alex gulped. “Thank you Sir.”

“On the bed.”

Alex sat gingerly on the edge of the four-poster. He looked at the heavy iron rings set into the posts around him.

His Master approached with a thick neoprene hood. No words were said between the two of them. He pulled the hood over Alex’s head, settling it into position. It had no eyes, only thick padding, but the mouth and chin were open to the air.

He drew the zip down slowly and deliberately, once again taking away one of Alex’s senses. Alex’s use of his hands soon followed. First one hand, then the other, were encased in thick rubber mitts that zipped up his arms.

The chain sounded heavy and Alex turned his head to try and track it. He felt a weight at the back of his neck followed moments later by the foreboding click of a padlock.

And then nothing. Silence. Alex sat as still as he could on the bed, the slightest movement making the chain rattle.

A whistle. Somewhere to his right. Again, he heard it. Alex moved forwards off the bed, feeling his way forwards on all fours. His mitted fists made it difficult to make out the material underfoot.

As Alex shifted further over the floor he bumped into something. Metal bars, a few feet tall. His cage from the night before! The whistle turned into a chuckle and then returned.

Alex worked around the cage and felt his chain dragging behind him as it clicked against the bars.

He was close to the source of the sound now. As he drew near, the chain began to lift as it reached its limit. Alex felt its weight tugging against his collar. A few more shuffles forward and it had no more slack to give.

Alex struggled against it, but he couldn’t move another inch forward. He let his mitts reach out, and found two reassuring bumps. His Master’s boots.

“Good boi,” he heard. “Open wide.”

The bacon was crispy and played against Alex’s lips. He opened his mouth and swallowed greedily.

And then the boots moved away. Alex waited. Another whistle. He moved more quickly now, roaming to the extreme of his range. A slice of toast this time, still warm.

The third location brought with it a cherry tomato, passed from his Master’s mouth to his own. Their lips remained together longer than it took to pass the piece of fruit.

Breakfast took much longer than a typical meal, but by the end Alex had learnt every fibre of the carpet in his Master’s bedroom. He felt the chain tug at his neck and followed it back to the foot of the bed.

His head was pulled closer and closer. Lifted from the floor. Alex felt his way up his Master’s legs, until his face could only smell leather.

“Dessert boi.”

Alex gripped his Master’s legs with his mitted fists and went to work with gusto. He ran his tongue along his Master’s cock before taking it all into his mouth. He sucked slowly, rhythmically, building up into a steady motion.

The chain was gripped tight as his Master moaned, His hips thrusting against Alex’s masked face. Alex sucked harder, swallowing first the length and then the load as he felt his Master explode deep within his throat.

Licking every last drop, Alex sat back, breathing heavily. The chain fell loose against his back.

They sat there, Alex on his haunches, his Master breathing heavily on the end of the bed, for what felt like hours. Eventually Alex felt fingers running along the top of his head and then the zip slowly pulled up.

As he looked into his Master’s eyes, his Master smiled.

“Did you enjoy your breakfast?” He asked.

Alex nodded like an idiot, so blissfully happy. A gloved finger wiped at a bit of cum on Alex’s chin and he happily licked it clean when the finger was held before his mouth.

“Good boi. You’ll need your strength for what comes next.”

Alex gulped, and the gloved hand put a finger across his lips, halting any questions.

“Let’s get you ready,” He said, holding out the inevitable rubbersuit.

Alex nodded.

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  1. This just gets better and better. You can see it vividly all happening as the image grows in your head from the details described.

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